Spotware launches cTrader offering for startup brokers and prop firms

Rick Steves

Brokerage startups benefit from a comprehensive trading platform with CRM integration and licensing support, starting at €8,000. Prop firms enjoy rapid deployment of advanced tools and price feed integration, starting at €6,000, ensuring a competitive edge and swift market entry.

Spotware Systems has launched tailored offers for new brokerages and prop firms in a move that aims to help them accelerate their market entry with the proper technology and support.

The trading technology provider known for the popular trading platform, cTrader, has built an ecosystem of fintech solutions and infrastructure for over 14 years. With more than 240 brokers and prop firms operating within its network, cTrader’s user base already exceeds 4 million traders.

Among the many brokers and prop firms that are partnered with Spotware are IC Markets, Pepperstone, and Funding Pips. Now, Spotware wants to help newcomers accelerate their launch.

“The best tools and support to ensure their success in the trading industry”

Ilia Iarovitсyn, CEO of Spotware, said: “At Spotware, our mission is to empower fintech startups with the best tools and support to ensure their success in the trading industry. Our new offers are designed to provide a seamless and efficient launch process, leveraging our expertise and technology to help startups thrive.”

cTrader is a widely customizable and integrable platform featuring a flexible architecture for brokers. The cTrader offering for startup brokers includes complete control over branding across all cTrader interfaces – Web, Desktop, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Brokers will also gain access to cTrader Algo, which empowers users with algorithmic trading strategy creation, backtesting, and optimization (and cloud execution TBA), as well as cTrader Copy, which simplifies both creating and following strategies for trading success.

Spotware Systems listed each offer for brokers and prop firms, including the setup time, features, starting price, and benefits.

Brokerage Startup Offer:
• Setup Time: from 4 weeks
• Features: Complete trading platform, premium features, CRM integration, licensing support, and dedicated training.
• Starting Price: from 8,000 EUR
• Benefits: Minimized operational costs and time, ensuring a smooth launch process.

Prop Firm Startup Offer:
• Setup Time: from 2 weeks
• Features: Turnkey solutions, advanced trading tools, CRM connections, and price feed integration.
• Starting Price: from 6,000 EUR
• Benefits: Rapid deployment, advanced trading environment, and competitive edge.

cTrader backend integrated with TradingView frontend

Also worth mentioning to startup brokers and prop firms considering their future trading technology partner, Spotware recently partnered with popular charting software TradingView to open the door for more broker integrations with its flagship platform, cTrader.

The essence of this partnership revolves around integrating the cTrader backend with the TradingView frontend, a move that promises to streamline the integration process for new broker partners. The integration of TradingView brings several advanced features to the platform. Traders will now have the ability to track multiple charts simultaneously, up to eight, offering a more expansive view of the market.

TradingView also offers advanced technical tools, providing users with additional resources for market analysis and decision-making. This includes capabilities for viewing market movements over various time intervals, offering traders custom perspectives and deeper insights into market trends.

Another notable feature of this integration is the specific date navigation, enabling traders to quickly access historical market data for a particular date. This feature is particularly useful for analyzing past market behaviors and patterns.

The upgrade also introduces undo/redo buttons, simplifying the process of modifying chart settings. Additionally, users can customize shortcuts to their preferred intervals for quicker access.

These new features securely fall in line with Spotware’s goal of keeping cTrader as one of most trader friendly platforms on the market. The company says that adding such preferences allows their traders to decide exactly how they want the platform to work for them.

Spotware integrated with TRAction for regulatory reporting

From a compliance perspective, Spotware partnered with regulatory reporting specialists TRAction amid an increased regulatory focus on the veracity of data. Aimed at refining the reporting workflow and enhancing the precision of data submissions, this collaboration is designed to help ease the operational weight of present and imminent reporting mandates.

Spotware’s Reporting API captures and dispatches raw trading data, and with the TRAction alliance, brokers utilizing cTrader can autonomously produce regulatory reports rooted in their native system data. Recognized for simplifying compliance for asset managers, TRAction has curated an array of integrations with trading interfaces to truncate the manual undertakings associated with burgeoning daily report obligations. Notably, these include incoming frameworks like the EMIR Refit and anticipated revisions from ASIC and MAS.

Owing to this synergy, companies leveraging the cTrader interface can now streamline their daily transaction reports. This will allow TRAction to autonomously glean, transmute, augment, and present their data aptly, doing away with manual data acquisition and amplifying report quality.

The cTrader Invite introduced last year

Since September 2023, Spotware has featured the cTrader Invite, designed to enhance the trading experience for both traders and partners as it offers a comprehensive set of tools that allow users to generate and manage invite links, attribute invited traders to partners, share partner contacts, track invite statistics, and promote partners’ products, thereby enhancing the overall trading ecosystem.

cTrader Invite is an all-in-one functionality integrated into the cTrader platform, offering a host of features to improve the trading experience. Users can create and manage invite links, associate invited traders with partners, access partner information, monitor statistics, and explore partner products. This functionality brings greater convenience and efficiency to traders and partners alike.

It’s important to note that cTrader Invite is available exclusively on cTrader applications that are branded by brokers. Traders should inquire with their respective brokers if they cannot locate cTrader Invite within their cTrader suite.

In the context of cTrader Invite, a partner is an individual or entity collaborating with a broker to promote products and assist traders. On the other hand, a trader is an individual who executes trading actions on the platform. Traders can transition into partners by registering with the broker as such.

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