Podcast epoisode #7: FX is a funny business!

Podcast episode #7: FX is a funny business! FXCM and Boston Technologies alumnus Jonathan Baumgart talks Consultancy, brokerage operations and humor

FX is a serious business indeed. Sometimes, however it can be amusing. Charismatic stand up comedian and institutional FX technology specialist Jonathan Baumgart looks back at his leadership positions at FXCM and Boston Technologies, and explains how to operate a retail brokerage in new and interesting regions

Jonathan Baumgart is a stalwart among North America’s retail FX brokerage and technology provision sector, having spent five years at FXCM in sales, as well as launching the firm’s Berlin ofice in 2010, before joining Boston Technologies as Director of Training and Development in 2010 before leaving in 2012 to found his own consultancy business.

Today, Mr Baumgart speaks with Andrew Saks-McLeod about how to build a broker from scratch without falling into banking and operational difficulties, how to navigate the global markets,  the emergence of Eastern Europe as a brokerage and electronic trading talent hub, and how to crack a damned good joke!



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