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The committee’s role is to formulate policies on risk management matters relating to the activities of HKEX, the Stock Exchange and the Futures Exchange, and their respective clearing houses, and to submit such policies to the Board for its consideration.

“On behalf of the HKEX Board, I would like to thank Nicolas for leading HKEX during a very challenging period. He has played a major role in driving the promotion of Hong Kong’s financial markets internationally during this time, re-starting dialogue and connectivity in a post-Covid world and ensuring that HKEX was very much seen as open-for-business.”

“By digitalising, streamlining and modernising IPO settlement workflows, FINI will shorten the time between IPO pricing and the start of trading, enhancing market efficiency and strengthening the competitiveness and attractiveness of Hong Kong’s IPO market.”

“The addition of an RMB Counter for the trading of HKEX shares underscores our commitment to the Dual Counter Model’s successful rollout. This new programme offers investors more choice, greater flexibility and the opportunity to tap into new liquidity pools. As a market operator and as a corporate, we look forward to delivering this new initiative, strengthening Hong Kong’s position as a premier offshore RMB hub and supporting the internationalisation of the RMB.”

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the broader Middle Eastern region, are one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting economic and innovation hubs and also home to some of the fastest growing investor groups in the world. Hong Kong and HKEX’s markets offer significant opportunities for international investors and corporates, including unrivalled connectivity to the Mainland Chinese markets through our unique Connect programmes. This agreement signals the beginning of even greater collaboration between our companies and our home markets, and we look forward to exploring many future areas of cooperation.”

“I am delighted to appoint Bonnie as Co-COO, which will allow HKEX to better leverage her extensive industry experience as well as her credibility and strong stakeholder relationships. Together with Wilfred’s deep knowledge of our markets and those across our region, their combined skills will continue to be invaluable to us as we execute on the broad range of operational and strategic projects currently in train.”