Bybit launches Easy Options to simplify crypto options trading

Rick Steves

Additionally, Easy Options can be used in conjunction with Bybit’s Unified Trading Account (UTA). The UTA system enhances trading efficiency by lowering margin requirements on hedged positions, thereby increasing capital efficiency.


In a significant move to democratize options trading, Bybit, the world’s third-largest crypto exchange by volume, has launched Easy Options — a new feature designed to make options trading more accessible and user-friendly. This innovative tool, available from November 15, 2023, aims to streamline the options trading process, enabling users to identify and seize trading opportunities with ease.

“Easy Options is an entry-level tool that eliminates the complex process of filtering through numerous expiration dates and prices. By showcasing popular options and crucial information, it enables users to quickly grasp profit opportunities with a one-click buy solution,” the company stated. This simplification is a strategic move by Bybit to cater to a broader range of users, particularly those new to options trading.

Sebastian Gawenda, Global Head of Options at Bybit, said: “Our aim at Bybit has always been to make trading accessible and efficient for everyone. With Easy Options, we’re lowering the entry barrier for novice traders, providing them with the tools to understand and leverage market dynamics effectively.”

Easy Options allows users to lower margin requirements on hedged positions

Key features of Easy Options include:

Popular Option Recommendations: This feature provides users with handpicked options, curated to facilitate effective trading decisions.
Tracking of Large Transactions: By highlighting significant market movements, Easy Options offers insights into impactful trades in the market.
Simplified Selection Process: The tool presents profit conditions, costs, and price movements in an easy-to-understand format, making the selection process straightforward.
Easy Options is particularly beneficial for beginners, traders looking for profit opportunities, and those aiming to emulate strategies of expert traders. It represents a significant shift in Bybit’s approach to trading, focusing on accessibility and simplicity.

Additionally, Easy Options can be used in conjunction with Bybit’s Unified Trading Account (UTA). The UTA system enhances trading efficiency by lowering margin requirements on hedged positions, thereby increasing capital efficiency. It allows profits from winning positions to offset losses within the same portfolio, a feature that underscores Bybit’s commitment to providing comprehensive trading solutions.

Bybit launched USDC-settled crypto options trading last year

It was last year that Bybit launched options trading settled in USDC allowing for stable prices for the duration of each contract. The product allows traders to take advantage of volatility, hedge risk, and discover prices through options.

For investors interested in this new trading vehicle, USDC-settled options contract follows the European-style options, which may be exercised only at the expiration date of the option, i.e., at a single pre-defined point in time.

It can be traded through the portfolio margin, which adopts a risk based model for experienced traders, including market makers and institutional clients, to increase fund utilization based on the underlying price and volatility. Bybit’s portfolio margin account supports USDT, USDC, BTC and ETH as collateral, with more assets to be added soon.

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