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6:31 pm UTC, May 28, 2018. By Amie Parnaby

What Gives Cryptocurrency Value? – Guest Editorial

Cryptocurrency has no centralised authority, is not backed by any state or government, and has no underlying asset on which to base its value. So what makes Bitcoin worth more than $8000 and Ethereum more than $700?

8:04 am UTC, May 23, 2018. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

Stablecoins May Help Everyday People See the Vision for the Crypto Economy – Guest Editorial

Many die-hard crypto enthusiasts want to see our entire economic system shaken to the core by crypto, fundamentally changing the commerce landscape and how we as a society interact with money. This is still a very difficult sell considering the steep learning curve and large fluctuations still found in many cryptocoins, says SwissRealCoin’s Brigitte Luginbuhl

11:04 am UTC, May 1, 2018. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

Gold-i Partners with B2C2 to Offer Crypto CFD Trading

Our partnership with B2C2 is an exciting development given that demand for cryptocurrency CFD trading is unprecedented and continues to grow unabated. B2C2 is a high quality cryptocurrency CFD provider and we are delighted to be working in partnership with them.” – Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i

4:52 pm UTC, April 6, 2018. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

SPECTRE Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the world’s first broker-less trading platform today announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative.

5:20 pm UTC, January 16, 2018. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

Stater advances blockchain development with letter of intent from Long Blockchain Corporation

“This merger would truly be a transformational moment for our business. Stater Blockchain brings a number of different assets to the table and our collective business will be unique in the investor space. It gives a holistic value add for shareholders through accretive blockchain expertise and plans, as well as a regulated institutional brokerage through Stater Global Markets.” – Ramy Soliman, CEO, Stater Global Markets

1:54 pm UTC, January 15, 2018. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

TigerWit Acquires UK Based FCA Regulated Retail Broker Mercor Index Ltd

The TimeToTrade platform offers retail investors the ability to invest directly in physical stocks and shares, as well as trading in global financial markets such as indices, FX and commodities via CFDs. TimeToTrade provides an industry leading technical trading environment which allows clients to simply create and automate their trading activity.

10:20 am UTC, January 11, 2018. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

Trading in Bitcoin overtakes all other Forex Pairs

Leverate considers Bitcoin trading to have completely outstripped other FX classes in terms of trading volume, and that this growth of interest in Bitcoin CFDs has contributed to increasing the cumulative amount of trading executed via the Leverate trading platform.

5:36 pm UTC, January 8, 2018. By Andrew Saks-McLeod

What are the key factors that affect cryptocurrency trading?

With the number of cryptocurrency launches approaching one thousand, how can investors have a clear idea of which virtual currencies to trade? Here are some of the cryptocurrencies that brokers would be well advised to offer their clients if they want to stay ahead of the game, says Leverate’s Adinah Brown

3:10 pm UTC, December 1, 2017. By Maria Nikolova

GAIN Capital launches Bitcoin trading on City Index

The company plans to roll out Bitcoin trading to its City Index customers globally over the coming quarter, as well as expand the offering to its customers in select markets before the end of the year.