Zonda rebrands European crypto exchange to zondacrypto

Rick Steves

“The cryptocurrency industry has experienced a period of significant change over the past year and now, as we enter a new era, we feel it’s appropriate to do so under a new name.”

Zonda has announced the rebranding of the popular crypto exchange in Eastern and Central Europe: a new name, new look, and new features.

The trading name will shift from Zonda to zondacrypto to mark the beginning of a new era for the exchange, highlighting its commitment to becoming the leading digital asset exchange in the European Union.

“Our new name and brand will further empower us to continue our mission”

Przemyslaw Kral, CEO of zondacrypto, said: “The cryptocurrency industry has experienced a period of significant change over the past year and now, as we enter a new era, we feel it’s appropriate to do so under a new name. The evolution to zondacrypto represents our unwavering commitment to the industry we serve, to innovation, and to our customers. We are confident that our new name and brand will further empower us to continue our mission of driving positive change in the industry and creating a brighter future for our customers and stakeholders.”

The decision to rebrand to zondacrypto was made to adapt to the changing landscape of digital finance and better cater to the needs of its users, focusing on the intersection of Web2 and Web3 technologies.

The platform will continue Zonda’s mission to bridge the gap between the old world of finance and the new world of blockchain by offering a safe, regulated, and compliant platform that educates users about crypto.

zondacrypto launches utlity token ZND

The zondacrypto token (ZND) will be introduced as part of the rebranding, as well as an updated fee structure, featuring a tiered system, and an enhanced user experience.

ZND is a utility token that will offer users unique benefits such as lower trading fees, staking, exclusive access to new projects, and the ability to participate in governance decisions.

Users will have the chance to win some of the first ZND tokens in a trading competition running from 12 to 29 May on zondacrypto’s platform. By celebrating the rebranding in this way, participants can win up to €2,000 in prize money, split 50/50 between cash and ZND tokens.

zondacrypto fka Zonda fka BitBay

This is not the first time the company announces a rebranding effort. In late 2021, the firm announced name change to Zonda from BitBay. Przemysław Kral was appointed Chief Executive Officer at the time.

The firm has a license with Estonia’s Finance Intelligence Unit (FIU) and anti-money laundering procedures in place. The authorization came in Autumn 2020 following the results of an audit.

The audit, which was carried out by an independent 3rd party, examined both crypto and fiat financial assets and statements to confirm their existence and current state on user accounts.

Income, revenue, and profit were all analyzed, alongside accounting practices, and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, to confirm the company’s solvency, security, and fiscal responsibility.

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