Fxview Named ‘Most Trusted Broker’ at the Ultimate Fintech Awards

June 27, 2022, 2:25 pm UTC.

Fxview Named ‘Most Trusted Broker’ at the Ultimate Fintech Awards

Leading Cyprus-based trading company, Fxview, turned heads at this year’s Ultimate Fintech Awards, topping the Most Trusted Broker category. As part of the fintech conglomerate, FINVASIA Group, Fxview has been making waves in the forex industry by creating low spreads and commission levels compared to the rest of the industry.

The prestigious award strengthens the brand’s reputation as a client-focussed brokerage, with Fxview offering a wealth of trading journey support including 24/5 live chat options. Fxview also provides clients with an extensive trading experience by offering multiple trading platforms along with various trading tools, cutting-edge technology and a clutter-free trading environment. On a mission to revolutionise the ever-competitive forex industry, Fxview creates ethical products that cater to the needs of new age investors. With decades of experience in technology and financial services, this is a company that is set to excel, not only now, but in the future too.

A Highly Sought-After Award

An award from Ultimate Fintech is highly sought-after, with many brand representatives flocking to Cyprus to watch the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022 unfold in their usual glory. The eagerly-anticipated awards ceremony was held on 9 June at the beautiful seaside location of Columbia Beach in Limassol and wrapped up the iFX EXPO International 2022 with a bang. The crowd was on top form as the industry waited to see who would come out on top.

Industry Recognition for Fxview 

As a renowned fintech events and marketing agency with years of experience, Ultimate Fintech’s prestigious awards ceremony holds a lot of weight in the sector, with the winners gaining a high level of respect. Triumphant brands, including Fxview, represent success that goes far beyond a single night of celebration. Receiving such recognition in front of a talented and influential fintech audience is undoubtedly a real achievement for any brand and something that will encourage Fxview to progress even further.

Speaking of the win, Co-Founder of FINVASIA Group, Sarvjeet Singh Virk, said: “This award is a great honour for us. It’s in our DNA to deliver the very best and most trusted trading experience to our clients and we’re so proud to be recognised in this way. As a brokerage we will continue to operate with intelligence, confidence and integrity.”

He added: “At Fxview, what you see is what you get. We give clients the same spread we get from our LPs; our commissions are fixed across all instruments, and you can enjoy zero cost funding. We also promote safety of funds. This means that client funds are kept in segregated accounts away from company funds and cannot be used by Fxview.”

As both the fintech and forex sectors are highly competitive and ever-changing, acknowledgement of hard work, ambition and innovative ideas can boost credibility. But as speculation and mistrust also cuts deep through both industries, being named Most Trusted Broker is a very big deal. With unbeatable trading conditions, impressive transparency and a ‘clients come first attitude,’ Fxview is a go-to for any trader. 

Fxview is also regulated by and registered with multiple regulatory authorities around the world including the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This allows clients to trade with confidence with a reputable, global broker. 

For more information, contact the Fxview team.

June 23, 2022, 11:49 am UTC.

PLUGIT Handed Best All-In-One Brokerage Solution Award at the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022

PLUGIT, a leading software provider to the global FX industry, came out tops at the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022, swooping the Best All-In-One Brokerage Solution award for the second year running. The announcement was made at the bustling iFX EXPO International in Limassol, Cyprus, highlighting PLUGIT’s impressive achievement to hundreds of exhibitors, attendees and event sponsors. The award comes as PLUGIT celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

Pioneers of Technology Innovation

Working hard to stand out in an undoubtedly competitive sector, PLUGIT has always focused on providing innovative technology solutions for professional money management. As an industry pioneer, the brand offers a variety of tailored services for MT4 and MT5 brokerages, providing innovative solutions to help fulfil their operational needs while minimizing risk and maximizing profit. 

Offering a multi-faceted approach and expanding its portfolio to match the needs of the ever-changing forex industry, PLUGIT continues to excel in this sector. Their latest award from EXPO organisers, Ultimate Fintech, emphasizes the company’s success as well as their ability to make trading solutions as comprehensible and accessible as possible. Today, PLUGIT software solutions are used and trusted by industry heavyweights such as Axi, Avatrade, Oanda, Equiti, HYCM, XM, ADSS and a long list of other brokers.

Speaking of receiving the Best All-In-One Brokerage Solution award, Founder and CEO, Jalal Faour said: “We’re thrilled to have topped the fintech solutions category for the second year running. When I first started PLUGIT in 2012, I wanted to establish a fintech company known first and foremost for its innovation and transparency. Ten years later, I am beyond proud of the reputation we have built and our clients’ loyalty throughout the years.” 

Best Fintech and Solutions Award

As well as being acknowledged at the iFX EXPO this summer, the PLUGIT team also won the “Best Fintech and Solutions” category at the Global Forex Awards for the second year in a row. This recognition was a big win for PLUGIT as the awards are decided by a public vote, making Global Forex one of the most transparent awards in the industry. Indeed, over 9,500 people participated in this year’s voting, a testament to the industry’s high regard for these awards. 

Continued Development and New Products 

As PLUGIT celebrates its 10 year anniversary, they show no signs of slowing down. Their latest development and current flagship product YOONIT is yet another example of intelligent innovations designed to improve the overall trading experience. YOONIT is a modular management and trading support system that can be tailored to each brokers’ unique needs to help them reduce risk, increase efficiency and profitability. The current version of YOONIT offers a five-core toolkit, fully compatible with MT4 plugins and MT5 plugins and can be seamlessly integrated with other 3rd party applications. The system is designed to maximize flexibility, emphasizing scalability, customization and ease of use, with full automation, real-time synchronization and a multilingual dashboard for a global client base. All this shows how PLUGIT continues to make waves in a challenging industry.

June 9, 2022, 11:42 am UTC.

Senior Leadership Changes at Fxview Announced for Long-Term Success

  • Finvasia Group recently acquired Fxview for European expansion
  • Senior management changes further strengthen the company’s diversity

Leading fintech conglomerate, Finvasia Group, has made senior leadership changes at Fxview, in preparation for a significant European expansion. Having acquired the leading, Cyprus-based forex brokerage back in June 2021, Finvasia is now taking a more active business management role in a bid to secure future growth, while continuing to deliver for both clients and stakeholders.

The management overhaul has been announced with immediate effect and has been designed to further strengthen the company’s diversity at the most senior levels. In a sector that continues to be male dominated, Finvasia’s actions make a very clear statement that women are not only welcome in fintech but can take the reins.  

As an FX brokerage offering ultra-low commissions, tight spreads, multiple trading platforms, various trading tools and cutting-edge technology as well as exceptional client support and a clutter-free trading environment, Fxview has exceptionally high standards. New leadership is set to further strengthen the brand as they head towards expansion into the global markets. The senior management changes are as follows. 

Janis Anastassiou – Managing Director, Financial Intermediation Finvasia

Further fuelling its management prowess in the financial services industry, Finvasia Group has hired industry veteran, Janis Anastassiou. With 12-years+ in leadership roles, including 8-years as a CEO overseeing financial intermediation in Europe and Asia Pacific. Janis brings extensive experience in FX markets across various jurisdictions, ranging from Australia to London. 

Janis will lead alongside the Finvasia Group’s management as it invests to scale for long-term product innovation, growth and expansion. She will take on the role of Managing Director in Finvasia’s financial intermediation vertical and use her deep experience of working with global companies to lead, accelerate and expand the company’s suite of products.

Prior to joining Finvasia, Janis has been instrumental in driving competitive advantage and continued growth in large multi-jurisdictional organisations including Group CEO at Xtrade. She holds an MBA from CIIM – Cyprus Institute of Management and a Bachelor of Science from Monash University Australia.

 Despina Savvidou – Head of Brokerage/Executive Director

With over 15-years of experience in the financial services sector, Despina has been appointed as the new Head of Brokerage/Executive Director for Fxview. She specialises in trading operations and risk management and has a proven track record in delivering change and implementing new processes – skills which are invaluable to Fxview at this time. 

Prior to joining Fxview, Despina has worked in various departments for top finance brands including Axiance and TFI Markets. She’s gained strong understanding of CFD Brokers operations and the full client experience cycle, as well as Compliance and Risk frameworks. 

Katalina Michael – Director of Compliance, Finvasia  

With more than 25-years of experience, Katalina has led companies through various regulatory challenges, helped develop vision and strategic plans, driven regulatory business improvement and has help brands to grow efficiently, while maintaining a low-risk profile. She is attentive and highly experienced in keeping regulatory exposure under control and will join Finvasia’s management team as Director of Compliance for Fxview. 

