Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Oasys, a Blockchain Tailored for Gaming, Joins Hands with GroundX

Oasys, a blockchain platform specializing in gaming, has formed a collaboration with GroundX, an arm of Kakao, Korea’s premier mobile platform. Central to this collaboration is Oasys’ endorsement of the SDK for Klip, GroundX’s proprietary digital asset wallet.

In backing the Klip SDK, Oasys aims to amplify its footprint in the South Korean landscape. This move will permit developers using Oasys to embed Klip, thus tapping into a vast Korean user community.

Introduced in 2020, Klip functions seamlessly with the KakaoTalk messaging app and commands an impressive market grip in South Korea, representing over 90% with two million patrons. Klip enthusiasts can easily log into the Web3 wallet via their Kakao credentials, simplifying the process for those eager to manage and transfer digital currency securely.

Dominic Jang, Oasys’ Business Development Chief, expressed, “Joining forces with GroundX, Kakao Group’s blockchain spearhead with significant blockchain prowess, will greatly bolster the Oasys realm. Furnishing the Klip Wallet SDK will enrich our infrastructure, facilitating our associates to enhance their gaming experience on Oasys. Furthermore, by being part of GRID, we’ll intensify our ties with top-tier Korean corporations.”

GRID, the initiative Jang alluded to, is set to escalate Oasys’ influence in Korea. Comprising over 130 global and Korean corporations, GRID aids its members in unveiling NFT endeavors and shares ties with GroundX.

Taekeun Kim, GroundX’s Business Head, added, “We’re optimistic that our alliance with Oasys will be a linchpin for GroundX’s international aspirations, boosting Klip’s user count through the integrated SDK. We’re excited about forging global gaming affiliations and jointly amplifying the wallet and NFT realm.”

Oasys’ endorsement of Klip SDK marks the dawn of their mutual journey, with further integrations slated for the future. During Korea Blockchain Week, GroundX is also slated to participate in the Hackathon, a joint venture between Oasys and XPLA. Additionally, it presents a golden chance for Korean enterprises in the GroundX sphere to embrace Oasys via the Oasys blockchain.

Oasys is a pioneering blockchain platform focused on game creation, delivering a highly expandable Layer-1 hub paired with a specialized Layer-2, hinged on Ethereum’s Layer-2 scaling remedy. The platform equips game creators with robust, scalable blockchain tools for devising efficient, safeguarded, and seamlessly connected games. Renowned names like SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games are among Oasys’ primary validators on its PoS-oriented blockchain. With its adept brigade and gaming allies, Oasys is reshaping the gaming domain.

Affiliated with Kakao, Korea’s mobile giant, GroundX is a beacon in blockchain tech and services. As the Klaytn public blockchain architect and the Klip crypto wallet, GroundX has also pioneered the NFT service Klip Drops. As a global NFT frontrunner, GroundX is laying the groundwork for a symbiotic artist-creator nexus, championing a vibrant digital art culture.

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