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“The launch of the Brexit Information Hub is aimed at offering guidance to those firms that wish to continue working in Cyprus and to allow UK firms that are currently reviewing their post-Brexit arrangements to gain a better understanding of the regulatory environment in Cyprus and in the EU in general.”

This morning, CySec has issued a very anodyne notice regarding regulation post-Brexit. We look at the absolute hypocrisy of a regulator that allows all its own firms to offer huge bonuses and zero accounts by offering non-compliant 1:2000 leverage via offshore regions, and how it should really be FCA firms lauding the passing of the absurd MiFID passporting system that allowed such bucket shops to associate themselves with British FCA regulations.

Whereas the UK regulator has put in place transitional regimes for EEA firms, the situation for UK firms in the EU is not the same, says Nausicaa Delfas, FCA’s Executive Director of International.