Prior to joining Fxview, Katalina was Head of Compliance at BDSwiss for over four years and held a similar role at Lead Capital Markets LTD. Other career highlights include landing the role as Risk and Compliance Manager for Grow Wealth Assets Limited.

Ziad Dawas – Director of Finance, Finvasia Cyprus Office

Ziad brings over 15-years of financial experience to Fxview, including six-years at CFO level. He is a multi-lingual Chartered Accountant with exposure in various sectors including Oil & Gas, Shipmanagement, Funds, Private Equity, IT and Real Estate & Hospitality.

Prior to joining Fxview, Ziad helped drive the success of multiple financial organisations including KPMG and Deloitte. He was also appointed Chief financial Officer at KMG Capital Markets Limited, a role he’s thrived in since 2015.

A Finvaisa Group Welcome

Finvasia Group is thrilled to welcome new leadership onboard stating:

“We are excited to welcome these highly-energised leaders to our team. Their addition is a tremendous complement to our existing team. With these changes, we are confident that Fxview and all the brands under our financial vertical umbrella will be in a stronger position to deliver innovative products and services. 

The opportunities in front of Finvasia Group and all its brands is vast. The Board of Directors believe that the next few years will require transformational leadership to match these opportunities. We are sure that the new leadership team will carry on our mission of building ethical and innovative products.”

 About Fxview 

Fxview is leading the forex industry by creating the lowest spreads and commission levels compared to the rest of the industry. We provide clients an extensive trading experience by offering ultra-low commissions, tight spreads, multiple trading platforms along with various trading tools, cutting-edge technology, great client support and a clutter-free trading environment. We are on a mission to revolutionise the forex industry by creating ethical products that will cater to the needs of new age investors and help them grow their wealth with our decades worth of experience in technology and financial services.

 Fxview is a brand owned by Finvasia Group – a leading Fintech conglomerate which was established in 2009. Our group owns and operates over a dozen products across financial services, healthcare, technology, block chain, real estate and technology. Over the last 13 years of our history, we have managed funds for some of the notable hedge funds of Wall Street, launched the first and only commission free ecosystem for listed and fee based financial products in India, provided technology to some of the most notable listed, and unlisted, financial services entities across the globe. Over the course of these 13 years, we have catered to millions of clients in over 180 countries.

Fxview is regulated by the CySEC and the FSA in South Africa and the group is regulated / registered with over 30 different regulatory bodies across Europe, Africa and India.

June 9, 2022, 11:23 am UTC.

Finvasia’s Expansion into Europe

The company plans to use its size and expertise in the financial services, technology, real estate and healthcare sectors to build a pan-European presence.

They unveiled their expansion strategy in Europe through the acquisition of leading brands like Fxview – a leading CySEC regulated financial services company, ZuluTrade – the world’s most recognised social trading platform, ActTrader – a pioneer in the fintech industry, AAAfx – an HCMC regulated broker and a FIU licensed crypto exchange – Capital Wallet.

Founded by brothers, Sarvjeet Virk & Tajinder Virk in 2009, Finvasia’s journey has been fairly smooth. Its dominance in the fintech space and expansions to verticals like healthcare, technology and real-estate is supported by the loyalty of their customers who experienced the difference in their approach. 

Finvasia attributes its success to its philosophy of creating ecosystems where they solve real life problems by building products that help the masses. As a brand, Finvasia stands for ethical, transparent and future ready businesses. 

As Finvasia continues to grow, they are constantly looking for opportunities to become licensed and regulated in every market they enter. They expect to increase their international scale, accelerate their product development and improve investment efficiency over the next several years.

With these acquisitions, we were able to quickly bring in a diverse pool of talent, globally recognised brands and a large loyal network of client base under one unified umbrella of Finvasia.’‘ said Tajinder Virk, Co-founder & CEO Finvasia. “These acquisitions and the greenfield investments we have made in Europe will help us maintain Finvasia’s growth momentum in the region” he added. 

About Finvasia

 Finvasia is a multi-disciplinary, multinational organisation that owns and operates over a dozen brands across financial services, technology, real estate and healthcare verticals.

Over the last 13 years of its history, Finvasia has managed funds for some of the notable hedge funds of the Wall street, operates the first and only commission free ecosystem for listed and fee based financial products in India, provided technology to some of the notable listed and unlisted financial services entities across the globe and has catered to over a few million clients in over 180 countries directly or via one of its subsidiaries.  

Our team comprises over 350 employees that work in our physical offices across India, UK, Greece, Cyprus, Canada and USA. Finvasia, along with its subsidiaries and sister concerns, is registered with a gamut of regulatory bodies across the world in various capacities.

June 1, 2022, 11:43 am UTC.

The Votes Are In – The Ultimate Fintech Awards Are Preparing to Announce the Winners! 

The votes have been tallied. Next stop, the all-important awards ceremony. 

People of the Fintech Industry, the time has come!

The nominations have closed, the votes have been counted, and the trophies have been polished. The only thing left for you to do is get excited!

What it Means to be Crowned an Ultimate Fintech Awards Winner 

The Ultimate Fintech Awards recognise top brands in the B2B & B2C online trading space.

They provide traders and businesses with an industry benchmark of the best companies to trade and do business with.

In an economic climate shared by multiple corporations battling it out for supremacy, recognition is everything. 

It’s one thing to label your brand as being the best in the business, but it’s entirely different merit to be credited as the best by an independent organization such as Ultimate Fintech, well-versed in what separates an elite brand from the rest.

Award Category Preview

Let’s circle back and review the different awards categories on offer.

Broker Awards 

Transparency, reliability, trust, and innovation are at the forefront of this category. Broker of the Year goes to…?! 

Regional Broker Awards 

Who will be crowned the respective leaders of the Asian, European, Middle Eastern, LATAM, and African markets?

B2B Awards 

Recognition in B2B excellence from around the world. We lookout for the best platforms, tools, and solutions.

Ready, Set…

The Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022 winners will be announced on the last day of the iFX EXPO International at Columbia Beach in Limassol. Doors open at 17:30 – make sure you are there to join this highly-anticipated culmination that will celebrate the best in the industry. Entrance will be valid for iFX EXPO badge holders and nominees on the guest list. 

Ready to find out who will walk away victorious? All will be revealed soon. See you there. 

May 30, 2022, 3:13 pm UTC.

Plus500 Launches Full-Scale Trading Academy 

Plus500, the global multi-asset fintech group, has seen this strong growth within its own customer base with more than 175,000 customers making at least one trade in the first three months of 2022 alone. The Plus500’s industry-leading trading platforms attracted nearly 34,000 new customers who were making a deposit for the first time. 

Recognising the need for increasing levels of education about market dynamics, Plus500 recently launched a digital Trading Academy accessible via the website and app, providing a dedicated knowledge centre to allow traders to develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate a wide variety of market conditions, including volatility. The company has created a user-friendly education suite including an eBook, video Trader’s Guide and extensive FAQs to simplify trading for both novice and experienced traders. 

David Zruia, Chief Executive Officer of Plus500 said: “As one of the leading global trading platforms, we understand the need to help customers make informed decisions regarding their finances. Following active engagement with our trading community, we have decided to launch the Trading Academy to provide a comprehensive suite of tools to further enhance the trading experience and further our mission of providing trusted and intuitive access to the financial markets for everyone, through best-in-class technology, a broad product range and global scale with localised services.”

The Plus500 Academy offers a variety of educational products including:

  • eBook: Along with a comprehensive step-by-step trading guide, Plus500 has created a free-of-charge downloadable eBook that offers a clear understanding of tradable assets, trading platforms and their features, key trading terminology, and real-life trading examples.
  • Video Trader’s Guide: The specially created “how-to” videos help traders learn how to make the best use of Plus500’s intuitive platforms and build confidence in their own trading ability. In addition, traders can learn the basics of navigating the financial markets through videos on topics like slippage when opening a position, popular trading strategies, and understanding risk-reward ratios among other key trading skills and strategies.
  • Risk Management Tools: With traders’ safety always top of mind, Plus500 empowers traders to manage risks with simple-to-use, yet powerful tools such as Stop Limit, Stop Loss, Guaranteed Stop, and Trailing Stop. 
  • FAQs: Plus500 has brought together all the commonly asked questions by global traders in one place with an all-encompassing FAQs section on the website. Here, traders can find answers to a wide range of queries, starting with verifying trading accounts to understanding the company’s regulatory compliance, and various aspects of trading, depositing and withdrawing funds.

In addition, Plus500 offers 24/7 support for traders through live chat, email, and WhatsApp messages. The highly experienced, multilingual support team is ready to help traders from all corners of the world using the company’s proprietary trading platforms.

