Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Bequant launches suite of risk management tools for crypto

Bequant has announced the launch of RiskQuant, a suite of risk management tools designed to help asset managers and investors make better-informed decisions leveraging unique insights into a myriad of risk factors.

Free of charge for existing Bequant clients, the service offers advanced monitoring of market risk, concentration risk, delta neutrality, risk-return ratios, Sharpe ratios, Sortino ratios, counterparty risk, and asset risk, making trading strategies comprehensible from every risk perspective.

It is available to all clients of Bequant from eligible jurisdictions (excluding the US, China, blacklisted and sanctioned countries). Clients will be able to now enjoy an enhanced offering that includes prime services, access to liquidity, custody, compliance, administrative tools, and risk management tools.

RiskQuant’s user-friendly interface and powerful analytics tools help traders and asset managers understand and manage risk, ensuring that their strategies align with their risk tolerance and return objectives.

“Monitor post-trade various risks, set thresholds, and receive alerts and insights”

The suite’s main features include:

  • market risk monitoring, which keeps track of market volatility and its impact on asset portfolios
  • a concentration risk analysis tool that assesses exposure to individual assets or sectors and delta neutrality, which ensures portfolios are balanced to mitigate directional risk.
  • RiskQuant evaluates investments through metrics such as Sharpe and Sortino ratios, helping clients analyze risk-return ratios.
  • RiskQuant includes bespoke counterparty risk management tools to monitor and manage risks posed by counterparties. Its asset risk assessment technology is designed to analyze risks associated with specific assets and market scenarios..

George Zarya, Founder and CEO of Bequant, commented: “This is a result of continuous work on our technology stack that covers all cycles of trading and asset management. Risk being one of the most important factors. RiskQuant allows users to monitor post-trade various risks, set thresholds, and receive alerts and insights on overall performance. We see a great future ahead for this product and look forward to helping traders gain better visibility of risk and improve returns.”

Bequant simplifies margin and trading across multiple venues

Bequant first launched its crypto prime brokerage solution, Bequant PRO, back in 2020 to simplify complex tasks like margin and trading across multiple venues through a single account, with select market participants.

Bequant serves those who need OTC best execution for their own accounts and who wish to offer cryptocurrency products to their own clients. The solution is aimed at investment managers and hedge funds, including cryptocurrency funds, private banks, family offices and wealth managers.

Aiming to provide infrastructure covering onboarding, execution, settlement, reporting, and custodianship, the service encompasses many relevant features that covers requirements for analogous businesses in traditional investment sectors. This includes multi-exchange direct market access, custody, collateral management tools, leveraged trade execution, OTC block trading, risk management, smart order routing, integration of third party solutions and round-the-clock support.

The infrastructure also reduces the counterparty risks allowing investment managers to trade through a dedicated and whitelisted custodian.

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