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Swissquote mobile app now offers direct access to webinars, adds more news alerts

Reiterating the importance of education and timely information, Swissquote offers direct access to webinars and offers more news alerts.

Swiss provider of online financial and trading services Swissquote Group Holding SA (SWX:SQN) is pushing further with the enhancements to its mobile applications. Last night, Swissquote rolled out a new version of its Mobile Banking and Trading Solution for iOS devices. This is the second update to the application in less than a week.

The latest version (7.1.1) of the application underlines the importance of adequate, accurate and timely information to traders. That is why, the solution offers new news alerts, covering Macro-Economics and Sectors.

There is a enhancement concerning education too, as users of the app now get direct access to webinars.

The previous update to the solution featured a raft of improvements, including enabling Swissquote clients to trade directly from Apple Watch. This change marked a significant improvement compared to what usually Forex apps on Apple Watch allow traders to do – get notifications and check account status. That version of Swissquote’s mobile app also saw the addition of the Fast Trade function, which enables users of the mobile application to compute automatically their orders based on a template, where they can determine the percentage of the price based on the last price.

Recent enhancements to the mobile application concern the social aspect of trading. Swissquote’s social network Pulse now offers the ability to edit a message and manage the Trending period. Adding to the social allure, the app enables traders to receive notifications when they pass near a Swissquote Lounge.

It is not a random fact that Swissquote pays so much attention and puts so much effort into the development of mobile applications – there is a compelling business rationale behind all this. When launching its application for Apple Watch in 2015, Swissquote said that a growing percentage of its transactions was executed via mobile apps. Then, of course, the company is sticking to its image of a fintech innovator. For that matter, let’s mention the Virtual Reality application it rolled out in February this year.

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