Additional Resources

To further empower traders to navigate the markets and make the most of trading opportunities, Plus500 also offers additional support in the form of News & Market Insights. This allows traders to stay up to date on the latest news and developments in the global financial markets, along with access to expert analysis. 

Plus500’s traders receive email, SMS, push notifications and updates on significant market events to help them leverage the market’s volatility. Traders can choose to get alerts on price movements, trader sentiment, and change percentage, both daily and hourly. Setting up alerts is incredibly simple and compatible with all devices. In addition, traders can refer to Plus500’s free Economic Calendar which tracks key upcoming market events to make sure they are in the loop. 

Growing from Strength to Strength

Plus500, which has a premium listing on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, has always had a finger on the pulse of the modern trading community and continues to evolve to meet the dynamic requirements of this community through the launch of the Trading Academy. Plus500 is committed to offering all traders unparalleled market access with cutting-edge technology, tools and now – insight and education. 

As a fast-growing fintech, Plus500 has been able to achieve consistent growth over the years through its international operations, offering customers a range of trading products, including Contracts for Difference (“CFDs”) and share dealing, as well as futures and options on futures. Plus500’s portfolio of CFDs allows its customers exposure to more than 2,500 different underlying global financial instruments, comprising equities, indices, commodities, options, ETFs, foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies. Customers can trade CFDs in more than 50 countries and in 30 languages.


May 24, 2022, 11:41 am UTC.

PayRetailers is Heading to iFX EXPO International 2022, Cyprus

It’s that time again. PayRetailers, the leading LATAM fintech payments specialist, will be attending the iFX EXPO International 2022, from 7 to 9 June in Limassol, Cyprus. The PayRetailers’ team of payment experts will be at booth #82 and they are ready to discuss the myriad of opportunities available to executives, directors, regulators, and leaders from various international industries looking to expand in the local markets of Latin America.

At this year’s expo, the Spanish payment provider can offer client’s even more options thanks to their commercial growth in the region following a host of new local acquisitions and expanded regional operations. The company has increased its presence not only in the payments sector, but also in various other industry fields, including financial services, digital assets, blockchain, banking, regulations, and iGaming, among others.

PayRetailers continues to expand its team and technology to strengthen its robust and inclusive payment infrastructure. Their all-in-one API offers more than 250 local alternative payment methods for global merchants from industries seeking to simplify operations in strategic Latin American markets.

In addition to expanding its commercial portfolio, PayRetailers is gearing up to capitalise on the networking opportunities offered by the largest B2B event in the world, by making invaluable connections and being part of productive conversations. It is these kind of meet ups that allow the company to form solid alliances leading them to innovate and improve existing digital strategies. This enables the fintech to guarantee their clients’ security, ease, and speed in the payment process.

iFX EXPO International is a global fintech event that connects top-level executives from the largest international firms from across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It is a space which brings together several leading representatives in the payments industry like PayRetailers, banks, technology & service providers, digital assets & blockchain, retail & institutional brokers, and regulation & compliance, among others.

About PayRetailers

Established in 2017, PayRetailers is a Spanish company and a leader in online payment services dedicated to creating a fast and simple payment process for merchants and shoppers. The company offers a full range of payment solutions to help e-commerce companies accept online payments through a single API integration. 

A clear understanding of consumer behavior and spending in their specific sector will be the difference between success and failure for merchants looking to expand internationally across certain e-commerce verticals. By accepting local payment methods, PayRetailers allows anyone to make online purchases, even if they don’t have credit or debit cards.

PayRetailers is headquartered in Spain, with regional offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. Visit www.payretailers.com 

May 16, 2022, 1:08 pm UTC.

Kwakol Markets Enters New Zealand with Kwakol Funds

Incorporated under the 1993 Companies Act, in March 2022, Kwakol Funds will host institutional clients trading through PAMM accounts, while offering the Kwakol Invest platform for retail traders.

The Kwakol Funds app went live on May 1, 2022, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. With this launch, Kwakol Markets also takes another step in fulfilling its commitment to providing institutional and retail investors exceptional investment opportunities, technology, research, and customer services.

Kwakol Invest: Trusted Wealth Building Technology for Global Investors 

Kwakol Markets offers clients unique opportunities to invest in the global financial markets. Kwakol Invest is an investment platform, offering PAMM, MAM, and social trading. Through this platform, clients can participate in different modes of copy trading, including reverse copy. In doing so, retail traders can participate in the markets without any advanced technical skills or trading knowledge. Investors can also manage their risks using a stop-loss limit feature on the Kwakol Invest web app.

For the uninitiated, PAMM, or Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a means of financial trading with pooled money. Investors can allocate a certain proportion of their capital across a selection of money managers. Each strategy manager has a distinct investment or trading style and uses their strategies to generate profits for their clients. This is ideal for people who might not have the time to devote to regularly monitoring the markets or for novice traders, who are still learning the markets. 

Kwakol Funds has 5 different PAMM accounts managed on Kwakol Invest, each boasts an impressive trading performance since inception. These accounts have different investment tenures, capital requirements and asset allocation strategies. Clients can retain total control of their capital, while paying a fee to the money/strategy manager, upon profit generation. Retail and institutional clients looking to become money/strategy manager can open a master account on Kwakol Invest to gain access to all these features.

Kwakol Invest is one of the company’s innovative trading services, which helps clients to pursue financial freedom. Traders of all styles and experience levels can benefit from cutting-edge technology, market data, and training to generate wealth sustainably.

Exceptional PAMM Account Services 

Clients can access the 5 PAMM accounts managed by Kwakol Funds with a minimum capital requirement of $1,000 and lowest tenure of 3 months. These packages are Levadura, Marigold, Antipasto, Junzi and Veterano. 

Clients can choose to put money into these accounts based on their financial goals and investment horizons. For instance, Veterano is a fixed investment package with a 5-year tenure. Clients who wish to accumulate wealth for retirement can choose this package and invest periodically. The fund offers monthly returns post-retirement, which acts as a source of income.

Junzi, on the other hand, is for investors with a shorter investment horizon, seeking higher growth. It has a one-year tenure, with a minimum investment of $10,000. The fund allocates over 60% of its capital in stock indices, while 20% each is invested in commodities and currencies. 

Market Leader in Online Trading

Kwakol Markets offers superior trading conditions on the powerful MT4 and MT5 platforms. Clients have access to a broad range of asset classes, including CFDs, forex, stock, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. The company has created a niche for itself with ultra-fast execution, competitive spreads and leverage, and access to automated trading and copy trading. 

There are 6 types of trading accounts to choose from, including an ECN account, Islamic account and VIP account. With a minimum deposit of $1, traders can start their journey in the global financial markets. Kwakol Markets offers demo accounts for inexperienced traders to familiarise themselves with market dynamics. Deposits and withdrawals can be done seamlessly through tie-ups with multiple payment services providers.

In pursuit of its vision to establish a global presence, Kwakol Markets has already obtained licenses in multiple jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada and the US. In each jurisdiction, client funds are segregated in top-tier bank accounts. The company also offers negative balance protection. 

Kwakol Markets promises the most advanced technologies to help clients succeed. Apart from exceptional trading platforms, traders can access news sentiment analysis, offered by Acuity Trading. Turning global infobesity into an advantage for traders, Acuity uses sophisticated AI/ML technology to sift through millions of news articles, research reports, economic data, and more. The mood of the market is quantified for traders and represented in easy-to-read visual format for informed decision making.

Kwakol Markets has also integrated Autochartist tools in its trading platforms, which help to highlight multiple trading opportunities by scanning the markets continuously. Clients can receive alerts and notifications, so that they never miss out on market opportunities.

Real-Time News and Insights from Kwakol Academy

With the aim to support long-term success for its clients, Kwakol Markets is invested in providing high-quality trading education. Numerous financial courses, eBooks, real-time news stories, and more can be accessed at Kwakol Academy.

All educational resources are prepared by industry experts to help clients gain an edge in the financial markets. The company boasts a strong leadership tier and a cohesive team of young and talented individuals to provide a secure and superior trading environment to clients. Kwakol Markets has also made a name for itself with its strong customer services team and dedicated account managers to guide clients at every step of the way in their trading journey. 

With the launch of Kwakol Funds Ltd. in New Zealand, the company adds yet another region to its rapidly growing customer base.

April 28, 2022, 2:04 pm UTC.

Meet the Vibrant and Talented Kwakol Team

Multi-asset global online broker Kwakol Markets is a brand that believes in employing the best-fit people and ideas to develop innovative products that empower its clients to achieve financial freedom. The company boasts a vibrant and young team of enterprising growth hackers, technology specialists, creative designers, analytical thinkers, people managers, and quality educators. Sincerity, synergy, empowerment and passion are some of the core values that every member of the Kwakol team lives by.

