Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Invast Global replaces legacy systems with oneZero’s core technology

Invast Global, the leading Prime of Prime broker headquartered in Australia, has replaced several incumbent systems with oneZero’s core trading technology.

The multi-asset provider of prime services sees technology as crucial for the future of prime brokers, LPs, and retail brokers, and has done its part by upgrading its infrastructure and aggregation engines with a completely new aggregation system. 

The upgrade forced the PoP broker to migrate hundreds of APIs across NY, London, and Tokyo, in the last few weeks, but will deliver scalability and additional features and products. 

The oneZero solution also added reporting sophistication that helps to set trading and hedging strategies for competitive performance
and profitability. From price formation, credit checking, trade routing through to execution, oneZero provides reporting at a granular level at each point of the trade lifecycle to ensure optimum latency in each production environment.

Algo pricing module, advanced analytics, reporting, and feedback loop

James Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer, Invast Global commented: “The oneZero team’s depth of understanding of our complex workflows and their ability to create a solution tailored for us was impressive. The granularity of analysis that we now have gives us confidence that each
element of the trade lifecycle achieves highly competitive performance.”

Charl de Vleeschauwer, Global Head of Trading and Execution, Invast Global added: “One of oneZero’s features which is impactful is the Algorithmic Pricing Module, that allows us to create custom prices for our clients using our proprietary algorithms. Advanced analytics allow us to understand both customer trading characteristics and liquidity provider performance, so that we can create custom pools of liquidity which lead to better outcomes for all of our client types. But most importantly, the ability to incorporate a feedback loop where changes in client behavior and liquidity provider performance are reflected in our pricing and liquidity strategy is a key differentiator.”

Andrew Ralich, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, oneZero, commented: “We are delighted that Invast Global selected our technology to be their core liquidity sourcing, aggregation, price distribution, credit and market risk management system. Over the past three years we’ve made a focused effort to complement our industry leading retail risk management and distribution capabilities with institutional workflow and price creation functionality, and this deployment is a prime example of the culmination of our investments.”

FinanceFeeds will soon release a podcast episode in which our Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Isayev speaks with Invast Global’s James Alexander about the new aggregation system, the future of the FX prime brokerage business, the importance of access to credit, quality of execution, and many other topics.

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