The concept of liquidity is essential in the world of finance. A liquid market is one in which both buyers and sellers are eager to transact, which makes it easier and more cost-effective for investors to acquire and sell assets.

“The CryptoCompare Blockdaemon Staking Yield Indices have created a new standard for digital asset investment products, overcoming the limitations faced by traditional indices, which do not capture any staking rewards, generated by the underlying cryptocurrency.”

“I’m excited to take this new position and I’m looking forward to a bright future, which will continue to be our major focus on investment in Oval Money’s technology, infrastructure and brand.”

“MRAC represents an important forum for the industry and the CFTC to confer on issues that impact financial markets. Our mission at FXPA is to advance a sound, liquid, transparent and competitive global currency market, so I look forward to being part of this consequential effort from the CFTC.”


“Ice phishing” and “bridge attacks” are the latest in the depth and breadth of cyberattacks, joining Ponzi schemes and ransomware attacks. Emerging business models will increase trust in blockchain, crypto, NFT, and new Web3 assets and application-based business models.


“The confidence that markets and our clients have in DBS as a safe and trusted banking group is anchored on our ability to detect and respond to anomalous activity, which in turn calls for a robust surveillance and prevention infrastructure.”

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Refinitiv, the former Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters, today reported that the average daily volumes (ADV) of currency trading were $413 billion last month on the company’s main FX trading services.