Strong and Impeccable Leadership

Led by Dr. Yakubu Ishaku Teri, founder and CEO of Kwakol Markets, the team is committed to helping clients build wealth sustainably. “The company was founded to bring a new light on innovation in the online investing industry. We are a team of energetic and young analytical thinkers, with a client-centric approach in everything we do. A happy client makes us happy, and pushes us to achieve new heights every day,” believes Dr. Teri.

Highly qualified and visionary leaders are at the helm of Kwakol Markets. While Dr. Teri has a degree in medicine, Joseph Ishaku, the COO and Research Lead worked as an economist at a foundation before he co-founded Kwakol. He has a post-graduate degree in economics from University College, London, with extensive research and programme experience in various African markets. Mr. Ishaku loves the opportunity Kwakol gives him to work with talented young people. The possibility of influencing a change is what drives him.

The young leaders and their achievements are an inspiration to team members. Oladapo Eyitope, a Growth Associate at Kwakol, hopes to echo their leadership and management style in the future. Similar sentiments are shared by Ademola Stephen, Social Media Designer & Video Editor, and Samuel Ibitogbe, intern with the Academic Department.

An Encouraging and Positive Work Environment 

Kwakol Markets has an exciting, people-centric and positive work culture that puts team members at ease and encourages them to deliver their best. Oladapo Eyitope says that the environment is cordial, respectful and challenging, with plenty of room for growth and self-development. She appreciates that the company offers cutting-edge tools to the team to aid in their deliverables.

Victor Igono, a Research Analyst at the firm, loves the trust in staff abilities that the top management always demonstrates while giving each individual independence to deliver their best. Mr. Igono is an investment consultant and dealmaker, with expertise in key sectors like technology, healthcare and natural resources. His research work is focused on economic and political developments in West Africa. He joined Kwakol Markets in June 2021, where he enjoys keeping up with the spate of changes across global economies and how it impact the company’s areas of interest. 

Customer Relationship Manager Ahiakwo Peace enjoys interacting with new clients and resolving their issues. She manages the company’s CRM and LiveChat account feature on the website. Her role is to help clients navigate the platform. Ms. Peace also represents Kwakol in live radio sessions. She especially appreciates how her team members push her to outdo herself every day. She says, “Trust me, everything at Kwakol is going to make you into the best version of yourself.”

Skilled Technology Team

The technology team at Kwakol Markets comprises experts in software engineering and development, data analytics, UX, IT, blockchain and consulting. Benjamin Teri, the Chief Technology Officer, has a master’s degree in data science and analytics from the University of North Carolina. He has had an impressive career, launching and managing tech start-ups and various development projects.

In the same team, Ijuptil Dauda, the Technical Support Officer, provides the staff and clients with cutting-edge, responsive technical assistance. Bashir Saine, IT Support Officer and Project Manager, has a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a certificate in Project Management from IBMI. He loves that he gets to learn something at work every day. He appreciates the learning curve the organisation fosters, where on-the-job training has helped him hone numerous skills.

A Team with Diverse Interests

Apart from the nuances of the financial world, the Kwakol Markets team has diverse interests outside of work, which helps them lead a well-rounded life. CEO, Dr. Teri, likes to play soccer and participates in many medical outreach programmes, putting his medical background to good use. Co-founder and COO, Joseph Ishaku, is a design and art enthusiast. Ahiakwo Peace uses her people skills to host a podcast, while also writing poetry. Ademola Stephen is a photography enthusiast, with a passion for travelling.

Advice for Prospective Traders 

The Kwakol team firmly believes in robust education, trading best practices and good risk management measures to support long term success in the financial markets. Samuel Ibitogbe, Intern Associate, advises new clients to first start trading on the demo account to learn how the financial markets work and hone their trading strategies. Digital Marketing Associate, Blessing Mukorho, appreciates the company’s Academic Team, which imparts rich trading education and gives step-by-step guidance to new clients. These courses are hands-on and easy to understand.

“Information is key to being successful. New traders must be willing to educate themselves enough to succeed. That’s why we invest in a variety of tools and educational materials to help our new traders grow fast,” says Dr. Teri, CEO, Kwakol Markets.

The company is always on the lookout for bright young people to join its team. Anyone with a strong inclination for customer-centricity, technological innovation, creativity, learning and teamwork are highly valued at Kwakol.

They are currently expanding with key roles to fill including a goal-driven Growth Associate, an experienced Digital Marketer and an Affiliate Manager to manage the Company’s affiliate program. Interested in joining their growing and dynamic team? You can find further details of their open positions and apply here.

April 11, 2022, 10:57 am UTC.

Kwakol Markets Comprehensive Tools Give Traders an Edge

Leading global multi-asset broker Kwakol Markets offers the most advanced and user-friendly resources to aid informed decision making. This ranges from cutting-edge market analysis to calculators and educational resources, along with the latest technological tools, such as AI-driven sentiment analysis.

Kwakol Markets is committed to providing clients innovative products to maximise chances of success in the financial markets. This makes the brand a trusted broker partner for many investors, traders, and companies.

Actionable Market Alerts from Autochartist 

To save clients the time and effort needed to scan the markets for opportunities, Kwakol Markets has integrated Autochartist on its platform. Autochartist provides regular alerts of high-probability trade set-ups across a wide range of financial assets. The program analyses hundreds of chart formations and provides a visual representation of future price momentum and volatility. With this information, clients can improve their strategies, manage market exposure, capitalise on expected outcomes of macroeconomic events, and manage risk efficiently.

AI-Driven Sentiment Analysis Through Acuity

Acuity leverages machine learning and natural language processing to turn “infobesity” into an advantage for traders. It scours millions of analyst opinions, news articles, market commentaries and research to provide an average market sentiment on a particular asset. The primary advantage of news sentiment data is that it is a leading indicator. Kwakol Markets has integrated Acuity into its platform to help traders with quick analysis of news data and use its leading indicator properties. Acuity further uses the power of visual tools to enable easier decision-making for traders.

Real-Time Stories from Kwakol Academy

Kwakol Markets offers daily bite-sized videos, giving a snapshot of geopolitical events, economic data releases and technical analysis. This real-time financial news provides key information for traders to consider in their strategies. Traders can also get a quick view of the real-time prices of various assets via these videos.

Trading Calculators and Economic Calendar

Among the various tools offered by Kwakol Markets are several types of calculators for clients to get quick information. These include:

  • Currency Converter: To make real-time exchange rate conversions between two currencies. This helps traders with various decisions regarding position size, trading capital, entry and exits, and profit/loss calculations. 


  • Pivot Point Calculator: Traders can calculate pivot points in 4 different systems by inputting the previous day’s opening and closing prices, along with highs and lows. Pivot points are essential tools in technical analysis, which help traders to determine likely support and resistance levels and possible market turning points. They can help to determine the overall market trend.


  • Fibonacci Retracement: The tool can help generate Fibonacci retracement and extension values, by providing the high and low price values of traders’ choice. Fibonacci retracement is a great technical indicator that finds use in various trading strategies. It can be used to find market entry/exit points, determine stop-loss levels, and price targets. It can also help identify potential support/resistance levels.


  • Stop-Loss Limit: Traders can use this calculator to find out exactly how much they stand to gain or lose, if they choose a long/short position, or enter a market at a certain price level, with a particular position size. This is a vital tool for traders to manage their risk levels.


  • Economic Calendar: The Kwakol Markets economic calendar provides the list of all upcoming macroeconomic events, categorised into high, low, and medium impact, with forecasted and previous values. The ensuing market volatility is often a result of the gap between forecasted and actual values. Many economic releases of major countries like the US are associated with increased price volatility, which could provide tradable opportunities. This vital tool helps traders to prepare for future volatility, and choose assets and strategies that can capitalise on market trends, following an event.

Kwakol Markets Releases iOS Version of its Trader’s Room

The Kwakol Market’s Trader’s Room is now available on Apple App Store, offering an enhanced user experience to clients. Traders can use this feature to track their positions, make fast withdrawals and deposits, open accounts, and make transfers from anywhere, using their iPhone or iPad. Kwakol Markets is also working towards providing an Android version of this feature for users later in 2022.

Kwakol Markets’ MT4 and MT5 platforms are accessible on multiple devices, to allow clients to trade assets seamlessly with the best tools for technical and fundamental analysis, anywhere and anytime.

