Friday, July 12, 2024
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Under 30: the industry’s future leaders. Meet James Glyde

In an industry so well established with roots in all four corners of the globe we took time to discuss what the industry will look like in 10 to 20 years from now.

Whilst we all share different views on where the industry will end up or what it will morph into, the fact is that we forget the many good folk working in the industry. Especially the younger generation that started at the bottom and worked their way up essentially dedicating their careers to fintech, trading and finance.

As is a FinanceFeeds tradition, we decided to celebrate these hard working individuals that have and very well may become the future industry leaders as they move up the ranks. So without further adieu, meet the industry’s future leaders (all under the age of 30).

What is your role at cTrader / Spotware?

I have a very diverse role as the Head of Business Development at Spotware which requires me to be very agile. I manage all commercial activities of the company including sales, marketing and client relationships as well as helping our developers plan and gauge the priority of new features to be included in one of our regular updates based on the feedback received from brokers.

How many years have you been with cTrader / Spotware?

My tenure at Spotware is reaching the two year mark. Two fantastic years.

When did you start in the industry?

This was my first position in the industry. I really feel like I am sat in one of the best seats, getting a very detailed and well rounded experience of the industry by being in the very middle of it all.

What attracted you to / made you get into this industry?

Having already relocated to Limassol, I was already in the perfect place to get involved in a very unique and interesting industry. I was looking for something special and I certainly hit the jackpot.

Any tips for others looking at getting into the industry?

Limassol is a great location to work, especially with many startups looking at Cyprus as their choice of destination. Working for a new company just starting may seem like a risk, but you have to weigh that against the opportunity of gaining a wealth of experience and the potential of progression while the team is young.

Even though I haven’t had that opportunity myself, I recognize the value and given the opportunity then, I would have gone for it.


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