Friday, June 21, 2024
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Lambda256 Collaborates with APTOS: A New Era in Blockchain Integration

Lambda256, Dunamu’s blockchain tech branch, unveiled a pivotal partnership with APTOS during the “Rising Web3 in Seoul” event at the Google Startup Campus in Seoul on September 4th. This alliance was disclosed in a grand presentation, where Jae-hong Kim, the Business Head of Lambda256, highlighted the newest addition to their Luniverse platform: the ‘Luniverse NOVA’ public chain extension. Furthermore, Kim disclosed that APTOS would be the latest blockchain system to join Luniverse, with integration slated for later this year.

With the addition of APTOS to the Luniverse platform, Lambda256 is gearing up to further elevate the Korean and global Web3 service landscapes via technological partnerships. The primary goals will include offering node services, educational opportunities, and bolstering community relations, starting with integrating APTOS.

Luniverse praised for its user-friendly blockchain foundation, has been on a growth trajectory, supporting EVM-based nodes such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum since the year’s onset. The assimilation of APTOS into Luniverse is significant, as it’s the first instance of integrating Non-EVM-based networks.

Jae-hong Kim voiced his aspirations for this collaboration, noting, “Our alliance with APTOS is geared towards nurturing the growth of non-EVM chains locally and thrusting Luniverse on the global stage.”

About Lambda256

Led by CEO Jay Park, Lambda256 emerged as a standalone entity in March 2019 and operates as the blockchain cornerstone of Dunamu (Upbit). They helm Luniverse, a cloud-powered blockchain infrastructure, ushering in the commercial era of blockchain technology. This platform offers a wide range of services, from asset tokenization and brand NFTs to node/API services for public chains. Lambda256’s portfolio includes the NFT design hub ‘CYPHRLY’ and the travel rule tool ‘VerifyVASP.’

About Luniverse

Luniverse stands as a streamlined, scalable, and safeguarded Web3 development realm. It’s a gateway for Web3 initiatives, equipped with intuitive development resources, APIs, and operational tools. Luniverse facilitates the seamless integration of developers and businesses into the blockchain sphere, offering node services, multichain APIs for Ethereum and Polygon, and essential operational tools for blockchain management.

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