Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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dxFeed adds MT Newswires feeds as quant team transitions to mixed-content analysis

dxFeed has expanded its range of integrations with news providers by adding integrations with MT Newswires news feeds in addition to the aggregated news feed from Moody’s.

These feeds are fully available in a unified structured format of the dxFeed News API, which implements streaming delivery of news header and body and enables full-text search functions for semi-structured content out of the box.

MT Newswires also plans to use dxFeed’s machine learning experimental engine to generate overall correlation signals and make the searching process easy and practical for users, said the announcement.

dxFeed adds news sentiment to market clustering algorithms

News is recognized as a critical part of the dynamics in financial markets as news sentiment can be associated with a broad movement and performance of several companies from the same or different sectors.

dxFeed offers data solutions and index management for the global financial industry, both traditional and crypto. The firm boasts machine learning solutions for market data analysis and is able to apply its market clustering algorithms to capture the complexity and inter-dependencies between different sets of financial instruments and different sectors of the market.

Adding news sentiment into the model helps capture more context on interactions between market participants, financial assets, and relations with broader macroeconomic factors that all contribute to market dynamics. This reveals complex inter-dependencies between companies and corresponding correlations, thus providing a unique perspective to react to such inter-dependencies.

Oleg Solodukhin, CEO of dxFeed, said: “To completely fulfill customers’ demand, our quant team has already started developing the dxFeed machine learning experimental engine based on extended research of clients’ needs. This will mark the transition to mixed-content analysis, which essentially captures the important context in semi-structured data.”

News precedes price movements, therefore, traders and institutions with high-quality news at their fingertips have a distinct competitive advantage. MT Newswires was founded in 1999 and produces real-time, multi-asset class news in over 160 distinct categories to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of the global investment community.

The firm’s expanding global network of financial journalists and economists caters to most of the largest banks, brokerage, professional market data, trading, wealth management, and research applications, according to MT Newswires.

dxFeed created market data widgets for ForexLive

dxFeed has recently created market data widgets for trading hub ForexLive. Supporting all market data visualization and technical analysis functionalities required, dxFeed improved its widgets with new features, including searching instruments by ticker and description.

ForexLive users now have access to the latest market activity across various sectors, an overview of global market performance by instrument, symbol search, and real-time charts.


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