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“Businesses are facing a rising regulatory tide where properly preparing for compliance is crucial. There is now a simple choice, whether to implement solutions that can deliver this, or instead risk significant financial and reputational damages.”

The financial sector’s trade evolution has led to the emergence of several financial markets that provide excellent opportunities for wealth creation. However, it has also given rise to many fraudulent organisations that attempt to steal money from traders. KYC providers developed and offered KYC technology to combat criminal activity in the field of trading and investing.

“We look forward to their contributions to the MFTA family and the Policy and Regulations Working Group and believe that together, we can create a more secure and compliant environment for fintech to thrive in the Middle East and Africa.”

“The way businesses comply can be a major point of difference in driving commercial performance. Our central philosophy is to help our customers comply and outperform.”

“Our recent annual Identity Fraud Report showed that fraud is growing at an alarming rate, and 96% of all cases occur across the Crypto and FinTech sectors. Worryingly, there was a 10x increase in the number of deepfakes detected globally across all industries from 2022 to 2023, with a 1530% deepfake surge across the APAC region during this period.”

“True on-chain trading will fundamentally reshape the world of traditional finance as we know it. Helix Institutional sets the stage for sophisticated parties to enter DeFi in a permissioned manner that was previously not possible. In turn, both on-chain capital inflows and usage can begin to rise in unison.”

Binance has chosen Liquid, a Tokyo-based biometrics firm, as its identity verification partner for its Japanese platform. This partnership will allow Binance Japan to ensure compliance with the nation’s strict know-your-customer (KYC) regulations by utilizing Liquid’s eKYC (electronic know-your-customer) service.

“KuCoin has strengthened our KYC system to comply with regulatory requirements worldwide and better protect the asset security of all cryptocurrency users through enhanced KYC rules”