Continuous Efforts at Expansion and New Innovations 

Kwakol Markets continuously strives to promote access to wealth-building opportunities in the global financial markets, through technological innovations. The company also aims to expand globally and build long-lasting, fruitful partnerships. Kwakol Markets recently obtained a license from the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) to offer its services in the continent. 

Following their successful participation at the 2022 iFX EXPO held in Dubai in February, the company is gearing up to become a Bronze Sponsor in the iFX EXPO International in Cyprus, to be held from June 7 to 9, 2022. The biggest B2B fintech event in the world will offer a conducive networking environment for experts from various fields in the financial industry. 

To find out more about Kwakol, or set up a meeting during the iFX EXPO International, contact the team here.

March 31, 2022, 12:12 pm UTC.

Kwakol Markets Empowers Traders to Achieve Financial Freedom

Over 41% of millennials and 46% of Gen Zers face stress and uncertainty about their financial future due to the pandemic. Research further reveals that while 31% of millennials are investing for the long-term towards a significant life milestone, 49% of Gen Z investors favour short-term investments of up to 5 years to grow wealth.

Leading global brokerage, Kwakol Markets, is committed to empowering traders of all ages to reach their financial goals. The company supports its clients’ pursuit of financial freedom by providing capital, people, ideas, and cutting-edge technologies. At the foundation of all its efforts lies a strong emphasis on education, research, market analysis and advice, to equip traders to find exceptional investment opportunities. Kwakol Markets provides knowledge that is both actionable and accessible.

Joseph Ishaku, COO and Research Lead at Kwakol Markets, says, “Financial literacy is highly underrated, whereas it should be a cornerstone of education at all levels. It is one of the most critical elements of effective money and debt management, and overall societal development. It allows individuals to think clearly about the future and share ideas coherently. At Kwakol Markets, we equip clients with the necessary knowledge for important financial decisions. Well-informed investors contribute towards efficient markets and economic development.”

Extensive Learning Opportunities for Traders

Kwakol Markets offers comprehensive training and educational tools for traders and market researchers. It offers free periodic content, covering the basics of trading, such as strategy formation, technical and fundamental analysis. Numerous tools, including trading calendars, timely market alerts and a proprietary health check tool, are offered to traders to capture market opportunities. Additionally, Kwakol Markets conducts frequent webinars and masterclasses online to power traders with knowledge.

Chuwkuemeka E. Ebuka, the Head of Forex Education at Kwakol Markets, is a full-time professional trader, who offers guidance and mentorship to aspiring traders to leverage asset price action and manage risk. Mr. Ebuka says, “There needs to be a systemised approach to trading if one wants to pursue it for future financial goals. Kwakol Markets Trading Academy has been built for teaching traders the best practises in identifying opportunities, understanding market phases, deciphering market analysis, and following the best risk management strategies.”

Together with Joseph Ishaku, Mr. Ebuka conducts regular seminars as well.

Through online communities and pop-up trading stations, the company provides ample opportunities for traders to exchange ideas and experiences. Beginners can learn a lot from the trading ideas and tips shared by experts.

Data-Driven Insights for Institutions and Individuals 

Young investors today seek online financial guidance before considering investment options. They believe that having control over what knowledge they consume and what they want to invest in is key to achieving financial freedom. They are environmentally conscious and show a huge preference for sustainable and ethical investing. A study shows that this interest in sustainable investing among millennials grew 4 points to 99% in 2021, despite pandemic-related economic uncertainties. This is a significant rise, compared to a 6 point decline to 79% in the general population.

Kwakol Markets’ research team considers these trends and provides expertise in economic research, industry analysis, data analytics, and more, to help clients make fruitful decisions. The company undertakes and publishes research on emerging technologies, alternative investments, and other exciting sectors, such as the digital assets market. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are an important part of financial freedom today, as they bring transparency and accountability to important areas where most legacy structures fail. There were over 300 million crypto users worldwide in 2021, with 13 million in Nigeria and 27 million in the US.

Kwakol Markets also offers in-depth economic and sector analysis to companies, as part of its due diligence services. The company supports businesses in their efforts to crack deals, find investment alternatives, create growth strategies and formulate financing solutions. Head of the Research team, Joseph Ishaku, is an economist with extensive research and programme experience in various African markets. He holds several degrees from foreign universities as well.

Today, investors and traders are bombarded with information from various fronts. This infobesity only leads to costly mistakes. Our aim at Kwakol Markets is to provide client-focused, evidence-based insights for both fiat and digital assets. We want our clients to read more and drill deep down to understand their goals and limitations. Without this clarity, traders are only at the mercy of their whims,” said Mr. Ishaku.

With a mission to promote customer-centric access to wealth-building opportunities, supported by technological innovations, Kwakol Markets is expanding across the world. It recently acquired a license from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, to act as an authorised dealer in securities. It also has several other regulated entities and offices worldwide, including those in the US and Hong Kong. With a strong team and core values, the company is set to redefine the meaning of financial freedom.

March 24, 2022, 11:55 am UTC.

Kwakol Announces Exciting Developments for Traders & Affiliates

Leading Nigeria-based global brokerage firm, Kwakol Markets, has announced a slew of developments in 2022. These developments are aimed at expanding to new markets and offering cutting-edge tools for its clients. Close on the heels of the company acquiring a license from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and entering the Australian market, it has obtained the FINTRAC license.

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC) is headquartered in Ottawa and is Canada’s financial watchdog, responsible for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and regulating the financial markets. With the FINTRAC license, Kwakol Markets has now expanded its global footprint.

The multi-asset broker already has a global presence, with registered offices in Nigeria, Hong Kong, the USA and Australia. The firm offers its services in each of these regions through relevant licenses, ensuring client safety. Apart from ASIC and FINTRAC, Kwakol Markets also has the Money Services Business (MSB) license from the US financial system and an NFA license from the National Futures Association.

Strategic Expansion to Canada

Acquiring the FINTRAC license was a strategic expansion decision for Kwakol Markets. The Covid pandemic sent new traders to the financial markets in droves. Nowhere was this more apparent than in Canada. Over 500,000 new discount accounts were opened with online brokerages in Q1 of 2020 alone in Canada. These new traders ranged in age from teens to those above the age of 50.

The rise in trading volumes continued in 2021. The first two months of the year saw an unprecedented jump in trading volumes, driven especially by retail investments in small-cap stocks in the tech and mining sectors. Total trading volumes on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canadian Securities Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange rose 158% to 32.9 billion trades in February 2021, from 12.7 billion trades a year ago.

A large percentage of these new traders belong to the millennial and Gen Z generations. These young traders look for cutting-edge technology solutions for satisfying trading experiences. Kwakol Markets offers these traders the best possible trading experiences through multi-asset trading ultra-fast order execution, tight spreads, low commissions and facilities for copy trading. 

By expanding its services to Canada, the company believes that it can empower the new generation of traders to make informed trading decisions and take control of their journey in the financial markets. Kwakol Markets has also added to its arsenal of services for traders, while revamping its website, to ease the trading journey.

Kwakol Markets Launches New Website

In continuation of its efforts to ease trading and make it available for everyone across the world, Kwakol Markets has revamped its website. The new website offers easy navigation and a user-friendly interface. From searching for tradable assets to opening an account and making a deposit, every step of the journey has been made smooth and seamless.

The website also offers effortless copy trading with a real-time leaderboard. Traders can check the performance of each trader on the leaderboard for the past 7 days and up to the past two years. All performance statistics are available at a click of a button for informed copy trading.

“We believe it is important to have views about where the world is going to go and what will be important in the future. Therefore, we strive to envision the future to the best possible approximation to allow us to build a company and innovate around products that thrive in the short as well as long term,” said Dr. Yakubu Ishaku Teri, MD and CEO of Kwakol Markets.

Kwakol Adds New Tools for Traders

The company now offers Autochartist plugin tools for the automated analysis of charts. This can help traders identify trading opportunities. The Autochartist tool analyses vast amounts of market data to provide market alerts right on the trader’s computer or smartphone so that they do not miss any trading opportunities. 

Investment decisions have also been empowered with the addition of news sentiment analysis from Acuity, based on alternative data sources. Acuity uses AI and machine learning to analyse daily news events to provide actionable strategies in an easy-to-understand visual format. 

With these new tools, traders can easily separate the important market events from the huge deluge of data available online. Inexperienced traders can connect with experienced traders for copy trading through 5 different PAMM accounts on Kwakol Invest. This can help traders learn on the go while minimising risks.

A Successful Affiliate Programme

Kwakol Markets also runs a rewarding multi-level affiliate programme. With a multi-level program, affiliates continue to earn commissions each time their link is used to refer traders to the broker. This means that even if their clients refer new traders to Kwakol Markets, the initial affiliate stands to earn.

