VT Markets’ 2018 Brand Conference Comes to a Successful End

As the top priority of this brand conference, the appearance of the VT Markets app pushed the atmosphere of the conference to new highs. It’s exciting that technology drives the development of the finance industry, and it’s also a symbol of the evolution and progress of foreign exchange.

Ignite your Imagination

The brand conference of VT Markets and the Mobile Internet Products launch was held at Shanghai Peninsula Hotel on May 7th, 2018. Principals of Vantage Global Prime, big guns of several industries, media and distinguished guests were present to witness this historic moment.


At the conference, one principal of Vantage Global Prime introduced their latest offering—VT Markets, a new technologically-leading stockbroker who just launched their new transaction app, utilising technology that’s far ahead of industry peers.

The result of ten years of ingenuity.

Innovation without Boundaries

After an inspiring opening video, David Bily, CEO of Vantage Global Prime, delivered a speech about the establishment and developments of Vantage Global Prime, reviewing their achievements over the past ten years and expressing the indivisible “fish-and-water” relationship between brand, product, and users. David took “The perfect marriage of finance and technology” as the theme of this conference, expressing the expectations of Vantage Global Prime’s ambition towards future developments in the foreign exchange industry.

David Bily, Chief Executive Officer of Vantage Global Prime.


The opening ceremony of VT Markets brand conference.

The Perfect Integration of Finance and Technology

After David’s speech, Mr. Diamon Peng, the spokesman of Vantage Global Prime Group, explained to guests the intention and vision of the group in creating the new brand, VT Markets.


With the advancements in online technology, the boundaries of the traditional finance industry are being pushed. At present, the integration of finance and technology is experiencing a strong chemical reaction, which will release enormous energy after its “fusion”. In such case, only when businesses fully take advantage of this opportunity can they emerge as market leaders. Diamon said that the establishment of VT Markets was a great opportunity for Vantage Global Prime, which aimed to bring a better investment experience for users through strong technical support.

It’s this strong technical support that helps enable the exploration of global markets to achieve sustainable development, and Vantage Global Prime Group are actively expanding across the globe and vigorously exploring international markets in recent years. VT Markets is an important part of the Group’s globalisation strategy in the Southeast Asian region, and they’re committed to creating a full range of multi-dimensional services tailored to the trading needs of customers in the Asia Pacific area.

As a financial and technological company with diversified and multilevel development, VT Markets not only provides foreign exchange services but also actively expands its business in the field of financial derivatives, including DMA equities (including global equities), various CFDs (including global stock indexes) and various commodity CFDs

Diamon also emphasised that VT Markets possess some of the most advanced technologies in the industry, including powerful bridging technology, self-developed risk control systems, CRM systems, APIs and of course their bespoke transaction app. VT Markets will continue to make major breakthroughs in aspects of mobile network applications, Internet online transactions, trading communities and intelligent transactions.

VT Markets – Ignite your Imagination

As the top priority of this brand conference, the appearance of the VT Markets app pushed the atmosphere of the conference to new highs. It’s exciting that technology drives the development of the finance industry, and it’s also a symbol of the evolution and progress of foreign exchange.

Bob Qi, a representative of research and development of VT Markets Technology (HK), says “The VT Markets app is an innovative mobile application for foreign exchange transactions. It assists users in making trade decisions, facilitates foreign exchange transactions anywhere at any time through combinations of intelligent transactions. It’s also a vital tool for data collection, community sharing, knowledge learning and big data analysis.”

With the advantages of strong charting functionality, advanced order management systems and multi-dimensional statements, the VT Markets app assists users in optimising their transactions.

Bob further stresses that the successful research and development of the VT Markets app proves the development process of finance and technology from conceptualisation through to integration. The deep integration between them shows an overwhelming force, important to the VT Markets financial blueprint.

The Integration of Finance and Tech

The technology drives financial development far beyond people’s expectations and imagination. As more cutting-edge technologies develop like big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the blockchain evolve, technology is reconstructing the financial ecosystem. The future competition will be a technological battle based on innovation.

Standing at the industry forefront, VT Markets will build an intelligent ecosystem of foreign exchange transactions to provide more quality and outstanding products and services for investors, with the constant operation principle of “depend on technology, seek development with innovation, and create value for customers”, with the purpose of “Product First. Service First”!


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