Boba expands interoperability, multichain features with Avalanche integration

abdelaziz Fathi

Boba Network, a multi-chain scaling solution and Hybrid Compute platform, today announced its expansion to become the first Layer-2 scaling solution to launch on Avalanche.

Boba’s expansion moves it beyond the scope of a traditional Layer-2 and reinforces its preeminent status for scaling blockchain networks. Combining its mass-level performance scalability with Avalanche’s additional features offers developers smarter tools to build more dynamic dApps.

As a Layer-2’s solution, Boba typically prioritizes cost and throughput performance, which ultimately provides Avalanche developers with another low fee environment for feature-rich applications. They will be also able to access Hybrid Compute, Boba’s flagship multi-purpose pipe which directly connects decentralized computers to Web2 APIs via smart contracts.

Chief among Hybrid Compute’s benefits is enabling novel use cases that are far too expensive, slow, or otherwise practically impossible to execute on-chain. In practice, Hybrid Compute makes it easy for dApp developers to incorporate machine learning and AI systems, financial modeling tools, gaming engines, and social media integrations.

In addition, Boba and Avalanche have committed to leveraging the power of real-world data and off-chain compute to diversify its respective offerings and attract new liquidity. The deployment will also help Avalanche projects to take advantage of Boba’s native NFT bridge, allowing smooth transfer of NFTs between L1 and L2.

Alan Chiu, Founder of Enya Labs, the core contributor to Boba Network, said: “We’re excited to become the first multichain L2 on Avalanche. This partnership enables Avalanche  to support even more users and transactions, and empowers Avalanche developers to build dApps that connect with off-chain APIs. Boba is now synonymous with Layer-1 scaling that’s available when and where it’s needed.”

Launched in 2020, Avalanche aims to deliver a scalable blockchain solution while maintaining decentralization and security. With Avalanche, users can create an unlimited number of customized and interoperable blockchains.

Scaling has become one of the most interesting conversations as blockchain networks seek to match the millions of new users entering the space. Avalanche takes a unique approach to this with subnets, diverting away traffic that would otherwise congest its main chain.

EvoVerses, a popular play-to-earn game powered by the Unreal Engine 5, was the first beneficiary of the Avalanche integration and will feature on Boba Network as a launch partner dApp.

The alliance will also offer an additional value to Sushi, one of the biggest providers of DeFi tools like Sushi Swap, which is also deploying its Legacy Swap on the Boba Network L2 on Avalanche.

Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo, Head of DeFi at Ava Labs, comments, “By deploying to additional chains, Boba breaks fresh ground and brings Avalanche its very first L2 Equipping our talented developers with yet another way to make dApps cheap, fast, and scalable will only benefit users. We’re excited to see how this integration evolves and where the story of Avalanche L2s leads.”

“Finding Boba was like finding that secret ingredient for your favorite meal: the perfect combination, the perfect addition. Boba offers us the scalability, security, and fast transactions that we were looking for to scale a real game into the crypto space without sacrificing anything for that and making sure the transaction fees are really low which is a must in any crypto game! EvoVerses is excited about this partnership and everything that will grow from here!” said Alevo, founder at EvoVerses.



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