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Breaking: TRADOLOGIC to Partner with Leverate

Leverate and Tradologic, two industry leaders in technology solutions for the financial investment industry, have welcomed the New Year by…

Leverate and Tradologic, two industry leaders in technology solutions for the financial investment industry, have welcomed the New Year by announcing their partnership. The decision to collaborate, will enable Tradologic’s binary clients (Brokerages) to branch into the full range of investment trading capabilities, including FX and CFD’s.

Tradologic is a leading global technology provider for Binary Option brokers. Their award winning solutions offer their clients advanced features and tools that achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

In similar fashion, Leverate’s cutting-edge solutions, has made them a global technology leader in the investment and trading industry. The full suite solution comprehensively satisfies the operational needs of brokers whilst simultaneously helping them to achieve and sustain a competitive edge. Platforms include SIRIXSocial for social trading, along with new automation and optimization tools such as Optim8 and Activ8. The partnership between these industry leaders is seen as a natural progression and a complementary fit.

Leverate’s suite of trading solutions will enable Tradologic to now offer a wider range of trading platforms to their clients. Leverate CEO Kobi Gur explained that this is becoming an industry wide phenomenon. “Increasingly we are seeing a convergence in the market as binary option operators are looking to extend their offerings to other trading instruments. Our state-of-the-art software platforms enable them to do that, but also facilitate a competitive excellence.”

Tradologic CEO, Michael Golod commented that the collaboration with Leverate will enable them to continue providing their clients with the best trading tools currently available in the industry. “Our objective is to help our partners increase their commercial growth and revenue. This is primarily achievable by improving our current line of offerings to include more innovative products that are able to service best trading practice”.

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