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To make suggestions, report an error, or to comment on or about FinanceFeeds, please get in touch with Andrew Saks-McLeod either via email, LinkedIn or by calling +1 (646) 652 6784


Interns & Contributors

Interested in contributing to FinanceFeeds on a regular basis? Have news topics or insights that you would like to share with the world? We would love to have you on board!

FinanceFeeds also supports interns that would like to gain experience working alongside some the industry’s best journalists.

If you are interested in contributing or an internship, please get in touch with Noam Stiekema via email, LinkedIn or telephone at +1 (646) 820 8907


Advertising, Partnerships or Media Enquiries

For advertising, partnerships, or media enquiries, please contact or ring +1 (646) 820 8907.


General Contact Details

Telephone: +1 (646) 820 8907


Management Team


Andrew Saks-McLeod

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Andrew Saks-McLeod.

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Noam Stiekema

COO & Managing Editor

Noam Stiekema.

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