What not to miss during the Hong Kong IFX EXPO 2017

What not to miss during the Hong Kong IFX EXPO 2017

In the advent of the IFX EXPO Asia 2017, which is due to commence tomorrow in Hong Kong, senior institutional FX industry leader Natallia Hunik provides a preview of the days ahead

By Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales, Advanced Markets & Fortex

The iFX EXPO is widely recognized across every sector of the electronic trading business as the largest B2B event of the year and the entire industry will be gathering in Hong Kong during the course of this week.

Western firms will be looking to acquire clients for their products while Chinese and South East Asian clients will be attending to learn more about the various offerings, and about the trends in the brokerage industry in general.

 What’s new on the agenda compared to other expos?

Unlike in other locations, the iFX EXPO in Hong Kong comes with a heavy focus, not only on FX, but on bitcoin as well. China boasts 19 Chinese bitcoin exchanges and, with recent regulatory overhaul, there will be plenty to discuss.

Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales, Advanced Markets & Fortex

How is the audience different from other locations?

We expect the Hong Kong expo to attract a lot of new players from the Asia region, something that is less common at other well recognized FX industry conferences on the annual calendar.

Close proximity, and easy visa requirements, bring in a lot of industry peers from China, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. This expo definitely offers a unique opportunity to meet new brokerages in the burgeoning Asia Pacific region.

 What to look for; the hottest discussions and most interesting topics.

The conference offers multiple opportunities for networking and mingling with industry colleagues. There are also a multitude of educational sessions, panel discussions and much more.

There are some sessions that you shouldn’t miss if you are attending the expo:

1:) Workshop: What is a Real Prime of PrimeThe search for good liquidity is always a #1 priority for a brokerage house. An innovative and progressive FX brokerage should never settle for average liquidity. They should always be looking for the safest, most competitive and accommodating liquidity provider. But how do you differentiate between the good and the bad? What to look for? All of this will be covered at the workshop hosted by Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at Advanced Markets.

2:) If your brokerage onboards Chinese customers, the issue of connectivity will be an important factor for you. How do you combat traffic censorship due to the “Great China Firewall”? How do you deal with those lost connections and inability to place trades? Jake Zhi of Fortex Inc. will fill you in on the challenges of Connectivity in China.

 And in case you want to have an exquisite dinner in HK while enjoying the conference, here are some recommendations for you.


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