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Tradiac: A New Proprietary Trading Firm Rethinks the Landscape

Michael Buchbinder co-founded the company in partnership with an exclusive hedge fund. Buchbinder, who also serves as a managing partner at Scandinavian Markets, brings over 16 years of experience in foreign exchange (FX) and trading. Alongside his hedge fund partners, they contribute over 75 years of experience to Tradiac, ensuring traders gain access to an exceptional pool of knowledge and resources​​.

Mr. Buchbinder commented to FinanceFeeds: “We’ve been monitoring the space and we haven’t seen very much differentiation across the brands and saw an opportunity to bring some creativity to a rapidly growing vertical within the industry. We’ve made the rules much simpler. We’ve created different trading tracks for different risk profiles, instead of squeezing all traders into one risk profile. We’ve innovated with our redemption program, so traders do not lose their progress while scaling up. We’ve made all programs scalable. We’ve eliminated add ons and given traders the best conditions right from the start. And we’ve made it mobile friendly. Not to mention we are in partnership with a hedge fund, so we are well capitalized to pay out traders without any worries. Keep an eye out as we continue to innovate and lead the space forward.”

Tradiac plans to offer proprietary capital to trade on the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and cTrader platforms, both powered by the Swedish online broker Scandinavian Capital Markets. This move aligns with Tradiac’s mission to eliminate the significant hurdle for individual traders: securing the necessary capital to trade full-time. By providing this capital, Tradiac aims to allow its traders to maximize their potential​.

Leveraging the financial backing of its partnered hedge fund, Tradiac is well-equipped to manage risk and provide funding to clients. This setup instills peace of mind and confidence among traders, who can rest assured that their trades will be executed and profit shares paid out. Tradiac’s business model emphasizes trust and transparency, ensuring aligned interests between the company and its traders​.

“By emphasizing transparency and trust, Tradiac seeks to reshape the prop trading industry,” said Buchbinder. “We want our traders to feel confident in the knowledge that their success directly translates into our success. We win when they win”​​.

In contrast to many remote-funded trader programs that enforce strict risk management rules, leading to instant disqualification and premature realization of trading losses, Tradiac is disrupting the industry status quo. The firm offers redemption tests that allow traders to maintain their cooperation after passing the performance review. Traders who pass this redemption test can return to trading at their previously successful funding level, a model designed to motivate and retain talented traders​​.

Tradiac’s launch represents a potentially significant shift in the prop trading industry. By prioritizing access to capital, trust, transparency, and a trader-friendly approach to risk management, the firm is positioning itself as an attractive option for successful individual traders seeking to maximize their potential.


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