To ensure success and the best possible earnings potential for affiliates, Kwakol Markets offers a dedicated account manager for each affiliate. The manager is available for all types of support, including marketing resources.

To enable earnings and business growth for affiliates, the company follows a 40% revenue-sharing model, which is among the best in the industry. Weekly pay-outs are transparent so that affiliates need never worry about receiving the commissions they deserve.

In addition, cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals are available. This eliminates the hassle of converting crypto to fiat and back, which could lead to losses if exchange rates are unfavourable.

Kwakol Markets’ Commitment to Traders

The company is committed to empowering traders through advanced trading tools and robust educational resources. The company invests heavily in master classes, webinars, free periodic content, regular market updates and trading calendars. Traders can discuss their strategies and access trading tips through pop-up trading stations and online communities.

Also, the company has a dedicated research wing that analyses the markets and undertakes various research projects to offer critical financial market insights to both institutional and retail investors.

March 9, 2022, 3:29 pm UTC.

Official Sales Launch – iFX EXPO International 2022

Exciting news… the iFX EXPO is now taking bookings for sponsorships and booths at the iFX EXPO International 2022 taking place in Limassol, Cyprus! It’s back at the Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Center (Palais de Sports) meaning bigger and better opportunities for booths and sponsorships so the race is on to secure the top spots.

The event offers unrivalled panels, international speakers, stellar networking opportunities and glamorous parties so fintech and finance brands won’t want to miss out. 

Sponsorship Opportunities 

iFX EXPO International is the most established fintech event in Europe and offers numerous sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorships are now available and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Just some of the many Sponsorship options available include: 

  • Diamond, Gold & Silver Sponsors
  • Night Party Sponsor
  • Speaker Hall Sponsor
  • Coffee Bar Sponsor
  • Cocktail Bar Sponsor
  • WiFi Sponsor
  • Official Lunch Sponsor
  • Attendee Bag Sponsor
  • Other – talk to us and tell us your ideas!

As always, sponsorship spots are snapped up fast so brands looking for ways to showcase their offering as a sponsor should contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

Book A Booth

The Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Center is a vast space that allows us to get creative with your booth design. Want a huge corner booth? Or one with sofas and snacks? In the coming weeks, we will be taking booking for booths and we can design them to your requirements. Booths can include:

  • TVs to play your marketing videos
  • Chairs and private meeting spaces
  • Various layouts for your banners and messaging
  • Display spaces for your merchandise, giveaways and info


To secure your perfect booth, contact [email protected]. Remember we design and build all the booths – just tell us what you need! 

Register To Attend

Tickets for the iFX EXPO International will soon be available, so mark June 7-9 in your calendar. If you’re joining us from overseas, we will be sharing some great hotel and transport deals for you soon. So, stay tuned!

Visit https://cyprus2022.ifxexpo.com/ for the latest news and ticket launches in the coming weeks.


March 8, 2022, 12:20 pm UTC.

iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 – A Huge Success 

The expo took place at Za’abeel Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre from 22-24 February 2022 and attracted more than 2500 attendees. Innovators, thought leaders and industry shapers flocked to the UAE’s leading event venue, resulting in a hub of ideas and networking opportunities. The atmosphere was extraordinary, so let’s look at the highlights.

The Venue

Such a high-profile event needs a ‘wow-factor’ venue and that’s exactly why the Dubai World Trade Centre was chosen. It enjoys 3 million+ visitors annually and majestically greeted all expo attendees. With many guests visiting from afar, this location will surely have made a very big impression. It’s also important to note that Dubai itself also makes for a great financial expo location. It’s recognised as the leading financial centre in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. 

The Agenda 

Packed full of big brands, great speakers, and entertainment, the iFX EXPO got off to a great start with the Official Welcome Party which took place at the luxurious Soho Garden DXB at the Meydan Grandstand. This cosmopolitan enclave on the edge of the city offered an exclusive evening at Dubai’s number one entertainment venue where social media lit up with attendees highly anticipating the start on Wednesday morning.

Day 1 (23 February) saw guests keen to meet and explore the Expo Floor, Speaker Hall, Idea Hub, Lounges, Meeting Rooms, Food Court and more. Come nightfall, the Official iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 Night Party then kicked into action. This took place at the exquisite Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah where The London Cabaret Club kept attendees captivated with an outstanding performance. 

Day 2 (24 February) began and industry professionals continued to make their way around the 5000 m2 Expo Floor, meeting with representatives from leading international brands. Attendees met with people at the top of their game from many different fields, with extras offered courtesy of iFX EXPO sponsors including attendee bags, coffee, a selfie bot and a smoothie bar.

Top Insights 

As always, iFX EXPO Dubai welcomed many high-profile speakers from global fintech brands including company founders, CEOs and directors. There were insights from well-established fintech companies as well as start-ups bringing fresh and creative ideas to an ever-changing industry. 

The Speaker Hall also saw a host of fast-paced, high-level conversations with many key topics covered during the course of the event with contributions from brands such as Exness, Tickmill Group, AvaTrade and more. As well as ongoing talks in the Speaker Hall, the Dubai expo also featured an Idea Hub, where experts presented very current and extremely relevant topics that look set to shape the months ahead. 

Speaking of the iFX EXPO Dubai’s success, Ultimate Fintech’s Head of Marketing, Dusan Camilovic stated:

“People return to iFX EXPO events to hear the latest industry developments and to share ideas and insights that continue to drive the industry forward. This year’s instalment in Dubai provided the perfect platform to delve into fascinating topics like the Metaverse, which is on the minds of fintech experts worldwide. Knowing you’re in an environment where likeminded people respect and understand your ideas is really empowering and leads to many exciting collaborations.”

That’s a wrap for iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 but the event videos are coming soon and will be available to watch via the official iFX EXPO YouTube Channel

Next Event – iFX EXPO International, Cyprus

While the Dubai event may be over for another year, organisers Ultimate Fintech are already working on the next iFX EXPO International which will take place on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus from 7-9 June 2022 at the Palais de Sports, Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Centre.

This will be a great chance to discover, meet, discuss and engage with a relevant audience and gain invaluable tools to grow your business successfully. Like all other past iFX EXPO Limassol events, this promises to be an energetic, bustling and educational affair packed with networking opportunities, lively parties and treats throughout. Take advantage of the sponsorship and booth opportunities available and register your interest now.

February 17, 2022, 11:11 am UTC.

Here’s What Traders Look for When Selecting a Broker

However, the reality is also that 80% of day traders quit trading within two years, while 40% of them quit in just one month. So, while there is huge potential to grow their client base, brokers are also dealing with traders who have specific motivations.

To engage and retain the new generation of traders, brokers need to offer cutting-edge trading experiences. Millennials and Gen Zers are infamous for switching providers if they are dissatisfied with their services. This means brokers need to know how to retain today’s retail traders to survive in the saturated financial markets.

AIRSOFT Technology is an industry-leading end-to-end fintech solutions provider for brokerages, helping them transform themselves into a brand that appeals to today’s traders. With over 10 years in the industry, AIRSOFT has deep insight into what traders look for when choosing brokers today.

A Well-Designed and Engaging Website

Around 60% of millennials and 44% of Gen Z use websites to research financial services. This highlights the need for brokers to have a well-designed and intuitive website that drives conversions. Some desired features in next-generation broker websites include greater security, an appealing interface, clear CTAs, data visualisation tools, and more. Moreover, young traders today don’t mind using automated chats as a legitimate contact channel. Brokers need to empower chatbots with hardcoded questions and answers, so they can give prompt replies to traders’ concerns.

Convenient and Fast Onboarding

In the age of super apps, where youth have instant access to on-demand services, the need for a superior onboarding funnel is high. They need to be able to register quickly and start trading within a short time.

To meet the needs of a more demanding demographic AIRSOFT allows brokers to leverage their capabilities with a customisable CRM / back-office system. Brokers can maximise their business performance with tailored reporting and billing systems. Sales teams can set targets and track performance, while marketing has multiple modules to track their campaigns and set push notifications for emails, pop-ups and chats. From automatic salary calculation to an intuitive CMS to manage websites, the CRM is built with brokers in mind. There are hundreds of customisable tools to suit their unique business needs and goals as well as various API integrations for 3rd party providers.

Democratised Access to Global Markets

Democratised access to global markets is now the market norm. Traders want to diversify their portfolios to protect themselves against market risk in this era of uncertainty. This also improves their return potential. 

