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Business Funding Solutions Company Introduces New Trading Algorithm

Fund Paragon’s Correlation Algorithm FX Offers Higher Returns for Forex Traders


Fund Paragon, a company that offers businesses offshore banking solutions along with powerful trading algorithms and other services, is announcing the launch of their new “Correlation Algorithm FX” for Forex traders.

Correlation Algorithm FX was designed for Forex traders challenged by disappointing returns resulting from weak or ineffective trading strategies. The algorithm was designed to increase monthly returns with minimal exposure.

With the help of former traders from tier one banks, Fund Paragon’s trading algorithms provide customers with access to trading software back tested for 11 years and generating results from two years in real trading accounts.

Fund Paragon is a brokerage firm that offers offshore bank accounts suited to individual companies’ needs. They provide automated trading solutions, corporate tax assistance and offshore consultancy and can help set up investment funds, managing all stages of the process. In addition, they set up tailor-made private, public, and professional funds and sub-funds under the EU umbrella in less than six weeks. Fund Paragon’s team serves customers all over the world, ensuring that their businesses remain compliant according to local laws and regulations.

“Fund Paragon is the place where your business plan starts,” said Peter Morris, spokesperson for Fund Paragon. “In a world where regulatory bodies are getting more and more restrictive, especially within European Union, we provide solutions adapted to your needs, whether yours is a company abroad, a new bank account or a brokerage license. At the same time, we magnified the resources we had in-house, and with a team of ex-traders from Tier1 banks, we developed automated trading solutions that are generating incredible results. We see ourselves as a ‘swiss army knife’ for any corporation.”