Nextmarkets is fast becoming Europe’s first class, commission-free stocks trading and expert-curated investing broker

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Nextmarkets, a European online broker, aims to democratise the entire trading experience with its expert-curated investing platform, revolutionising how its customers achieve success in their trading goals. 

Nextmarkets proprietary platform was conceived with a universal vision to combine the best in innovative tech with a powerful knowledge growth trading experience to enable the novice to the most sophisticated of investors to achieve financial success through their online trading activities.  

By combining a commission free trading offering with a strong trader education to its repertoire, nextmarkets showcases what it’s like to invest within the company of professional trading coaches of more than 20 asset managers branded as stock market coaches. These coaches facilitate the trading of a vast universe of products with leverage on demand, providing customers with up to 300 tradable analyses per month – in real time, for co-investing, to learn, analyse and follow. 

Founded by brothers Manuel and Dominic Heyden, nextmarkets is a new generation team of FinTech entrepreneurs, progressive designers, coders, thinkers, bankers, traders and makers. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, the Hayden’s created from their rich combination of innovative tech, finance and start-up successes, a new hybrid trading solution, a formula that not only facilitates greater successes for traders, but powers the institutional or retail customer, for example, to gain their trading education and knowledge in real time trading and coaching environments. The coach’s knowledge of uncovering real-time trading ideas on a daily basis is a game changer for even the savviest of investor. 

The trading experience is a high performance, slick, seamless, intuitive, and playfully empowering trader experience where one can simply copy the professional coaches’ trades to achieve momentum in their financial successes, as well as heavily reduce the time spent analysing, whether technical, fundamental, swing or momentum, thereby democratising the entire access to trading for financial success on a global level. 

Through such an innovative proprietary trading platform and support of esteemed expert coaches situated across nextmarkets’ entire European network, nextmarkets aims to deliver a knowledge explosion to the world of trading. 

nextmarkets was founded in Cologne in 2014. In addition to Germany, Austria and Malta, six further countries were added to its network presence – the United Kingdom, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Italy – launched at the end of 2020, followed by Cyprus in 2021. 

nextmarkets is equipped with all major licenses, from securities trading, bank and portfolio management to investment advisory services.  Furthermore, through its subsidiary in Malta, nextmarkets is licensed to offer securities trading and to act as portfolio manager offering its products for trading throughout Europe. Its customer base has access to invest in more than 7,000 shares from 52 countries, as well as in over 1,000 ETFs. In addition, all major indices, currency pairs, bonds and commodities are available as CFDs. 

nextmarkets evidently leads the way in guiding its customer to a more confident trading experience, one that empowers through such real time learner trading experiences. 

This is how powerful an online broker can be. Access to financial instruments and investments is simply achieved within just five minutes from account opening to credit card, bank transfer or Trustly deposit (more to come). Importantly, a customer’s portfolio is always at hand, thanks to nextmarkets iOS, Android and Web Apps and is safeguarded via regulations (MiFID) and the latest security to protect and secure trader deposits and rewards. 

Great investors like Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal, Palantir Technologies, and Founders Fund; Axel Springer and the listed FinLab AG, support nextmarkets with a common goal to improve the way private investors trade on the stock markets, commission-free, to aid the trader’s success.

Launch of nextmarkets 2021 Partner Program at the upcoming iFX EXPO, Cyprus

And there’s more, this coming October 2021 at the iFX EXPO, nextmarkets will be officially launching the nextmarkets Partner Program. The iFX EXPO is the largest b2b FinTech expo which takes place annually in Limassol, Cyprus, the gateway to Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The iFX EXPO is trusted by thousands of international retail & institutional brokers, technology & liquidity providers, payment service providers, banks, affiliates & IBs, regulators & compliance as well as crypto and blockchain brands and for which nextmarkets is proud to be in attendance as a major sponsor. 

By becoming a part of nextmarkets’ Partner Program movement, Introducing Brokers and Affiliates can earn up to 80% of the spread income through their engagement to the Program. To find out more about enrolling in nextmarkets’ Partner program: 

The founders of nextmarkets have this to say: 

“We are very pleased about the great interest and trust of both new and existing investors. The growth potential is huge, and we are only at the beginning of a whole new era in which the stock market becomes fully democratized. With our unique coaching approach, we ensure that private investors not only trade fully commission-free, but above all become significantly more successful,” says CEO and co-founder Manuel Heyden. His brother Dominic Heyden, co-founder and CTO continues, “We are particularly proud of the fact that we have in record time built an online broker active in 10 European markets, built top-to-bottom on our own technology and with a comprehensive regulatory framework.”

Lead investor Christian Angermayer, who has invested via his stock-market-listed Cryptology Asset Group, adds: “We are just at the very beginning of a new retail boom on stock markets. However, the crisis of confidence towards other neobrokers, in connection with the Gamestop phenomenon, has shown how important it is to choose the right partner. nextmarkets is 100% transparent, stands completely on its own two feet including its own banking license, and offers true zero-commission trading in stocks, with no hidden fees and a very broad investment offering. Investors can also trade Bitcoin easily and conveniently with nextmarkets, of course.”

To find out more visit 

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