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Yael Warman

“Once you have all the facts, decide fast and execute even faster. There is no room for procrastination or hesitation when you are climbing up” – Kobi Gur, CEO, Leverate

An old Chinese proverb compares a successful individual with a kite as they both struggle against the wind as they fly higher and higher. This struggling on the way up deeply ingrains philosophies of success in individuals who stand at the top of their game.

The ability to succeed is the result of a combination of skills and mindset, taken through a journey that will often evolve along the way. It is through these skills and mindset, that the executives of our company have successfully led Leverate to where it is today, opening up untapped markets, forging new paths and creating new frontiers both for the company and for the industry.

Some of the executives of Leverate, share their philosophies on life, work and success:

Itai Damti. Founder and Managing Director APAC


Itai Damti, one of the co-founders of tech provider Leverate and its current Managing Director for the Asia Pacific regions describes success as being proud of his character, his relationships and his reputation. He shared:

“Success for me is being proud of my character- I try to work on my discipline, leadership, humor and attention to detail; of the relationships I share with other people; and my reputation as an individual.”

Avishai Ben-Tovim. General Manager Active & Social Business Unit


Avishai, who has a vast experience in business development and in mentoring early stage startups, has a philosophy on success that is focused on results. He said:

“To succeed, one must focus on solving the real need of the customer. You must be quick and dirty when entering the market, but remain flexible in order to adjust according to feedback. Focus on big and growing markets. For your business to remain successful, you must watch your cash-flow and have a plan for how to acquire clients in a scalable way. Last, but by any means not least, you must surround yourself with the right people, so make sure you recruit and retain the right talent.”

Nir Shem-Tov. COO & General Manager PLB Business Unit


Nir, who has managed teams and projects across various industries as part of his impressive career, has a candid and optimistic philosophy of success. He said:

“In order to succeed in anything in life, you must be passionate about what you do. Consult your ideas with others who “have been there and done that”, roll those ideas quickly, get prompt feedback and be flexible enough to pivot when needed.”

“Be practical about change, and don’t fall madly in love with your ideas or products. Taking risks is never easy, but the rewards are worth the risk. Instead of focusing on all the negative things that might happen, focus on the positive things that could happen, remaining optimistic, but never naïve. Make sure you select the right people to work with you and have the courage to delegate; trying to do it all by yourself is a recipe for failure. Nothing beats hard work. And finally, do not take yourself too seriously, have fun in the journey.”

Kobi Gur. Chief Executive Officer


Kobi, a visionary and a strategist, has a philosophy on life that he describes in one quote: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” It is much easier is to be honest, frank and open with people. In terms of achieving success, Kobi shared:

“Dream big. Imagine the day in which what you want to achieve happens. Push forward all the time and never give up. Win small things and with every small win, the great win will come. Lead by example. Base all your decisions in facts; facts are the only thing that talks. Measure everything, control and live by the numbers.”

“Once you have all the facts, decide fast and execute even faster. There is no room for procrastination or hesitation when you are climbing up. Make sure you have a killer offering for your users, nothing less and sell, sell, sell. Selling is the lifeline of any company. Finally, as you are working hard to succeed, make sure you maintain some balance in your life to keep you grounded.”

Nicc Lewis. Chief Marketing Officer


Nicc, an expert in marketing and branding who has accompanied many products on their path to success describes his philosophy of success in one word: “Vision”. He said:

“You must have a clear vision and every aspect of the business needs to point to and support that vision. With focus comes success.”

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