ATFX Team Throws Light on Revolutionary Marketing Partner Program

In this exclusive interview with the company’s marketing coordinators, ATFX explain that traditional forex broker programs tend to focus on introducer arrangements, paying their affiliates based on the trading activities of introduced clients.

ATFX Global Markets ( has launched a unique program, called the Marketing Partner Program (MPP). MPP is a revolutionary way for affiliates to work with a regulated and compliant program.

In this exclusive interview with the company’s marketing coordinators, ATFX explain that traditional forex broker programs tend to focus on introducer arrangements, paying their affiliates based on the trading activities of introduced clients.

This means that commissions are linked to (but not limited to) volumes, spread, instruments, size or number of deposits, number of trades and more. These are also the activities that regulators and authorities aim to avoid, keeping the best interests of traders in mind.

On the other hand, the ATFX MPP completely abolishes the commission structure that is trading activity based. This program pays marketing partners based on where their introduced traders are within the ATFX sales funnel.

This eliminates the risk of local regulators terminating a forex affiliate program that the introducer might be promoting, leading to the affiliate’s earnings ceasing overnight. The affiliates also gain peace of mind because ATFX is regulated by CySEC, is EEA authorized and registered with the FCA. The company is both MiFIDII and CySEC compliant.

In an interview regarding the ATFX MPP, Dominic Poynter, Marketing Director at ATFX, and Stino Castelli, Sales Director for the company, shed more light on the program.

Why is MPP so revolutionary as a partner program?

Dominic: MPP is the only regulated program that pays for ALL leads. What differentiates it from other affiliate programs is that it does not link commissions to deposits or trading activity. Commissions are, instead, linked to our sales funnel. This means that our affiliates can choose which commissions they wish to cash out on a weekly basis.

What do you think the main benefit is for partners?

Stino: I’ll take this one. The biggest advantage is that forex affiliates, especially in Europe, get to work with a regulated and compliant broker. There are different commission plans to choose from, so partners can select a plan that best suits them. Different plans also pay according to each partner’s expertise.

How do you help your partners to succeed?

Stino: ATFX offers tailormade plans, based on existing statistics, for our partners. In addition, given the vast experience of our team, we can mentor and provide invaluable support for new partners. The best part is that our system is set up in such a way, that it can work on its own, making the process smooth and seamless.

Why should partners switch from another broker to you?

Dominic: We are changing the way IBs and Affiliates think about commissions, while providing a secure way to introduce clients and earn from it. The commission payments are equivalent, but introducers are “truly” paid for leads, while being assured that they are in a program that has the best interests of affiliates as its top priority. And, it doesn’t stop there.

ATFX offers attractive spreads and accounts for traders, with the entire customer on-boarding process being funnel-based and linked to the MPP. We cannot “pull the plug” on our European affiliates and customers. ATFX’s MPP is a 100% bespoke program that is tailored to comply with European regulations. So, when we say it “pays” to be a part of the MPP, we don’t just mean that you genuinely earn but also that you are working within a professional and secure set up.

Where do you see MPP next year?

Dominic: MPP is only in its initial stages and we already have a variety of plans to suit different types of affiliates, including our bespoke program. Plus, we have weekly commissions, up to 700 CPA equivalent and professionally conducted KPIs and performance benchmarking.

Given the program’s key differentiators, we are very confident of growing our base of partners and referred traders throughout 2018. We also plan to improve our sales funnel to include additional steps that will benefit different types of affiliates, helping them with their traffic and leads. And Europe is only the beginning.

What did you learn on your recent China visit?

Stino: The China trip was a very useful learning experience, given that brokers function very differently here from those in Europe. Our experience in China has helped us create a bespoke plan for each Asian partner, adding to the various plans we are already running, the information for which is available on our website. We are now confident that we have fully covered a variety of needs.

How does your background in the industry help you succeed?

Dominic: I have maintained my status as an affiliate in financial services since 2004. With more than a decade’s experience working with partners, I know what makes them tick, what they need and what makes sense financially, for them and the company.

As a marketing director, I also understand what it takes to build trust in a new program, especially when it is valuable traffic at stake. I have worked extensively with leading broker programs, which has given me a keen understanding of what is needed from the business side as well. And, Stino also has many years’ experience in working with the leading international IBs and affiliates.

Together, Stino and I have worked to design a new way for affiliates to partner with a regulated and compliant forex broker. Our efforts are already bearing fruit, which is very encouraging.

Both Dominic Poynter and Stino Castelli emphasized that the different plans on ATFX’s MPP program ensured that partners would get paid at different levels within the sales funnel.

This is taking into account different conversion rates, while also including dynamic benchmarking to ensure faster approval of payments. In addition, with the weekly payment window, partners can choose the timeframe of their payments too. For more information on the MPP, visit the ATFX website or get in touch with the team

HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Differences (CFDs) is highly speculative, carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may sustain a loss of some or all of your invested capital, therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin.

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