Stocknet launches virtual trading platform with marketplace for e-FX products

Rick Steves

The platform is an ecosystem of learning and growth, featuring scalable funding experiences, a marketplace for e-FX products, educational resources, tournaments, and career mode simulations.

Stocknet Institute Revolutionizes Retail Trading with SI World Virtual Platform
Gateshead, November 13, 2023 – In a groundbreaking move,

UK fintech firm Stocknet Institute (SI) has unveiled SI World, a novel platform designed to reshape the retail trading landscape. This pioneering platform offers retail traders a unique opportunity to hone their trading skills and earn rewards within a low-risk, virtual funding environment.

The launch of SI World comes at a critical juncture in the financial sector. With the global online trading platform market expected to reach a staggering 15.34 billion USD by 2030 and retail trading achieving record highs, as per JP Morgan data, the demand for innovative trading solutions is more pressing than ever. However, the current economic turbulence presents significant challenges for traders across various experience levels, highlighting the need for platforms that genuinely facilitate trader success.

SI World addresses the inadequacies of traditional ‘live’ trading platforms

SI World addresses the inadequacies of traditional ‘live’ trading platforms, which often lure traders without providing the necessary foundational skills and knowledge. This lack of preparation can lead to adverse outcomes for inexperienced traders. SI World disrupts this norm by offering a supportive learning environment where traders, regardless of their skill level, can develop, practice, and reap rewards without the immediate pressures of live markets.

The platform is an ecosystem of learning and growth, featuring scalable funding experiences, a marketplace for e-FX products, educational resources, tournaments, and career mode simulations. SI World’s design emphasizes user support and education, ensuring a comprehensive and nurturing trading experience.

SI World introduces the Endurance funding experience, tailored for traders to refine skills such as risk management, profitability, and strategy consistency. This realistic, two-phased challenge mimics corporate trading scenarios, offering valuable insights and practice.

Additionally, the platform expands its existing Evolution funding experience, which already boasts over 20,000 participants globally. This enhancement includes increased reward rates, fewer restrictions, instant withdrawals, and instant account scaling. Retail traders can now escalate their Evolution accounts up to $1.28 million, simultaneously cultivating advanced risk management skills and being rewarded for their progress.

For beginners, SI World presents a series of skill games (‘Sprints’) focusing on various trading disciplines, strategies, and asset types. The ‘Journeys’ career mode simulation allows traders to climb the professional ladder, fulfilling job objectives, and building their reputation in the industry.

Monthly packages further enrich the trading experience, offering analytical tools, educational content, journaling resources, and a social community feed. This internal network enables traders to connect and learn from each other, fostering a collaborative and informed trading community.

A viable alternative to the high-risk nature of standard ‘live’ trading accounts

Nick Hall, Co-Founder and Director of Stocknet Institute, emphasizes the importance of responsible trading education. “Trading is a serious skill that takes hours to perfect, and it is the responsibility of those offering trading experiences to help guide and educate traders in an honest, supportive way,” Hall states.

His vision for SI World is to provide a safe, transparent virtual environment for all trader levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. This initiative aims to offer a viable alternative to the high-risk nature of standard ‘live’ trading accounts, enabling traders to learn, grow, and trade with confidence and minimal risk.

Since its inception as a trading consultancy in 2021, SI has been committed to offering traders comprehensive learning opportunities and a chance to earn extra income without the typical risks associated with retail trading methods and live accounts.

The launch of SI World by Stocknet Institute addresses a crucial gap in trader education and risk management, offering a comprehensive platform for learning, practice, and growth.

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