ParagonEX Dynamic Announces A Webinar On The Fintech Industry Opportunities In The Time Of Economic Crisis

Don’t miss the chance to find out “How the new economic crisis can affect Fintech positively!” from the ParagonEX Dynamic webinar on 7th of May.

One of the most recognizable FinTech providers, ParagonEX Dynamic, is going to hold a very inquisitive, informative and much-needed webinar. The focus of the online seminar will be pointed at how business owners and investors can benefit greatly from the current economic situation, including implementing specific strategies and easy-to-use tools. 

A team of company experts, comprised of the CEO – Amnon Goldrat, Key Account and Success manager – Nikola Kerefein, Head of Risk management – Dimitar Minchev, and Head of Business Development Europe – Brett David, will lead you through a comprehensive guide, so you can walk out of the webinar fully prepared and ready to jump right into the Fintech business with a bulletproof plan. 

Amnon Goldrat, CEO of ParagonEX Dynamic, will first discuss the silver lining of the economic crisis for the Fintech industry, and a great many opportunities it has to offer all Fintech business owners. Goldrat will also navigate you through how to take advantage of this rare chance and develop your business strategy.

Special attention will be paid to the newcomers, the brokerages that are just starting out. In a concise summary, Brett David, Head of Business Development Europe, will present to you the pros and cons of Licensed trading platforms and White Label trading platforms – the most trusted and preferred options for start-up brokerages. You can then make an informed decision which trading solution will best suit your company, business model, as well as your budget.

Nikola Kerefein, Key Account and Success manager, will give you a thorough explanation of the power of simplicity in trading. You will learn essential and not widely known tips and tricks, which you can apply right away, and enhance your trading performance. 

Risk managing is vital to Fintech business owners, especially in times of economic crisis. Dimitar Minchev, Head of Risk management, will cover this essential topic. The expert will provide a comprehensive presentation on various risk management strategies, which you can adopt in order to minimize company uncertainties. Minchev will also discuss how through applying a precise risk management system your business can flourish despite the difficulties your company meets.

To sum up, the ParagonEX Dynamic webinar will give you an insight into the opportunities a global economic crisis has to provide to the Fintech business world. You will learn inside strategies and tactics from first hand, which not many business owners know and apply, so your brokerage can thrive in uncertain times. 

“How the new economic crisis can affect Fintech positively!” webinar will be held on 7th of May, exactly at 11 AM (EEST).

Do not miss out and claim your presence through the company’s registration form. Do not forget to send your questions at [email protected] so we can answer them in the discussion.

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