In-depth Review of TradingView 2023

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Investing in trading platforms requires careful consideration, and the TradingView review by TU experts provides valuable insights into the platform’s advantages, such as over 100 built-in technical indicators and interactive charts, as well as potential disadvantages like the limited free test mode, helping traders make an informed decision on their choice of platform.

Investing in trading platforms can often be a hit-or-miss affair. Hence a comprehensive review is crucial before deciding on which platform to use. The importance of such analysis cannot be overstated, as the choice of platform can significantly affect your trading experience, strategy, and, ultimately, returns. 

TU experts have published the TradingView review, which aims to provide valuable insights into TradingView. This TradingView review aims to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What is TradingView?

TU would like to introduce you to This is more than just a trading platform; it’s a powerful analytical tool, and a social network rolled into one. Ideal for both novice and expert traders, TradingView allows the development and testing of trading strategies on various types of assets. Users can exchange ideas, share experiences, and even build their personal brand. The platform offers real-time information about quotes, the ability to develop unique indicators, and the opportunity to replicate strategies to a live account.

Advantages and disadvantages of trading with TradingView

Based on our analysis at TU, we find there are numerous benefits to using TradingView. 


  • Over 100+ Built-in Technical Indicators: TradingView outperforms many other platforms, such as MetaTrader 4, by offering over 100 unique built-in technical indicators. This wealth of indicators give users a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the market.
  • Author’s Unique Indicators: The platform allows users to create their own unique indicators based on the platform’s language. This can lead to customized analysis methods tailored to an individual’s trading strategies.
  • Interactive Charts with Convenient Scaling: TradingView’s charts are interactive and feature convenient scaling, providing a user-friendly visual representation of market trends and asset values.
  • Real-time Quotes for Multiple Markets: The platform offers access to real-time quotes for over 100,000 various assets in different markets, making it a robust tool for traders interested in a diversified portfolio.


  • Limited Free Test Mode: A potential drawback is that the accessible test mode offered by TradingView is only valid for 30 days post-registration. This time constraint might not be sufficient for all users to explore and understand the platform’s functionalities fully.
  • Sub-Optimal Work of Some Indicators: While TradingView provides an impressive array of indicators, some might not always perform optimally, leading to less accurate analysis or predictions.

Are TradingView quotes displayed in real time?

According to our TU experts, TradingView is directly connected to leading quote providers worldwide. Discrepancies between TradingView quotes and trading terminal quotes might be due to internet speed, terminal delays, or issues with the broker’s server.

Can you trust TradingView?

Trust is a vital component in trading platforms, and our TU experts conclude that TradingView is trustworthy but with specific nuances. You can trust the quotes, but the reviews on the platform are subjective and not verified for reliability. There may also be minor discrepancies in the calculations and display of some indicators. Despite these, the platform’s unique offerings make it a reliable and helpful auxiliary trading tool.

Other companies compared to TradingView

TU experts note that is a comprehensive resource for traders, providing quotes, analysis, forex news, broker ratings, and educational resources. However, it does not offer the social network aspect of TradingView or as many custom indicators.


StockTwits, according to TU experts, is a social network for traders with a similar function to TradingView. It provides quotes and analysis but lacks comprehensive forex news, broker ratings, and educational resources.


Bloomberg, per TU experts, is an information powerhouse. It offers quotes, analysis, forex news, and additional tools but lacks the social aspect of TradingView. It’s broker ratings and educational resources are also less comprehensive.


Choosing the right trading platform is not a decision to be taken lightly. This TradingView review by our TU experts offers you an in-depth analysis of its offerings and potential drawbacks, helping you make an informed decision. It’s also worth comparing it to other platforms like, StockTwits, and Bloomberg to see what suits your trading style and needs best. Visit Traders Union’s official website for more in-depth reviews and trading insights.


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