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2:37 pm UTC, October 13, 2017. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

Cryptocurrencies: Fad or fundamental change?

Bitcoin may turn out to be the pioneer, the ‘proof of concept’ that demonstrates that virtual currencies are reliable and secure. As an investment asset, however, it has nothing but sentiment backing it up, and its use in the drug trade and other underworld activities leaves it vulnerable to government sanctions, says Monique Wong of British investment bank Coutts & Co

3:56 pm UTC, October 12, 2017. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

Saxo Bank adds Ethereum tracker to online trading platforms

“We have increasing client demand for exposure to cryptocurrencies and I am very pleased that we can now offer clients exposure to both Bitcoin and Ethereum through Exchange Traded Notes” – Claus Nielsen, Head of Markets, Saxo Bank

7:02 pm UTC, September 15, 2017. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

The Financial Commission Issues Certification of the Genesis Vision ICO

Following Genesis Vision’s voluntary application for ICO certification with Financial Commission, a rigorous review of its planned ICO – including its business and proposed platform was conducted to determined if it met set of requirements established by Financial Commission’s newly formed Initial Coin Offering Certification Committee (ICC) division

12:00 pm UTC, August 21, 2017. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

IG launches trading on Ethereum

From today, retail traders that are customers of IG Group will be able to trade the ethereum cryptocurrency

5:13 pm UTC, April 12, 2017. By

Digital Currency Dash Added To Kraken

Dash, the rising alternative to bitcoin, today announced a historic partnership with one of the world’s oldest bitcoin exchanges with…