To facilitate this, brokers need to offer diverse asset classes, including stocks, commodities, currencies and digital assets. However, it isn’t enough to just provide a list of assets to trade. Brokers need to offer instant market access, from anywhere and at any time. This necessitates robust mobile trading apps. According to a survey, younger investors are more active with their trading and investing. About 40% of millennials and Gen Zers check their investments every day. Traders choose brands that observe clients’ needs, regardless of their trading experience and provide various tools and offerings on the apps to help them succeed.

In short, mobile trading apps need to have the same list of extensive features that brokers offer on their web trading platforms. This includes advanced technical indicators, algorithmic trading, social trading, trend charts, risk management tools, and educational guides.

Multiple Modes of Payments

From in-app payments to mobile wallets, the payment landscape has shifted radically. With the proliferation of smartphones and digital technologies, there are more ways to pay now, catering to users’ preferences, while offering flexibility and convenience. Further, the tech-savvy and mobile-friendly millennials and Gen Z generations have increased the demand for digital financial tools. More than 6 in 10 Gen Zers use mobile devices to pay for purchases.

Keeping the habits of these traders in mind, brokers need to provide multiple payment modes for frictionless withdrawals and deposits.

Greater Engagement with Clients

Gen Z engages more with financial services providers compared to any other generation. To keep them happy and retain them, brokers need tools to engage with them on multiple channels. Apart from dedicated project managers and active social media interactions, brokers need to pay attention to boosting clients’ trading skills as well. Plus, many clients are looking for adrenaline-fueled trading opportunities. They want short-term trading opportunities that enable them to increase profit potential and make re-deposits.

AIRSOFT Technology Enables Brokers to Deliver Enhanced Trading Experience

AIRSOFT Technology provides all these services to brokers that help them capture the changing market trends and retain more traders. This is possible through its extensive marketing expertise, multilingual support, customisable CRM, lead generation tools, and cutting-edge technologies, such as CHRONO Trade.

CHRONO Trade allows traders to take advantage of volatile assets with pre-defined, short-term trades. This is useful for clients who prefer a fast-paced trading environment. Along with this, AIRSOFT Technology arms brokers to provide diverse asset classes, including 1,000 tradable synthetic assets, with customisable portfolios.

After a highly successful sponsorship of the last year’s iFX EXPO Dubai, AIRSOFT will return for the iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 once again. The largest global B2B fintech expo is scheduled to be held from February 22 to 24, 2022, at Za’abeel Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre. Brokers who wish to expand their clientele with the company’s unique products and services can meet the team at the expo. There will be 4 expert representatives covering sales, account management, tech, and customer acquisition. These representatives will not only be highly experienced but also well-versed in 4 languages including English, Spanish, Hebrew, and French. 

Contact us to set up a private meeting. This will be a great opportunity to meet one of our experts and understand the evolving needs of your customers, and how to integrate the best technologies to satisfy them.

February 16, 2022, 11:01 am UTC.

PayRetailers strengthens commitment in Latin America with Sponsorship of Super Liga Americana of Rugby

PayRetailers, a leader in cross-border payments for Latin America, has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Super League of American Rugby (SLAR) for its 2022 season, becoming the first international payment provider to support South American rugby. 

This alliance, along with specialised teams throughout the continent, consolidates PayRetailers’ commitment to its customers in Latin America. The SLAR 2022 partnership adds to PayRetailers’ ongoing support to promote financial literacy, equality, and accessibility in emerging markets.

The American Super Rugby League

A high-performance tournament for the six priority unions in the region, SLAR illustrates the increasing passion for the sport in LATAM. This offers PayRetailers the perfect platform to brand themselves during live broadcasts across international channels including ESPN and reaching millions of fans worldwide. 

Heavily invested in the region, PayRetailers has the vision to impact the world positively. With this new sponsorship, the expert payments brand reinforces its commitment and shares the sponsorship with major brands such as LATAM Airlines, Gatorade, ESPN, and STIHL.

«As a multinational company, we believe that we have to go one step further in addition to the products we offer. PayRetailers is very much identified with the values of team sports and especially with those of Rugby. We believe in diversity as a critical factor for innovation in all areas, including sport», said Juan Pablo Jutgla, Founder & CEO of PayRetailers.

Through these sponsorships, the company reaffirms its position as an expert in the region by understanding the culture and passion of Latin Americans when it comes to top sports including Rugby.

A promising partnership

In addition to the sponsorship, PayRetailers will support the SLAR at all levels as an official partner, including ticket sales and merchandising. PayRetailers guarantees secure, reliable and straightforward ways to pay for everything supporters enjoy, as well as offering them unique experiences.

This historical development once again positions PayRetailers as a leader in promoting inclusion and diversity in the region.

Visit SLAR 2022’s channel on YouTube.

February 14, 2022, 2:04 pm UTC.

What to Expect at the iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 

The iFX EXPO Dubai will take place at Za’abeel Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre from 22-24 February 2022. Organised by Ultimate Fintech, the event will be at the UAE’s leading event venue and one of the largest exhibition centres in the world. With just over a week to go until the event, we’re heading behind the scenes with the Ultimate Fintech team.

About The Organisers

With over 10 years’ experience in the space, iFX EXPO organisers Ultimate Fintech have plenty of fintech and finance shows under their belt. With past shows running in Cyprus, Dubai and Hong Kong, Ultimate Fintech is responsible not only for the iFX EXPO brand, but also The Gathering, Virtual Vision Finance and many other business matchmaking events. Ultimate Fintech is also accustomed to working with fintech brands to enhance their digital marketing through their specialist marketing services which include PR Content Writing and Distribution, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads Management and Review Management.

Meet The Ultimate Fintech Team in Dubai

Ultimate Fintech’s management team will be at the iFX EXPO Dubai at Booth #116. This is your opportunity to meet Head of Marketing Dusan Camilovic and New Business Manager Anna Makrides. Speaking about the expo Dusan stated: 

“ We love meeting brands at our expos and learning about their operations and business challenges. The Ultimate Fintech team is going to be in Dubai to meet new and existing clients and plan ways to maximise their brand both at in-person events and online.”

Visit the Ultimate Fintech team on 22-24 February at Booth #116. To book a meeting with the Ultimate Fintech team in advance please email [email protected] 

The Agenda

As always, iFX EXPO is packed full of great speakers, events and parties! Here’s a quick guide on what to expect. For more information on the speakers and panel discussions click here.


Time: 19:30 – 22:00

Location: Soho Garden DXB at the Meydan Grandstand, Dubai. 

The Official iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 Welcome Party!

The welcome party is one you won’t want to miss. This year the party takes place at the stunning Soho Garden DXB, situated alongside the Meydan Racecourse. Access to badge holders ONLY – Register online in advance to pick up your badge at the party.


Time: 10:00 – 18:00          

Location: Za’abeel Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre

iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 – Day 1 

At 10:00 the main Expo doors will open! Start your day with a cup of coffee from the Coffee Bar then explore the Expo Floor, Speaker Hall, Idea Hub, Lounges, Meeting Rooms, Food Court, and more.

Time: 21:00 – Late     

Location: Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah

The Official iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 Night Party!

The official night party is set to be a hit with attendees looking to unwind after a busy networking day. The night party takes place at the Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s best nightlife spots. Access to badge holders ONLY!              


Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Location: Za’abeel Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre

iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 – Day 2 

The Expo doors reopen and Day 2 begins. Continue the conversation, close the deal and tour the 5000 m² Expo floor.

iFX EXPO attendees can expect to meet people at the top of their game from many different fields. The event sponsors have you covered too with great lounge options, attendee bags, coffee, selfie bots and a smoothie bar. From arranging meetings with CEOs, hearing top speaker insights and signing up new partners, iFX EXPO Dubai 2022 has it all. Register here to attend!

February 9, 2022, 11:27 am UTC.

Nigerian Multi-Asset Broker Kwakol Markets to Participate at the iFX EXPO Dubai 2022

Leading Nigeria-based multi-asset broker firm Kwakol Markets has announced its participation at the 2022 iFX EXPO, to be held between February 22 and 24 at Za’abeel Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre. The event is the biggest B2B fintech exhibition in the world, attracting global leaders and innovators from the financial industry. With over 17+ events, iFX EXPO has attracted over 40K attendees and 1,750+ exhibitors.

CEO and Managing Director of Kwakol Markets, Dr Yakubu Ishaku Teri, will be representing the company at the event. He sees the event as an excellent platform for networking and building strategic business relationships. Dr Teri graduated in surgery and medicine from the Afe Babalola University in Nigeria and has been serving as the MD of Kwakol Markets since May 2020. With his pioneering vision, he aims to make the company a leading global brand by providing clients with innovative products and tools to achieve financial freedom.

