What do newly established brokers want from their platform vendor, and what do existing firms overlook? itexsys' Anton Gysbers waxes lyrical - FinanceFeeds

What do newly established brokers want from their platform vendor, and what do existing firms overlook? itexsys’ Anton Gysbers waxes lyrical

New entrants in the broker technology and turnkey solution arena are indeed a rarity these days, as platform integration firms…

New entrants in the broker technology and turnkey solution arena are indeed a rarity these days, as platform integration firms have carved out their corner of the market.

For British company itexsys, however, the new, technologically advanced modus operandi which London’s retail trading sector has adopted stands the company in good stead, as its sophisticated audience and collaborative technology providers are now at the leading edge of the business.

Today, FinanceFeeds spoke in detail to Anton Gysbers, Business Development and Client Services Director at itexsys in order to take a close look at the company’s ethos, and where the company’s solution is positioned compared to its fiercely competitive rivals.

Many firms providing white label solutions follow a similar line of taking an MT4 solution and providing a license and logos, plus back office & CRM for a licensing fee and integration fee. What separates your offering and how will brokers better monetize their sales/retention, PB costs and tech costs?

We spotted an opportunity in the market to do things differently from other MT4 white label providers. itexsys is a technology firm and, as such, we focus on providing start up and early stage brokers with an MT4 platform supported by the highest quality technological expertise, backed up by exceptional 24/7 service. This enables a start-up broker to concentrate all their efforts on the sales and marketing of their business.


We are mindful of the costs involved when setting up a brokerage and have an entry level offering of a Grey Label solution, aimed at organisations which are new to the industry or have very little knowledge about running an MT4 environment. This is a ‘lighter’ option than a White Label solution, with lower associated costs. Our Grey Label solution gives clients access to a non-branded MT4 platform for a nominal monthly fee. We provide 24/7 technical support, server maintenance and a full range of reduced plug-ins from Gold-i.

Some start-up brokers want a fully branded trading platform from the outset and others want to progress to this option. Our MT4 White Label provides these organisations with a fully customisable solution with hosting and connectivity. We have created strong partnerships with industry-leading providers, Gold-i and FXecosystem to provide a highly reliable, robust, market-leading offering – and itexsys operates as a single point of contact to ensure the set up and maintenance of a client’s MT4 solution is effective at all times. Our White Label is an attractive proposition for clients as it is a fraction of the cost and effort of purchasing their own server and maintaining their MT4 environment using in-house resources.

In addition, itexsys provides a highly flexible offering to match specific client requirements. We are a neutral party, with no ties to any Liquidity Provider, which means that our clients have the freedom to select any Liquidity Provider of their choice. They can also change Liquidity Provider as they see fit, and can add products from different Liquidity Providers, too.

What will itexsys do to compete against the large firms like Leverate and Tradency?

The above two firms are brokers whereas itexsys is a technology company, not a broker. We are not affiliated to any broker and don’t have any conflict of interest with our clients. In my view, other firms have over complicated the offering by being distracted by short-term gains from algos and selling pricing platforms. We concentrate on what really matters  . . . the basics: speed, reliability, IT support and neutrality – as well as total confidentiality.

Clients should be mindful that by taking an MT4 platform directly from another brokerage they are offering their full client database to that broker. As a technology provider itexsys isn’t interested in the database and our clients own 100% of their data. I would advise brokers coming to market to think hard about taking an MT4 platform from another brokerage who will have access to this crucial client data.

Let’s take a close look at what newly established brokers really want, and where other firms overlook these aspects.

From our prospective, newly established brokers are looking for a helping hand in terms of set-up and support. They’re also looking for a cost effective solution to get them off the ground and to partner with an organisation with the expertise to help them to grow.

itexsys offers clients 24/7 technical support and unrivalled customer service. We also work with clients to move their business from a Grey Label to White Label and then enable them to move all their client base across to their own full license when the time is right. Our goal is to work with clients to help them to eventually become fully established ‘stand-alone’ brokerages.

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