Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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TradingView integrates market data from BX Swiss

Per the company’s statement, the latest batch of changes allows market ‎participants to garner information and screen stocks for the exchange that provides an affordable alternative to listing on the SIX Swiss.

‎‎According to the web-based charting provider, registered users will have ‎access to the data of the newly added exchanges delayed by 15 minutes ‎but with an option to upgrade their subscription to include real-time data. In ‎addition, users will be able to scan the new marketplaces with its Stock ‎Screener product and also have access to hotlists such as top gainers, ‎losers, most active and more.‎

The practice of paid real-time access is common as you ‎usually have to pay for a market data feed, which includes ‎the fee to the consolidated market data provider and ‎certain exchange fees.‎

In addition to Switzerland’s primary stock exchange, the SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland is also home to the lesser-known BX Swiss stock exchange in Bern. The latter primarily lists Swiss mid-sized corporations and also hosts secondary listings of stocks listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

BX Swiss has its main office in the heart of the Alps, Zurich and is subject to the supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

BX Swiss traces its history back to the 19th century and at the end of 2017 it was sold to Boerse Stuttgart. Since then, BX Swiss has been operating as a fully-owned subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH. CEO is Harald Schnabel, who previously built up the Euwax business of Boerse Stuttgart.

“As the exchange itself puts it, BX Swiss makes it easy, and we too want to make it easy for our community to access the most accurate and versatile data possible. So without further ado, go ahead and type the “BX:” prefix in our search field to see all available assets by BX Swiss,” the statement reads.

TradingView is a data-driven investor community, which is ranked among the top 300 websites in the world, powering over 40,000 other websites and providing social networks. The company’s approach differs from other ‎social trading networks because it is chart-based with an emphasis on ‎visuals to support investing and provide communal space to view ‎and share trading ideas.‎

The data-driven investor community has hit over 30 million monthly active users and is expanding globally with paying customers in over 180 countries worldwide. That compares to 2,000 visitors per day when TradingView first launched in 2011.

Furthermore, TradingView has a webstore where users can ‎purchase access to third-party tools. The company’s ‎solution had already been rising in popularity in recent ‎years as it has successfully marketed itself as a provider of ‎smooth HTML5 charts that encompass a diverse set of ‎asset classes.‎


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