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AIRSOFT Announces Major Rebrand and Website Redesign

Nikolai Isayev

AIRSOFT Technology LTD has unveiled a rebrand of their leading financial market solutions firm

The rebrand includes a new logo and website design at their domain The redesign gives visitors a better user experience, has increased responsiveness across all devices, and improved load speed on the site. It also helps cement AIRSOFT as the expert choice for brokers.

The new site layout is simple but has a very effective design. Both established brokers and startup brokers will be able to easily find the most relevant information for their business. Users are given a stripped-back synopsis of each AIRSOFT service and are able to submit their contact information directly on the site in order to receive their free consultation and further details of AIRSOFT’s services. 

‘The rebrand represents a significant step in AIRSOFT’s journey,’ says Shay Benhamou, AIRSOFT CEO. He continues, ‘Alongside our extensive industry knowledge, AIRSOFT has always prided itself on its adaptability, and this rebrand is achieving exactly that – letting us reimagine ourselves in the shifting landscape of the financial market. We can’t wait for our clients to see the new site and are so excited about this next chapter in the company’s evolution.’

New features include:

  • Proprietary trading features including crypto base currency accounts, Chrono Trade, and saving accounts
  • Personalised view – the website is tailored to new or experienced brokers
  • Sneak peek of the cutting-edge AIRSOFT mobile app 
  • New logo and complete aesthetic redesign

AIRSOFT has been offering comprehensive software solutions and end-to-end consulting services for the financial market industry since 2012. The company is run by a team of industry professionals who leverage years of experience to provide leading business advice and software to enhance their clients’ ROI. 

AIRSOFT software includes platforms for CFD, forex, and their unique Chrono Trade platform, as well as customer relationship management and back-office systems. Other AIRSOFT services include website creation, hosting, and maintenance. If they choose, clients can implement the AIRSOFT mobile app into their operations, which will be branded with their business logo and theme and is available for both iPhone and Android. Throughout the process as an AIRSOFT client, businesses are given a dedicated project manager, thorough business consulting, and their teams receive comprehensive training on AIRSOFT systems. 

As every brand is different, services at AIRSOFT are tailored to each individual business so that clients get the best possible outcomes and value. Clients can opt to have a complete all-in-one brokerage package or elect to choose targeted services and products that are most suited to their needs. No matter the scope of the project, AIRSOFT is committed to delivering the highest quality services to their clients and are keen to set a precedent in the industry. This is especially true since AIRSOFT became part of the Financial Commission family in 2019 and is now held to a higher standard than other small and medium-sized broker technology providers.

Clients of the company transcend across various fields of trading and locations around the globe. To keep up with this diverse demand, AIRSOFT offers a wide range of software products and business services for CFD, forex, FX, and binary options trading that vary hugely in scope and function. 

The AIRSOFT Web Trader platform offers the most advanced trading platform for CFD & forex on the market. With a business so accustomed to adapting to different clients’ needs, the AIRSOFT Web Trader platform has the functionality to satisfy the needs of professional users but at the same time remain simple and intuitive for new traders. Traders can access over 5000 assets from 30 exchanges. It’s possible to maintain multiple trading orders while tracking assets with the biggest gainers & losers table and analysing trades with advanced charting functionality. 

Cryptocurrency trading with AIRSOFT gives clients access to an exceptionally fast, one-click platform. Professionals revel in the advanced research and analysis tools that enable them to make better-informed trades than ever before. New users are instantly drawn in by the intuitive design and user experience. Over 1000 synthetic assets from multiple exchanges. Traders get an integrated crypto eWallet, customisable interface, view advanced technical indicators, and multiple graph styles.

An industry innovator, AIRSOFT created a unique trading platform exclusive to traders of AIRSOFT clients. Chrono Trade users make predefined, timed, short-term trades to take advantage of volatile assets. Users of Chrono Trade are traders looking for adrenaline-fuelled trading. Chrono Trading appeals to brokers looking to secure more trades and see increased user engagement. 

Visit the new Airsoft website now and discover how AIRSOFT powers brokers to succeed.

AIRSOFT has been helping brokerages launch since 2012.  Founded by veteran industry professionals; we offer comprehensive software solutions and business consulting services for the financial sector. Our complete solutions for forex, crypto, and CFDs brokers, includes software, business consulting, marketing, lead generation, and multi-language support. We leverage years of expertise to propel brokers to success, fast. 

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