PayRetailers becomes an Official Sponsor of CONMEBOL Sudamericana, a first sponsorship arrangement for the rapidly growing payment platform

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PayRetailers partners with CONMEBOL as a two-year new Official Sponsor at the kick-off of the 2021 season of the Sudamericana football tournament

PayRetailers, a premier payment platform operating in Latin America, decided to bolster its commitment to fully being part of the region’s everyday life and culture, by sponsoring one of the region’s greatest competitions in its most beloved sport.  

The rapidly growing PSP will be the Official Sponsor of the prestigious CONMEBOL Sudamericana football tournament for two seasons, starting this year with its 20th as well as in 2022. 

CONMEBOL Sudamericana is the continent’s second most famous competition after Copa Libertadores, gathering 47 teams from 10 national associations to compete in 157 matches. The competition is broadcast to football fans in over 70 countries all over the world.  

The sponsorship is the first of its kind for PayRetailers, which from its inception see local touch as key in payment processing as it helped its clients manage extensive and varied payment networks across the continent. 

Ever since its founding in 2017, the firm decided to put down deep roots around the continent and currently has a physical presence in twelve Latin American markets and an expansion to Paraguay under way. 

The locally embedded approach allows the firm to be highly responsive to varied payments preferences of consumers in this highly diverse part of the world and can help its clients by providing a seamless payments solution covering more than 250 local payment methods in all of the regions currencies, ranging from in-store cash payments to bank transfers and the rapidly growing number of APMs. 

The commitment to deep local rootedness is complemented with the wish to open the region to more global retailers by offering them to access the entire region from a single platform with easy API integration and ever-evolving payments processing solutions. By enabling clients to accept payments in local currencies and settle funds globally on its platform, PayRetailers helped foster electronic commerce and reduce financial exclusion which has plagued the region. 

Another proof that the region’s complex payments networks are proving exciting for fintech companies is that this is the first time a payment services provider has become an Official Sponsor of Sudamericana. The importance of fintech in developing Latin American commerce and linking it with the rest of the world is also evidenced by the fact that just in 2020, PayRetailers grew by over 500%. 

PayRetailers’ CEO and founder, Juan Pablo Jutgla is excited about the partnership and stressed its importance for further expansion of the firm and how well it fits its core values. 

“We couldn’t be happier to be able to form this prestigious partnership as an Official Sponsor of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana. For the next two seasons, we are able to show our strong footing in Latin America with our brand being visible to many people that love football as we do.” 

Juan Pablo Jutgla
Juan Pablo Jutgla

Jutgla further noted that “during the last years PayRetailers watched from the ranks and has been very careful with the selection of its first sponsorship. We wanted to make an impact and find a partner that lives our values and is geographically close to our activities. Now we approached CONMEBOL because we regard it as one of the most important associations for the people.”

It is also notable that, PayRetailers is entering this historic partnership and introducing itself to the Latin American and global football fans with a sleek, fresh face. 

The new logo and the visual identity have been simplified to follow an ambitious new strategy for the firm and the willingness to become an even more globally and regionally recognisable brand. The platform is eager to reach the highest in the global fintech world, and this ambitious partnership and rebrand are just the start.  

While the brand still emphasises the company’s role as the payment gateway to Latin America for retailers, it also highlights that while their partners might know how to play the retail game, it is PayRetailers that can help them navigate the increasingly complex Latin American payments playing field. 

If you want to get down from the stands and join the retail game in Latin American, get in touch with PayRetailers by clicking following this link. They will be happy to help you keep your eyes on the ball as they remove and simplify the operational intricacies of cross-border payment management and accepting alternative payments.

The rest can just kick back and enjoy what are bound to be two amazing tournaments showcasing some of the world’s best football, that will be brought by CONMEBOL Sudamericana in partnership with one of the region’s most innovative fintech firms.  

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