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Tiger Brokers adds zero commission on Singapore, HK, China A-Shares

Singapore-headquartered broker Tiger Brokers has extended its Zero Commission campaign, originally for unlimited trades on US stocks, to users trading Singapore and Hong Kong stocks as well as China A-Shares, for one year.

This announcement follows the launch of the broker’s new mobile app which allows users to further personalise their experience and offers with greater access to a broader range of education and community tools and features.

The firm already offered lifetime zero commissions for US stocks.

“Further significant cost saving opportunities”

Eng Thiam Choon, CEO of Tiger Brokers (Singapore), said: “Tiger Brokers continuously seeks to understand the requirements of our customer base and we aim to address these by harnessing our strength in innovation to improve the range of offers on our platform. Having been the first in the market to offer our customers lifetime zero commissions for US stocks we are proud that we are again the first to extend this offer to Singapore and Hong Kong stocks and to China A-Shares.

“We aim to bring the best offers to our users by disrupting the financial markets and democratising the investment process, taking our customers one step closer to achieving financial happiness through financial freedom and inclusion. Our strength in innovation has been key to our growth and by leveraging our next-generation technology platform, we are able to provide our customers with a seamless experience at lower cost. With around 21% of our user base active in stocks across all three markets, we envisage the extension of the Zero Commissions campaign providing our customers with further significant cost saving opportunities.”

Tiger Brokers (Singapore) has over 1.9 million customers worldwide and has reported an annual trading volume of more than US$404.3 billion, as of December 2021.

The 1.9 million traders registered with Tiger Brokers can make use of zero commission trading to better capitalising on small price movements in the market, and unlocking cost savings with more efficient trading.

It was in April 2022 that the Xiaomi-backed online trading platform rolled out its inaugural lifetime lifetime zero commissions campaign for unlimited trades on US stocks. Daily trading value of US Securities amounted to $102 million per day on its platform, the firm reported.

Tiger Brokers, which is backed by Interactive Brokers, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi and renowned investor Jim Rogers, has also recently tapped exchange traded products offered at Singapore Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange.


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