Under 30: the industry's future leaders. Meet Simon Kjaer

Under 30: the industry’s future leaders. Meet Simon Kjaer

Under 30 and moving up the ranks. We talk to Simon Kjaer Project Manager, Client Experience at Saxo Bank to find out how he got into the industry and what he does daily.

In an industry so well established with roots in all four corners of the globe we took time to discuss what the industry will look like in 10 to 20 years from now.

Whilst we all share different views on where the industry will end up or what it will morph into, the fact is that we forget the many good folk working in the industry. Especially the younger generation that started at the bottom and worked their way up essentially dedicating their careers to fintech, trading and finance.

As is a FinanceFeeds tradition, we decided to celebrate these hard working individuals that have and very well may become the future industry leaders as they move up the ranks. So without further adieu, meet the industry’s future leaders (all under the age of 30).

What is your role at Saxo Bank?

I currently fill the role of Client Experience Project Manager.

Overall I work with creating the Saxo Experience. My main objective is to continuously optimize our omni-channel communication with clients and making sure we deliver the right information and education in the right way to at the right time.

I work with our advanced research team and data scientists to leverage vast amounts of data via our proprietary AI technology and simplify communication workflows for greater operational efficiency.

How many years have you been at [company]?

I’ve been at Saxo Bank for 2,5 years.

When did you start in the industry?

I attended an industry event at Saxo Bank where I got the chance to discuss industry trends within the space of retail trading and investing. This lead to a job-interview and the rest – as you say – is history.

What attracted you to / made you get into this industry?

My introduction to the industry was from the client side where I started trading during a period of stagnating personal growth. I am restless by nature and need to feel like I am progressing towards something more and better. Trading became a way for me to develop a completely new set of analytical skills and achieve a sense of personal accomplishment.

As a trader, your success or failure can be attributed to none other than yourself which was hugely appealing to me. As you acquire new skills or new knowledge, these are immediately applicable in your efforts to beat the market but more importantly – to beat yourself.

To me, the ultimate way to assume control of your life is to be in control of your personal wealth and finances.

Being able to realize your financial ambitions and potentially secure a better life for yourself is what I am trying to achieve not only for myself, but also for any client of Saxo Bank.

Working with Saxo Bank’s unrivalled multi-asset offering is a nothing short of amazing to a geek like me. Dealing with vastly different financial instruments instead of just a single asset class is both exciting and challenging, and I consider it a privilege to be part of an organization so focused on raising industry standards and extending our client offering.

Any tips for others looking at getting into the industry?

I think the key to breaking into and succeeding in the industry is really understanding the intricacies of the products you sell as well as understanding and relating to how and why our clients are using them. I feel that my own hands-on experience with trading – the battle to control your emotions and desire to do better – is what gives me an edge when I am trying to create the best possible experience for Saxo clients.

Ultimately you need to want to get into the industry for the right reasons. I don’t have a traditional education or background in finance or economics, but when I was first hired, I am convinced it was because my manager recognized my passion for what I do.

If you’re truly passionate about your work, it’ll shine through. Don’t do it for money or prestige – do it because you couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

The pace at which the industry operates can also be daunting at times, so you need no small measure of grit and perseverance to overcome challenges and help your organization realize its strategic goals.
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