ParagonEX Dynamic Unveils Major Rebranding as Part of Its Growth Story

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As part of its new business expansion strategy, leading fintech solutions provider, ParagoxEX Dynamic has taken the first step in a major rebranding exercise.

ParagonEX Dynamic – “The Innovative FinTech Company” 

The new slogan precisely reflects the key focus of the company. ParagonEX Dynamic has built a niche for itself in the fintech B2B services sector with its ability to proactively create innovative products and software. Even before fintech firms are aware of a specific need, PragonEX Dynamic has a cutting-edge product to address it.

The company constantly upgrades its portfolio of products and services so that it can offer complete turnkey solutions for business success. As part of a fast-growing and ever-changing industry, the ParagonEX Dynamic team knows that continuous improvement and adaptation is essential to maintain market leadership.

The slogan was only the first step. The company’s team is a firm believer in the power of simplicity and applies it not only to the software and services it provides but also in the development and marketing of the brand. This is clearly reflected in the completely revamped corporate website, which is clean, concise, and user-friendly.

Why Rebranding and Why Now? 

There is no better time than right now, says the ParagonEX Dynamic team. Many trigger points fell perfectly into alignment and gave the company a clear signal that now is the perfect moment for change. Of course, one of the pivotal reasons has been 2020 and the “new normal.”

  • 2020 took everybody by surprise

A year nobody will ever forget.  A year when “new normal” was a trending phrase. Like most other companies across the world, ParagonEX Dynamic was faced with the need to make crucial decisions and move with agility. To best support its clients and its team through unprecedented times, the company had to be flexible, prioritize, adapt, change, and innovate.

  • New business strategy

As a result of the ever-changing circumstances in 2020, as well as the instability and uncertainty in the global economy, a drastic change in the company’s business strategy was necessary. The senior leadership needed to adapt and commit to new approaches related to the future development of the company. The executives had to assess the situation and customize a new business model that would also work even when the crisis was behind us.

The hard work paid off and the fintech provider managed to expand its business to new horizons and attract new business partners.

  • Brand growth  

Due to the premium turnkey trading solutions, ParagonEX Dynamic offers, the number of new clients has been growing exponentially. The brand’s new growth strategy includes rebranding as a tool for reaching out to even more customers across different markets, driving business expansion.

  • Better market positioning

The rebranding will also give clarity and transparency to clients about what to expect from the company and what it stands for. ParagonEX Dynamic is well known as a future-oriented company, building its entire business around innovation. The rebranding exercise will help position the company as a leading provider of innovative fintech solutions.

  • Brand identity 

Of course, brand identity is core to any rebranding exercise. The rebranding gives ParagonEX Dynamic a distinct and recognizable new look while building a new and positive brand image. This will help the company to stand out and differentiate itself from the competition. The new and modern look will help better showcase the brand’s portfolio, as well as the company’s values.

The rebranding is yet another milestone that marks the beginning of a new and bright chapter for ParagonEX Dynamic. Through this all, the company remains focused on developing new products and expanding to new regions. The team has complete confidence in being able to position the company as a global fintech leader.

For more information visit ParagonEX Dynamic

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