Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Tradency launches TRobo, a Robo for advisors

Tradency was one of the pioneers of the copy trading industry and continues to be the leader in mirror trading technology. Its first product was Mirror Trader which was introduced way back in 2004 and this was followed by their next product, RoboX, which helps to select and customise specific trading strategies based on the risk profile of the investors.

Their latest product is TRobo, which basically helps the portfolio manager to build custom portfolios and get exposed by brokers that support US equities. Portfolio managers will be provided with a custom-built website branded under tradency which will contain information and tools that are needed to pitch their portfolio to investors.

While the US-based portfolio managers and financial advisors can use the TRobo to showcase their portfolio, test their portfolio, add or edit their portfolio and get near real-time portfolio updates, the brokers would be able to pitch these financial advisors to their investors and promote their brokerage. The brokers would also get a branded website that they can use to show the portfolios of the various financial advisors to their investors and grow their business.

Tradency has focussed all its energy on building a range of products for the mirror trading industry which has helped investors to connect with a variety of financial advisors all around the world. The company has also been able to get approvals from major regulators in the US and around the world which has helped it to gain even more popularity over the years.

TRobo works on any device and can be customised to a great extent by the portfolio managers as well as the broker and as everything is done online, it makes it even easier for all involved to interact with the product and choose what suits them best. Currently, four different packages are allowed with the basic starter pack being free and the custom enterprise package being the top of the line. With the investors now having a choice of choosing US-based financial advisors and being able to diversify their portfolios to US equities via an approved platform, it is indeed going to be exciting times for the investors as they are showered with love and affection by platforms and brokers alike !


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