6 Financial PR Trends To Watch In 2024

Jack R. Mitchell

The financial PR in 2024 is talking differently, with a language that resonates with everyone, bringing finance closer to the people than ever before.

The world of financial public relations (PR) in 2024 is abuzz with fresh energy and innovative approaches to communication. Gone are the days of financial discourse being a labyrinth of jargon and complexity. This year marks a turning point where finance becomes more about people, authenticity, and real conversations.

From humanized communication strategies to the power of social media and the rise of Gen Z as a potent financial force, there is much to consider for 2024. In this article, we’re exploring how financial companies are not just adapting but thriving in this new era of clarity and connection in this article.

Here are the six key trends redefining financial PR in 2024:

  1. Financial PR shifts to humanized communication

In 2024, financial companies are changing how they communicate and engage with customers. They are increasingly focusing on creating human experiences underpinned by data-driven strategies. This shift aims to forge deeper connections with audiences, making financial PR in 2024 more effective and intimately personalized.

Companies use technology to understand users’ preferences and evolve this information into messages people can engage with. However, this approach is not enough by itself. Delivering these universally understandable narratives in the right medium is also paramount. Therefore, businesses increasingly turn to expert press release distribution platforms for the finance market like FinanceWire, to ensure their content effectively reaches the right channels.

Moreover, instead of using complicated business language, making the message similar to everyday conversation is becoming the new standard. That’s why institutions prefer to use videos and online chat to explain tricky financial topics in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to watch.

  1. Building trust in financial services

As the public grew weary of ‘fake news’ and misinformation, authenticity and trust emerged as critical requirements, especially in the financial sector. 

In this new landscape, companies must be transparent about their services, fees and decision-making processes —reminiscent of a reliable friend who values honesty, even when the truth is uncomfortable.

Customers are more vigilant than ever and can quickly spot any sign of deceit. That’s why financial companies must build trust through sincerity and honesty in every possible opportunity. This shift towards transparency is not just a trend but an essential strategy for financial institutions striving to maintain credibility in a skeptical world.

  1. Social media’s new role in financial PR

In 2024, social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn and TikTok have become integral to financial PR. These sites have evolved beyond their origins as spaces for sharing selfies and funny videos, transforming into hubs for serious financial discourse.

Social media platforms act like a virtual stage, allowing financial figures to showcase their expertise in money management, investments and economic trends to a broad audience.

These platforms also enable direct communication between companies and their customers. It’s an effective tool for answering queries, offering financial tips and simplifying complex financial concepts for everyday users.

  1. Leveraging influencers in financial narratives

Influencer marketing, particularly through platforms like Instagram, is set to play a pivotal role in financial PR in 2024. This trend involves leveraging influencers to create authentic connections and channel social media awareness towards brands, enhancing engagement and driving sales.

Companies are increasingly collaborating with influencers who can communicate complex topics in an easily digestible manner for their audience. When a trusted influencer discusses financial products or services, it resembles a friend’s recommendation and builds trust.

Influencers offer a conduit to reach larger audiences. Their substantial follower bases enable financial companies to connect with more potential customers than traditional methods might allow.

  1. Crafting impactful financial communications for the digital age

In an era where people are constantly online and bombarded with notifications, the messages crafted in financial PR campaigns must be brief and memorable.

A slogan should be as catchy as a tune that lingers in the mind. Achieving this requires stripping away complex financial jargon for straightforward, plain language. Whether these messages are read on a website, seen in a tweet or watched in a video, they must be crafted to make an impact, no matter the medium. The goal is to design messages that resonate with users wherever they encounter them.

  1. Adapting Financial PR for a new generation

Generation Z, those born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, will significantly influence financial PR in 2024. As they begin to earn, save and invest, companies are intensifying their efforts to engage with this demographic.

However, Gen Z is distinct in their approach —they are skeptical of information and have a keen eye for deceit. Therefore, financial companies must prioritize integrity and authenticity in their communications.

Gen Z’s social media preferences differ, and platforms like Facebook are considered outdated by them. Instead, they gravitate towards TikTok and Instagram. Financial companies are adapting their messaging to these platforms by employing creative videos and memes to make financial topics appealing and accessible to Gen Z.

Lastly, Gen Z values dialogue over one-way communication. They prefer brands that engage with them interactively rather than talking at them. Therefore, financial companies are starting to pay attention to social media interactions and online events to foster a deeper engagement with them.

Financial PR in 2024 and Beyond

The world of financial PR in 2024 is transforming. This change is fueled by the emergence of new technologies, the shifting preferences of a diverse audience and an increasingly interconnected global economy.

Companies are being honest about themselves and talking without financial jargon. Influencers are more visible in finance, and companies no longer ignore young people.

Consequently, financial companies must stay on their toes, always ready to try new things and chat in ways everyone can understand. Financial PR campaigns must always seek new ways of connecting and engaging with the always-changing modern world.

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