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Today’s traders do not want chintzy marketing gimmicks – they want good, solid and well organized platforms and brokerages

Vine and Meerkat are a thing of the past, despite being lauded as the next best thing just two years ago by people sporting unusual hairstyles. What traders really care about is quality and reliability of their platform, the transparency and execution model of the brokerage, where trades are being executed and how their assets are being handled and secured, not superficial gimmicks

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This day in history – October 21, 1907: Jesse Lauriston Livermore rockets to fame. We look at his illustrious trading career

Heading into the stock exchanges with incredible calculations at the age of 15, amassing huge profits, then losing them all, then mastering two massive crises and coming out the other side whilst following his own rules made Jesse Lauriston Livermore one of the most successful traders of all time. He beat the bucket shops, mastered the bank crises and prospered. We chronicle his career

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“One of the biggest perceived threats in online financial trading is security and in particular the protection of personal data of traders. Automation limits the amount of personal data that is exposed to human employees and therefore increases the security of the data.”