“To build a successful company over the long term, it is important to have a vision of where the world is heading and what will be important in the future. We build innovative products that thrive in the short term and continue to evolve to meet future trends. A proactive approach to what lies ahead bears more fruit for us and our clients rather than struggling to play catch-up with ever-changing market dynamics. This is a challenging but incredibly exciting exercise for us,” Dr Yakubu Ishaku Teri commented. 

Multi-Asset Trading and Investment Services Provider

Kwakol Markets is a global multi-asset broker, with a vision to create and promote the adoption of superior financial products and services that can increase clients’ potential for reliable and sustainable wealth generation. Although it is a relatively young brokerage firm, the firm has successfully obtained multiple licenses across jurisdictions. Kwakol Markets is an authorized finance company by the Australia Security and Investment Commission (ASIC), and also has a Foreign Exchange Dealer License issued by FINTRAC Money Services, Canada. In addition, it has an MSB license from the US financial system and NFA issued by the National Futures Association. The company currently operates 4 offices, in the US, Hong Kong, Australia and Nigeria.

Being a licensed fintech firm, traders and investors are assured of stringent fund protection measures, tier-I banking partnerships, and world-class technologies in risk management. The company also ensures negative balance protection for its clients. 

Kwakol Markets offers enhanced trading conditions in over 800 financial instruments, including forex, spot metals, global shares, energies, and cryptocurrencies. Clients can trade instruments with the tightest spreads, low commissions, and ultra-fast execution. With an average execution speed of 12ms, the company ensures that traders can seamlessly open and close trades with no requotes.

With Kwakol Markets, traders can implement any trading strategy, including scalping, hedging, copy trading and EAs, on the award-winning MT4 and MT5 platforms. With advanced technology tools and support from a multilingual team of experts, traders are assured of smooth trading experiences.

An Exceptional Research and Analysis Team

Kwakol Markets takes pride in its young, dynamic and highly qualified leadership team, which works tirelessly to offer retail investors, traders and institutions exceptional opportunities, advice and research to succeed in today’s competitive market. The Kwakol research team provides data-driven, client-focused and evidence-based insights on traditional and digital assets.

The company undertakes and publishes research on emerging technologies and sectors in the global economy. It also offers robust training and educational tools for traders and market researchers, and more through its free webinars, master classes, and tools.

Cutting-Edge Tools That Enable Trading Success

For more informed trading decisions, clients can choose from a wide variety of proprietary tools to add to their trading arsenal. This includes economic calendars, timely market updates and trading health check tools. Kwakol Markets also provides Autochartist plugin for automatic analyses of chart formations and identifying future trading opportunities. Autochartist can sift through huge volumes of market data and provide traders with market alerts so that they never miss out on opportunities.

Investment decisions become simpler with forward-looking news sentiment analysis, based on alternative data sources, provided by Acuity. Acuity uses AI-based technologies to analyse daily news items and provides actionable strategies in an easy-to-understand visual format. In short, with Autochartist and Acuity, Kwakol Markets helps turn infobesity to the client’s advantage. With uninterrupted analysis of global news, traders can gain an instant and accurate view of the market, right at their fingertips.

For inexperienced traders, Kwakol Invest is a platform that connects them to experienced traders for copy trading. There are 5 different PAMM accounts on Kwakol Invest, through which clients can increase their profit potential, in the absence of technical skills and time required to earn reliability and sustainability.

Dr Yakubu Ishaku Teri aims to introduce Kwakol Markets to the industry at the upcoming iFX EXPO in Dubai. “I am eager to learn more from our peers in the industry, and also discuss our company’s achievements. Through technological innovations and a customer-centric approach, we can truly transform the narrative of wealth generation globally. In the current context, building financial resilience is more important than ever to survive and flourish,” Dr Teri said.

Contact the team to set up a meeting at the iFX EXPO Dubai, 22-24 February.

January 31, 2022, 11:50 am UTC.

Trading the Future: What is the Metaverse and How to Trade it

The metaverse is a set of interconnected and experiential worlds spanning the digital and physical realms, an emerging multisensory iteration of the web. It is the frontier of the next stage of the internet’s evolution with technology giants and leaders like Bill Gates often speaking of its rising popularity, and the transformative effect it will have on our lives.

Metaverse Makes its Way into The Investment Realm

Unsurprisingly the metaverse’s increasing popularity and potential has driven investment interest amongst traders. Moreover, since the technologies that underpin the metaverse are still emerging and developing, there is a wide variety of exciting investment opportunities for traders and investors to explore. 

Grayscale Investments projects that the industry is a $1 trillion revenue opportunity across everything from eCommerce and gaming to real-estate and entertainment. This has already caught the attention of major companies like Microsoft, Adobe and Qualcomm, who are investing more to explore the metaverse and remain competitive in the years to come.

Metaverse Playing the Tech Field

Metaverse made a big impact in 2021. The buzz created by this futuristic virtual world was driven by the adoption amongst the big tech companies.

In October 2021, for example, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, reflecting its interest in the metaverse as a virtual world where interactions between humans are made possible through digital avatars. These avatars are controlled through virtual reality (VR) headsets like Oculus. Incidentally, Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 headset sales crossed those of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console sales in 2021, showing the interest amongst consumers to engage with this new technology. 

Other tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft are also following in the footsteps of Meta by developing their own VR headsets. This is a huge milestone for the metaverse, given that as more tech companies adopt this technology, the chances of the metaverse as a pervasive technology will increase.

Chip giant Nvidia has also dipped its toes into metaverse technology through its chipsets, which are already deployed in a variety of centralised computers and servers. Hailed as one of the best semiconductor stocks for the long term, Nvidia stands to gain from metaverse applications. While its pending buyout of ARM Holdings is still unclear, if it materialises, Nvidia will be able to construct an end-to-end ecosystem to boost computing power in applications that support the metaverse.

Trading the Metaverse with Plus500

There are many ways to trade the metaverse; purchasing related stocks, trading cryptocurrencies, or trading ETFs. These assets can all be accessed through a trusted broker like Plus500. Using Plus500’s platform, traders can gain exposure to the wide range of metaverse-related instruments mentioned above. The variety of access points available through Plus500 can also bring a myriad of benefits, including the ability to build a diversified portfolio to cater to individual goals and needs. 

Plus500 is a global multi-asset fintech company that provides its clients trading opportunities in the metaverse’s burgeoning realm. The FTSE 250-listed company offers a world-class trading platform with access to 2,500 instruments, and is available on multiple operating systems and web browsers. Traders can access enhanced trading conditions with tight spreads, no commissions, attractive leverage, and advanced trading tools to limit risk. 

One way to trade the metaverse is through relevant stocks. Plus500 offers contracts for difference (CFDs) to trade leading companies, including Facebook (now Meta), Nvidia, and Disney, all of which have invested billions in metaverse technology.

ETFs are another way to gain access to the metaverse. Plus500 offers traders the opportunity to trade the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF, an index fund that tracks the performance of the Ball Metaverse Index, comprising 40 globally listed companies involved in the metaverse. Traders can also gain exposure to this technology through Crypto CFDs. As cryptos are the main form of currency in virtual worlds, they stand to gain from the metaverse revolution as well.

What Does the Future Hold for the Metaverse?

In 2022, technology companies like Apple, Cisco and Intel, who have also adopted metaverse technology, are well-positioned to reap the benefits of greater demand for semiconductor chips, processors, and cloud services.

Moreover, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralised finance (DeFi) have also proven that blockchain technology has unlimited applications. Already, blockchain companies and cryptocurrency exchanges are raising capital to expand into this emerging technology sphere. The Winklevoss twins’ crypto exchange, Gemini, closed a $400 million equity growth funding round in November 2021, with plans to expand the exchange services across multiple metaverses in 2022.

All in all, the future seems bright for the metaverse. Forecasts by GlobalData reveal that large-cap US stocks stand to surge in 2022, amid higher investments in technologies including the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and Web 3.0. Thus, engaging with the metaverse ecosystem is a move that might be worth taking, and trading CFDs on stocks of companies that have adopted this technology, Cryptocurrencies, or the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF with Plus500, can be a trader’s first steps in this exciting space.

By providing opportunities for traders to gain exposure to emerging technology trends like metaverse, Plus500 further expands its horizons and fulfills its promise to build new trading products for customers each year. In 2021, the company launched Plus500 Invest, a new share dealing platform, which allows traders to trade in a wide range of assets, including ETFs listed on major exchanges. Through this platform, traders can invest in major companies worldwide that will delve into the Metaverse.

It is this focus on technological innovation and client success that led to the company delivering outstanding operational and financial results through FY 2021. Plus500 recorded annual revenue of approximately $718 million.