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EDF’s Exaion joins Chiliz Chain as a validator, boosting security with its tech know-how. This eco-conscious partnership aims to advance sustainable blockchain in sports, aligning with Chiliz’s fan engagement mission via Fan Tokens and NFTs.

IEC, a global fintech group specialising in online consumer loans, is pleased to announce the signing of an implementation agreement (“Spain Implementation Agreement”) for the establishment of a new Delaware subsidiary company MRAL Spain Corporation (“MRAL Spain”), which will conduct consumer credit lending operations in Spain, representing a significant development in IEC’s growth strategy and continued expansion in the global consumer finance market.

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, announces its next chapter of strategic growth and innovation. This transformation, building on the successful foundations laid over the past year, is tailored to leveraging the strengths of Xsolla’s founder and an expanded roster of industry professionals, guiding it through an increased global presence and product development era.