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ATFX was established on the firm premise that by combining modern technology, world-class products and services, and ongoing education, there was a better way to trade the financial markets.

ATFX was established on the firm premise that by combining modern technology, world-class products and services, and ongoing education, there was a better way to trade the financial markets. The company’s leadership team worked hard to set itself apart by going above and beyond to meet all of its clients’ expectations from the start.

ATFX has introduced a number of cutting-edge technologies, like facial recognition for account opening and Adobe Sign, to make it easier for its clients to access the financial markets. The organization is also in continual contact with its customers in order to determine their needs and supply solutions. As a result, ATFX has earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service to its clients.

In 2022, to keep its leading competitive edge, ATFX stepped ahead with FinTech, which includes Big Data, Blockchain, and NFT. The accurate raw data provision by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the key to our success in FinTech.  The algorithm with its huge structured data improves customer analysis, and predicts the highest possible outcomes through Big Data modeling and analytic tools. It provides us with a precious estimation of customer behaviors.

The launch of ATFX Connect in 2019, the launch of the ATFX TeamUp Trading App in LATAM earlier this year, and the launch of the AT Premier research platform in the UAE are just a few of the significant achievements. ATFX has been named among the top five brokers with the greatest trading volumes on the MetaTrader 4 platform for several quarters. It was also named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Companies in the World in 2021.

ATFX recently released its quarterly report for Q1 2022. The company’s trading volume in the second quarter was 564 billion US dollars, and it maintained a high growth rate in the number of active investors. According to the latest data, the number of active users on the ATFX platform increased by 18.2% compared to Q1, while the traded volume increased by 39.83%, and the total traded lots increased by 41.7%.

Exclusive Trading Services

ATFX Connect, a service aimed at institutional clients, is one of the exclusive services offered by ATFX. Despite its success as a retail broker, the company decided to develop this service because the team spotted a market need that it could fill. The institutional FX brokerage industry is fiercely competitive, but ATFX rose to the occasion. Jeffrey Siu, ATFX Group COO says, “We continuously improve the service to remain at the top as we work hard to meet our clients’ needs.”

In terms of the company’s retail brokerage business, one of the unique features is the option to open an account using facial recognition. The business was one of the first to use this innovative but secure registration procedure. In addition, ATFX provides its clients with the option of signing any papers electronically using Adobe Sign. These two services are in line with the company’s goal of making it simple for anybody in the world to trade and participate in the markets.

ATFX just established AT Premier as a premium market research portal for its Middle Eastern clientele. After noticing a need for such a service among its clients who desired the greatest market analysis available, the research portal was launched. AT Premier offers top-tier research from major investment banks and prominent market research firms, among other sources. Furthermore, it curates the best market research and makes it readily available to its clients on the AT Premier website.

Finally, the ATFX TeamUp application is currently available to the company’s Latin American clientele. Clients can use the app to communicate with other traders in the area and Jeffrey Siu, ATFX Group COO says the app has been favorably received, and it is being considered for distribution to clients in other countries.

The Vision and Mission of the Company 

ATFX’s objective is to democratize financial market access by allowing anybody interested in trading to participate. While this is a lofty objective, given the world’s population of 7 billion people, it is committed to doing all possible to achieve it. Furthermore, the company’s objective is to provide its clients with the best possibilities to become successful traders; as a result, the company’s vision and mission guide everything it does.

ATFX’s comprehensive investment and trading education programme, for example, is designed to assist its clients in becoming better traders. It offers tailored training for all levels of traders, from beginners to advanced. As a broker, it recognizes that constant learning is an important part of becoming a better trader, so it hosts webinars on a regular basis. Jeffrey says, “The webinars keep our clients updated on current trading and investment opportunities.”  

Combining its vision and mission allows ATFX to work hard at making its services accessible to people from all over the world. The company is constantly looking for new ways to serve its clients better. Joe Li, Chairman of ATFX says, “Our quest to serve our clients better has led to the launch of the aforementioned innovative services, making traders’ lives easier with ATFX. We are currently developing other innovative products and services for our clients that will be launched in due course.”

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