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Verification On eToro Explained: Step By Step Guide

As the online trading realm burgeons, safeguarding financial operations is more vital than ever. Among the different measures to ensure safety and authenticity, account verification on trading platforms plays an instrumental role. Verification on eToro isn’t merely a buzzword; it’s the bedrock of a secure trading experience, acting as a bulwark against nefarious activities while fulfilling regulatory mandates. 

Traders Union recognized this significance and explained verification on eToro, bridging the gap between apprehension and understanding.

What is verification?

As Traders Union experts elucidate, verification is a mandatory stride during eToro registration. This process, vital for regulatory compliance, helps to maintain platform integrity and deter unwanted activities. Users gain complete access to eToro’s comprehensive suite of features after successful verification. The initial steps involve providing Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA), marking the commencement of the verification process. The convenience of eToro’s app allows for direct document upload, followed by a thorough review. The verdict – account verification or denial, depends on the authenticity of the provided documents.

Verification step by step

Guided by Traders Union’s expertise, let’s traverse the path of eToro account verification. The journey begins with personal detail verification, including contact information, name, address, and birthdate. Subsequent stages involve delving into your employment status, personal earnings, and other financial nuances. A brief trading knowledge test, aimed not at deciding verification status but tailoring eToro’s service to your needs, follows next. Lastly, with your phone number verified, you are all set to upload your documents, the final step before eToro’s team verifies your account.

What documents are needed for verification on eToro?

Traders Union, with its comprehensive understanding of the eToro platform, highlights the importance of certain essential documents necessary to verify your eToro Live account successfully. The documents required, and the specifics for each, are outlined in detail below:

Proof of Identification:

The first step in the eToro verification process is providing valid proof of identification. This critical document establishes your identity, which is a fundamental requirement for operating an eToro account.

  • Preferred Document: A passport is often the most straightforward and reliable means of identification. It is a globally recognized document that quickly verifies your identity.
  • Alternatives: If a passport is unavailable, eToro also accepts a national identity card or a driver’s license. However, remember that the document must be government-issued and contain a photo to ensure authenticity.
  • Points to Consider: Make sure the identification document is valid, with all personal details clearly visible. Any discrepancies between the document and the details provided on eToro may result in verification delays or denial.

Proof of Residency:

To ascertain your current place of residence, eToro requires you to submit valid proof of address. This assists in establishing your geographical jurisdiction, a factor that may influence your trading activities based on regional regulations.

  • Common Documents: Utility bills (gas, electricity, water, etc.), bank statements, or tax certificates are the most frequently used proofs of residency.
  • Criteria: The document must be official and dated within the last six months. It should clearly state your full name (matching the one on your eToro account) and your current address.
  • Points to Consider: Ephemeral or non-official documents like handwritten letters, online invoices, or screenshots of web pages are not accepted as proof of residency.

National Tax Number:

The National Tax Number or equivalent is a significant part of your eToro Live account verification process. It’s a government-issued number that indicates your tax status and contributions.

  • Importance: This number allows eToro to understand your tax responsibilities and ensures that the platform remains compliant with financial regulations regarding tax reporting.
  • What If You Have Questions? If there are any uncertainties regarding tax matters concerning your live account, remember that eToro’s support team is always ready to assist.


The eToro verification process, as described by Traders Union, is a protective barrier, not an obstacle. Traders can guarantee a smooth, secure trading journey by comprehending and meticulously following this process. As the reliance on digital platforms for financial operations intensifies, mastering these procedures becomes increasingly essential. To further acquaint yourself with the intricate world of online trading, visit the official website of Traders Union.

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