Almost all brokers are providing their clients with educational materials and trading courses. Some of them even have ebook libraries for beginner traders to download and read. There is a reason why brokers should always encourage their traders to study trading. In this article, we will discuss why it is in every honest and trustworthy broker’s interest that their traders are making money constantly and in the long term. So, stay tuned.

When you’re on the crypto train, you hear a lot about crypto debit cards. But is it still worth it? This article will cover the pros and cons of using such cards.

Should your crypto startup accept venture capital funding? It’s a simple question, but one laced with a web of considerations. The best ideas can’t be realized on a shoestring: the money to form a team, develop a proof of concept, and bring a consumer-ready product to market has to come from somewhere.

“We are thrilled to partner with Venom Foundation, launching their new $1 billion fund. Even though the blockchain industry is witnessing a steep correction in prices, we believe that builders will continue to build and innovate. With Venom Ventures, we will be providing financial, technical, and marketing support to the most promising teams and projects in Web3 space to help them bring their visions to life.”



“By joining forces with Blackrock, a renowned expert in financial markets and products, we have created a good solution for clients that are overwhelmed by the choice of products and don’t know how and when to start investing. Together, BUX and BlackRock can make a real impact on how Europeans invest and approach their financial future.”

Another credit crunch? No, just earnings season. The US hit a $31.4 trillion debt ceiling last week! 

The time has arrived for international broker OctaFX’s annual retrospective of events impacting the world economy—compiled towards the year’s end. The year 2022 has been all-around eventful and fateful. Let’s give due diligence to the 10 most important events that affected the financial markets.