Sunday, June 23, 2024
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iSAM Securities launches RADAR for real-time risk analytics

iSAM Securities has announced the launch of iSAM Securities RADAR, a real-time risk analytics dashboard allowing users to manage risk through intraday monitoring of book performance and profitability.

The expansion of its technological offering is part of the company’s efforts to realize its long-held ambition to globalize its client-centric business and unlock a much greater client base for iSAM Securities fueled by a multi-million dollar investment.

iSAM Securities is set to reap the rewards of its multi-year investment program on its technology offering, namely its APEX liquidity bridge and RADAR, the firm’s retail brokerage-focused analytics suite.

The launch follows the promotion of Dennis Weissert to the role of Head of Technology Business Development, where he will lead the strategic development and expansion of:

  • iSAM Securities’ technological offering through both its existing product suite;
  • iSAM Securities RADAR (real-time risk analytics dashboard);
  • and iSAM Securities APEX (liquidity bridge technology), as well as future projects.

RADAR for dealing desks, risk managers, and CEOs

Risk management is an essential part of navigating the financial markets, serving as a means to maximize profitability and optimize trading volume.

Designed with dealing desks, risk managers, and CEOs in mind, iSAM Securities RADAR is capable of aggregating data across multiple servers and platforms for oversight across the entire brokerage down to detailed information about individual client accounts.

iSAM Securities RADAR features:

  • Trade pattern alerting
  • Fully customizable alerting parameters and ticket tracking, providing the tools to identify and react to trading patterns.
  • Rapidly flag accounts trading outside of the defined risk tolerance for review.
  • Account detailed view
  • Deep dive analytics with the ability to review the end-user account trading summary, and drill down to the details of each symbol traded.
  • Aftermath
  • Visualize the profitability of each client account calculated at prices both pre and post-inception of a trade. Indicate sharp behavior and risk at different time intervals, and possible abuse.
  • Flow Explorer
  • Fully particularized flow audit dashboard delivering unrivaled transparency and insight into trading activities and risk exposure, for reporting and investigations.

Dennis Weissert, Head of Technology Business Development at iSAM Securities, said: “We believe that many offerings currently on the market do not provide adequate intraday monitoring built into their standard platforms. iSAM Securities RADAR represents a significant step forward in risk management technology by incorporating end-client trading behavior alerting and investigation, speed, and unmatched detail into one platform. The needs of our clients underscore all innovation at iSAM Securities, and we pride ourselves on delivering this to the highest standard.”

iSAM Securities, Managing Director, Sam Johnson said: “We see RADAR as an extremely competitive offering that provides our clients the tools to maximize profitability through granular analysis of intraday exposure and trends. In providing an element of customizability, our clients are able to tailor RADAR to suit their specific needs and successfully monitor and manage their risk.”

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