The FinanceFeeds Cyprus Cup – Thank you all for such a fantastic event

The FinanceFeeds Cyprus Cup – Thank you all for such a fantastic event

FinanceFeeds hosted over 60 senior FX industry executives at the second FinanceFeeds Cyprus Cup event. On November 16, our global “Cup” series of exclusive networking events will take place in London, as the FinanceFeeds London Cup prepares to welcome over 100 senior FX industry figures. Here is a look back at yesterday’s event

In such an online, highly technologically advanced industry as ours, the ability for senior executives to socialize and meet with each other is paramount, and where better to do this than the global center of the retail FX industry – Limassol, Cyprus.

On Thursday, November 3, over 60 executives from across all sectors of the FX industry attended the second in a global series of FinanceFeeds networking events, “The Cyprus Cup” at the exclusive and highly luxurious Limassol Yacht Club, in Limassol Marina.

The extremely comprehensive electronic trading industry in Cyprus has evolved tremendously over recent years, and is now home to an entire ecosystem including technology vendors producing specialist end to end systems for FX brokerages, digital marketing firms which dedicate their services specifically to the electronic trading business, trading platform integration firms, retail platform developers, retail brokerages with offices across the globe, liquidity providers and prime brokerages, signal providers, branding experts and educational service providers.

The second FinanceFeeds Cyprus Cup was enjoyed and represented by a cross section of senior industry executives from across all sectors, who were welcomed to the Limassol Yacht Club by FinanceFeeds CEO Andrew Saks-McLeod, before the main stage was handed over to Kobi Gur, CEO of broker technology solutions provider Leverate, who elaborated on some very interesting developments that will be shortly unveiled.

In an FX industry first, executives from the FX industry were entertained by a charismatic and comprehensive keynote speech by Tom Constable and Owen Roberts of TwoBlokesTrading, two British Millennials who document their journey as retail traders by producing podcasts, and interviewing executives within the brokerages with which they trade, placing the vital customer in full view of the audience.

Following the keynote speeches, over three hours of networking took place, the Limassol Yacht Club providing suitably salubrious surroundings for business to be conducted between the creme de la creme of the retail industry from across the world.

FinanceFeeds would like to sincerely thank all those who made this event such an enjoyable addition to the annual calendar for executives in the industry, including Leverate, which provided the sponsorship to cover the production and hosting for the event, and very importantlyall those who attended, enjoyed and struck up new relationships, as this is what it is all about.

Here are a few highlights:


Philippa Stephanou (GRS Careers), Donna Stephenson (GRS Careers), Lorraine Brown (GRS Careers)


Laoura Salveta (FXPRIMUS), Loukas Stylianou (120 Advertising), Martins Skromans, (O-SYSTEMS), James Glyde (Spotware Systems cTrader), Christian Jansen (Upsell Media), Jean-Raphael Nahas (Blackwell Global), Dominique Christou (120 Advertising)


Bjorn Enqvist (Advanced Markets & Fortex), James Glyde (Spotware Systems cTrader)


Left to right: James Glyde (Spotware Systems cTrader), Richard Bartlett (PrimeXM), Erez Ventura (FXGlobe), Lorraine Brown (GRS Recruitment), Dimitri Thomas (PrimeXM), Owen Roberts (TwoBlokesTrading), Tom Constable (TwoBlokesTrading).


Welcome to the FinanceFeeds Cyprus Cup


Owen Roberts (TwoBlokesTrading), Tom Constable (TwoBlokesTrading), Noam Stiekema (FinanceFeeds)


Bjorn Enqvist (Advanced Markets & Fortex) with Georgia Pissaridou from 120 Advertising


Leverate CEO Kobi Gur enlightens us with an insight into what is to come very soon


Shlomi Lifshitz (Leverate), Peter Leonidou (Leverate)


“Hors d’oeuvres? Don’t mind if I do!”


Lorraine Brown (GRS Recruitment), Richard Bartlett (PrimeXM), Louay Amhaz (oneZero), Marshall Gittler (FXPRIMUS)


Over 60 senior FX industry figures from across all sectors of the business ranging from platform developers to liquidity providers, to integration specialists, marketers and retail brokers at the Cyprus Cup


Kobi Gur, CEO of Leverate previews an exciting new era. More to come very soon!


Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Michael Bleys (Sucden Financial)


Shlomi Lifshitz (Leverate), Peter Leonidou (Leverate)


Owen Roberts (TwoBlokesTrading), Tom Constable (TwoBlokesTrading), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)


Philippa Stephanou (GRS Recruitment), Donna Stephenson (GRS Recruitment), Lorraine Brown (GRS Recruitment)


Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Richard Bartlett (PrimeXM), Michael Bleys (Sucden Financial), Dimitri Thomas (PrimeXM), Nicholas Roussos (Cappitech), Andrei Savitski (PrimeXM), Owen Roberts (TwoBlokesTrading)

We are looking forward to the FinanceFeeds London Cup on November 16, which will host over 100 executives. See you there in less than two weeks time!

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