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Ten Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Covesting On PrimeXBT

Andrew Saks

Covesting takes a look at 10 detailed reasons to invest on this alternative asset platform

Covesting has been available to the global trading community on PrimeXBT, and chances are, you have come across screenshots of trader’s PnLs or the global leaderboards on Twitter and elsewhere online.

Between what we’ve gathered from word of mouth and our own real-world trials and tribulations as a trader, we’ve put together a list of all the reasons you should give Covesting on PrimeXBT a try.

1) Investing takes patience: Today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world leads to rapid rewards when we want. When we want information, we Google it. When we want to know what’s going on with a family member, we send them a quick text message or Facetime. But returns on investments take years sometimes, and investors need to be ready for the long haul.

2) Better ways to profit: New investors learn quickly that if they only bought low and sold high, that they’d have far more to show on their balance sheet.

3) Hodling is hell: The popular crypto term “HODL” is derived from the phrase “hold on for dear life,” and it was created to prepare crypto investors that it won’t be easy to stomach the volatility that’s about to come.

4) Trading is tougher: While hodling can be difficult, trading is even more challenging and takes strong emotional discipline and strict risk management.

5) Technical analysis takes time: Even if you have nerves of steel, you still may not have the analytical eye for markets. This natural talent cannot be taught and requires constant monitoring of markets.

Any of these five reasons are enough to try Covesting as a follower. Followers can copy the trades of strategy managers who are ranked by ROI for all the world to see on the fully transparent global leaderboard system.

A five-star rating system and a wealth of success and risk metrics are available to help followers choose whom to follow. But there are still five more reasons to try Covesting, this time, for those aspiring to be strategy managers.

6) Making a name for yourself: Technical analysis is about playing probabilities and putting together a plan that includes strict risk management and trade execution. Those who do this well gain fame and following quickly. By having your name visible while rising the ranks of Covesting can help traders stand out from the crowd.

7) Bolstering profitability with follower funding: The more you grow your name and following, the faster profits will increase. Strategy managers who use Covesting can earn a profit share from the success fees generated from follower’s funds.

8) Keeping the trading community honest with transparency: Competition breeds excellence between brands, and the same is true for traders. By having all trader’s wins and losses transparent for the entire world to see, along with how much they risk and how much ROI total they’ve generated, it weeds out the liars and puts the best of the best head to head.

9) Aiming for the stars: Covesting’s five-star rating system is something all traders will want to shoot for. It highlights the platform’s smartest money, and not just risky traders who bring in big ROI only to later lose it. To achieve the full five stars, you must strike a balance of wins and losses that favors victory, keep margin allocation within reason, and maintain specific activity and account requirements to show that you are serious about being a strategy manager.

10) Become number one: Becoming the top-ranked trader on Covesting comes with some perks. Everyone knows and sees your name regularly, and you get to soak up the spotlight as the most profitable trader on the platform. It also provides the greatest possible visibility with potential followers, who will more easily see who they should put their money behind.

That’s five more reasons to try Covesting, but there are so many reasons more. Try for yourself today on PrimeXBT, and award-winning Bitcoin margin trading platform offering CFDs on stock indices, forex, crypto, gas, oil, gold, silver, and more.

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