Nasdaq launches Nasdaq Data Link as data becomes the future of trading

Rick Steves

“The financial industry continues to experience rapid digitalization coupled with an accelerated need for intelligent insights.”

Nasdaq has launched a cloud-based technology platform that empowers all segments of the investing public with a comprehensive suite of core financial, fund, and alternative data.

Nasdaq Data Link connects the global financial community to the information needed to generate alpha, manage risk and gain transparency into public and private markets.

The platform has emerged following Nasdaq’s acquisition of Quandl in 2018. Quandl’s technology serves as the new platform’s underlying infrastructure and Nasdaq customers can now access an expanding library of datasets via cloud APIs to manage, discover, and integrate new information.

The platform features streaming, restful APIs as well as other methods of receiving content and provides secure, end-to-end data hosting through managed infrastructure and services. This allows users to privately share proprietary data, manage data access, and monitor data quality over time within a single organization.

Lauren Dillard, Executive Vice President and Head of Investment Intelligence at Nasdaq, said: “Nasdaq Data Link is a key step in delivering on our commitment to creating an innovative and transparent data marketplace, allowing more people to access information.

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“The financial industry continues to experience rapid digitalization coupled with an accelerated need for intelligent insights. With the new platform, Nasdaq is bringing our data and technology to bear, helping our clients drive better investment outcomes and build better solutions for the community they serve.”

Oliver Albers, Senior Vice President and Head of Data, Investment Intelligence at Nasdaq, commented: “Nasdaq Data Link is one of the world’s most diverse sources of market intelligence, as well as a powerful data infrastructure platform.

“The industry is undergoing an evolution almost as drastic as the transition from brick and mortar retail to e-commerce. Consuming and managing datasets in the cloud is now the norm for our clients. Nasdaq Data Link continues to expand our cloud delivery optionality following the successful launch of Nasdaq Cloud Data Service last year. The launch of the platform signifies a milestone in Nasdaq’s cloud transformation and strengthens our commitment to being forward-thinking partners to the industry.”

Nasdaq has recently launched ESG Data Hub to connect investors with expert-led ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data sets from leading providers across a wide spectrum of areas, including gender diversity, carbon emissions, and climate risk, providing detailed and tangible intelligence on companies’ ESG profiles.

The platform provides consolidated access to information through a single interface. To support transparency and global comparability, all data available in the platform is connected to the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations. To optimize data quality, Nasdaq has worked with industry leaders within a wide range of categories across the ESG scope.

The ESG Data Hub uses data from Equileap (Gender equality), Ecogain (Biodiversity), RepRisk (Reputational risk), Munich Re (Climate risk), Inrate (Carbon emissions), Upright Project (Net impact) and Clean Tech (Renewable technology).

Additional data partners will be added continuously. In addition, data from Nasdaq’s proprietary data service Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network will be available through ESG Data Hub.

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