Polygon (MATIC) launches new branch for NFTs and Gaming but is that enough?

Karthik Subramanian

Polygon, the Layer 2 protocol in Ethereum that has been making waves in recent times, has announced the launch of Polygon Studios, a new branch that is focused on the blockchain gaming and NFT ecosystem.


The company says that this will serve as a bridge between the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 worlds and would actively support the development of gaming and NFTs on the Polygon network. The company says that it holds a dominant position within the gaming and NFT ecosystems with more than 100,000 blockchain gamers on its network and its position in this ecosystem is second only to that of Ethereum.

The company promises 360-degree support to game developers for building and launching their games on the platform and they would be supported by the strong infrastructure that the network offers. They would also facilitate the launch of big brands and franchises on the platform and lots of play to earn opportunities for gamers as such. The company believes that this would be able to attract game developers and gamers alike which would help the ecosystem to grow and expand in the long term.

While the company has been making all the right tunes and announcements which show the great growth that it is trying to achieve, there has been a big list of complaints from developers and users alike, though the Polygon ecosystem continues to grow. A common criticism from the developers has been the lack of support from those who run the network. The support for such developers has been bad and the developers get passed around with no clear answers to the questions raised by them nor support for any of their development.

There are gaps in their documentation and any development team would feel safe and assured if there is good communication between both the network and the development team but that seems to be missing in this case. The customer support has also been criticized which points to the fact that they may have grown too big too quickly and hence have some scaling issues. Unless these scaling issues are sorted out pretty quickly, it is likely to hurt them in the short and long term as many other choices are emerging on the horizon.

Polygon was able to grow exponentially as it was able to give low gas fees when the gas fees in Ethereum had hit the roof but it cannot hope to survive purely based on that alone now as the gas fees on Ethereum itself has cooled down now and other networks offer comparable gas fees now. Polygon has got a big headstart but it needs to keep running at high speed to scale up and provide developers and users the support that they need.

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