Open Campus and TinyTap Join Forces with Code Green to Champion Climate Education

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Combining the strengths of educational innovation with interactive gaming, Open Campus, TinyTap, and Code Green unveils a strategic partnership, setting a new gold standard for climate awareness among the younger generation.

In a significant stride toward fostering climate awareness among the young generation, Open Campus, the community-led protocol championing the cause of educators, content creators, students, and parents, and TinyTap, the paramount ed-tech platform celebrated for its user-generated educational games, have come together in a strategic partnership with Code Green, a vanguard Web3 organization deeply rooted in its dedication to our planet’s health.

This alliance unfolds on the heels of the triumphant rollout of Open Campus’s “Climate Change for Kids” program, which earnestly seeks to instill knowledge and comprehension about our ever-changing climate in young minds. This pioneering initiative unveiled first on platform X (formerly known as Twitter), has garnered a staggering 200,000 combined impressions, signifying its sweeping impact. Further enriching the campaign’s expansive reach are noteworthy endeavors such as the proposal of a US$1,000,000 fund to motivate teachers in crafting impactful climate change courses, the “Living Stories” project prompting communities to narrate their climate-aware journeys, a specially crafted climate-themed sticker pack by TinyTap, and the enthralling game, “Climate Detectives: Saving Planet Earth” — now available at no cost on TinyTap.

The crux of today’s announcement reveals that TinyTap, in this newfound alliance, is set to design a fresh climate change course. This course promises an enriched learning experience by incorporating the captivating lore and avatars from Code Green’s HEALV3RSE game. For the uninitiated, HEALV3RSE stands out in gaming as a “play to heal” sensation on The Sandbox platform. Players are treated to a journey of discovery, diving deep into eco-conservation acts like tree planting, ocean cleanups, and the wonders of solar panels — all the while gaining profound insights into the pressing issue of climate change and its myriad solutions.

Yogev Shelly, the visionary CEO of TinyTap, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to work with Code Green, which is a partner to the United Nations’ efforts to combat climate change, by educating our kids about what is going on in our planet. By taking HEALV3RSE avatars to TinyTap, we develop a perfect companion to its metaverse game on The Sandbox, and offer parents and kids multiple ways to learn about our changing world in a fun and engaging way.”

A cherry on top for gaming enthusiasts, Open Campus and Code Green jointly broadcasted an enticing offer: a 100 HEALV3RSE avatars and equipment NFTs giveaway. This lucrative proposition aims to reward those actively participating in an imminent joint giveaway campaign and champion the cause by spreading the word to their kin and acquaintances. Further details about this campaign will soon be divulged on Open Campus’ Twitter page.

Adding her voice to the chorus of optimism, Inna Modja, CEO of Code Green, famed Malian actress, vocalist, environmental advocate, and the Goodwill Ambassador for the UNCCD, remarked, “By combining education, technology, and gaming, we’re creating a unique platform to engage children and empower them with the knowledge and awareness to tackle this urgent crisis for our planet.”

About Open Campus:

Open Campus, acting as a beacon for community-led education, empowers educators, content creators, students, and parents alike. Its philosophy emphasizes restoring decision-making power to educators and learners, fostering a collaborative educational ecosystem. Moreover, Open Campus heralds and rewards the relentless efforts of teachers and creators who unfailingly kindle the flame of curiosity and knowledge in students, thereby ushering in lucrative avenues for educators globally.

About TinyTap:

TinyTap, operating under the esteemed banner of Animoca Brands since 2012, proudly holds the distinction of hosting the world’s most extensive repository of educational games, boasting over 250,000 invigorating activities. These games, the brainchildren of dedicated educators and illustrious publishers, including Sesame Street and Oxford University Press, cater to a global audience. TinyTap’s innovative, no-code authoring platform facilitates these creations, which are subsequently accessible to parents via subscriptions or exclusive bundles. Reflecting its commitment to its vast creator community, TinyTap shares some of its subscription revenue based on the traction generated by individual content pieces. Commanding a spot among the top 10 grossing children’s apps globally, TinyTap touches lives across continents, primarily focusing on young learners from Pre-K to Grade 6. With a staggering 10 million registered family members and content curated by over 100,000 creators, it continues to redefine the ed-tech landscape. Dive deeper at TinyTap’s website.

About Code Green:

Code Green stands tall as a mission-centric web3 establishment, intertwining the magic of art and the marvels of blockchain technology to pioneer a restorative movement for our planet. Its endeavors resonate with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) mission, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to our shared global home.

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