ATFX Partner Tools Hit the Mark

The marketing tools offered by MPP include tracking links and banners to help “marketing partners” generate their own tracking links. Each web affiliate can define their source and campaign name, while ATFX will generate a unique encoded tracker that can be used in text links, with logos, banners, emails and other widgets.

Introducing the Marketing Partner Programme (MPP); ATFX Global Markets (ATFX) said that not only was the programme designed keeping the interests of marketing partners and their clients in mind, but it also gave traditional web affiliates the right set of tools to succeed in the increasingly competitive sphere of introducing brokers. ATFX is regulated by CySEC, is EEA authorized and registered with the FCA. The company is both MiFIDII and CySEC compliant.

Putting Partners First

The key differentiators that MPP boasts, as compared to almost all other existing affiliate programmes begin with the fact that it is run by a regulated and compliant organisation, giving ATFX’s partners the peace of mind that they will not be left high and dry overnight with regulators clamping down IB type programmes.

This is a common experience that affiliates have complained about for their European business, where the programmes they have been promoting were shut down by regulators, robbing them of their source of income without warning.

Another key differentiator of MPP is the fact that it pays affiliates for every single lead they can generate. “The MPP commission structure is based on where an introduced client is within the ATFX sales funnel, ensuring that affiliates always get precedence in conversion attribution. This way we know that there will never be any conflict of interest, which is seen with most other affiliate programmes,” stated Dominic Poynter, Head of Marketing at ATFX.

The Right Tools

The company went on to explain that the ATFX team also ensured that their partners had all the right tools to support them in their journey. In effect, MPP provides partners with everything they need to market themselves, as well as track their performance and commissions. This again is an effort by the company to give its partners peace of mind regarding their earnings.

The marketing tools offered by MPP include tracking links and banners to help “marketing partners” generate their own tracking links. Each web affiliate can define their source and campaign name, while ATFX will generate a unique encoded tracker that can be used in text links, with logos, banners, emails and other widgets.

The affiliate reporting segment of the tool provides transparent information regarding each of their unique visitors from each tracking link, as well as the status of each lead within the ATFX sales funnel.

Stino Castelli, Affiliate Manager at ATFX, stated that the company’s market research had revealed that affiliates often complain of delayed payments with other brokers. In fact, other brokers even invent various reasons why a partner did not earn a commission that should have been rightfully theirs.

The problem is that the commission structure of existing affiliate programmes are based on the trading activities of introduced clients, something that the regulators have been trying to prevent, in the best interests of traders. The other issue is that many brokers see affiliates as competition, barring them from marketing their services on various channels that the company’s own marketing team might be using. This restricts Introducers and web affiliates from spreading the word about the programme they are supporting.

Again, with the Last Click cookie policy, companies tend to give credit to their own marketing team or marketing campaign for leads, even when some should ideally be attributed to the partner.

Castelli explained that ATFX’s MPP ensured that no partner is barred from using any marketing channel of their preference, regardless of the marketing campaigns being run by ATFX. In fact, with the marketing tools offered by the programme, the company is supporting the marketing efforts of their partners. In addition, the experienced professionals at ATFX also mentor partners to help them grow.

Another key tool is the Campaigns tool, which allows MPP partners to define their campaigns so that they can differentiate traffic and leads from directories, email campaigns, paid traffic sources and media buys. Web Affiliates can select their campaign when they build their tracking links.

The next tool is to be able to define their source. This source can be used for one or more campaigns, and by setting the source, partners can identify which campaigns are working well and which need to be tweaked. Since MPP is a regulated programme, this tool also checks whether the traffic is coming from approved sources, minimising any risks to the programme and its web affiliates.

ATFX’s partners can also choose their banners and/or logos with the Banners tool. Once the banner has been chosen, the plan, campaign, source and landing page for this banner can be defined. The tracking code then needs to be embedded into the partner’s website, which will then track results.

Carefully Designed Programme

Dominic Poynter stated that he and Castelli had over a decade’s experience each, working in the financial services industry, especially with partners. “I know what makes them tick, what they need and what makes sense financially, for them and the company. I also understand what it takes to build trust in a new brand and a new programme, especially when it is their valuable traffic at stake,” Poynter said.

With both Dominic and Stino having worked with leading affiliate programmes, they combined to design MPP such that it would address the limitations of existing programmes and ensure a regulated and compliant environment for web affiliates. Poynter went on to explain that they were revolutionising the way Introducers or web affiliates think of commissions, providing regular, assured payments for leads.

“In addition, MPP is a 100% bespoke programme, where there are multiple web affiliate plans to choose from. This way we ensure that we reward our partners for their expertise and their efforts. ATFX offers tailormade plans, based on existing statistics, for our partners. In addition, given the vast experience of our team, we can mentor and provide invaluable support for new partners. The best part is that our system is set up such that it can work on its own, making the process smooth and seamless,” Castelli said,

HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Differences (CFDs) is highly speculative, carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may sustain a loss of some or all of your invested capital, therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin.

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